Ballet Stories

Ballet Stories Capturing everything from the stage fright of auditions to the difficulties of training to the final joys of performing these stories encompass all facets of the dance experience Authors include

  • Title: Ballet Stories
  • Author: Harriet Castor
  • ISBN: 9780753450734
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Capturing everything from the stage fright of auditions, to the difficulties of training, to the final joys of performing, these 15 stories encompass all facets of the dance experience Authors include Margot Fonteyn, Cynthia Voigt and Amy Hest.

    One thought on “Ballet Stories”

    1. Not the best short story collection ever, but most of the tales inside were of a decent sort. On the whole, enjoyable.1. Samantha and Lizinka by Susan Clement Farrar (from Samantha on Stage) - okay, but I wouldn't go seeking out the full book. I have always in general liked ballet stories, but not all of them: Drina over Sadler's Wells for example. This was too reminiscent of the latter. 2. Rehearsal Revenge by Jahnna N. Malcolm (from Drat! We're Rats!) - I'd already read the book this came from [...]

    2. Had this when I was quite young, chanced upon a copy when on holiday and bought it quite impulsively for a reread - this is still a pretty good anthology, with sublime selections nestled amongst the more mundane (which are in themselves a kind of delight - if you grew up being a Ballet Story Fan you will know that any number of stories mentioning sore feet, the physical demands of practice and chiffon ballet costumes are NEVER ENOUGH): particular standouts were Fonteyn and Lynn Seymour's autobio [...]

    3. This is a collection of ballet stories which are really excerpts from full-length books. The range of stories is wide - fiction from Noel Streatfeild, Jamila Gavin and Jean Richardson; excerpts from the autobiographies of Margot Fonteyn and Lynn Seymour. The stories read like chapters from each of the original books and are quite interesting. A good selection of ballet stories for someone who wants to sample a few before deciding which of the original books to read.

    4. YES! I loved this book back when I took ballet and wanted to be a ballerina. I'm so sad I don't have it any more.

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