A Very Thin Line: The Iran-Contra Affairs

A Very Thin Line The Iran Contra Affairs Despite the publicity given to the Iran Contra Affair most of the story has never been told until now This fully documented often bizarre tale of sheer incompetence and conspiratorial malfeasance af

  • Title: A Very Thin Line: The Iran-Contra Affairs
  • Author: Theodore Draper
  • ISBN: 9780671778149
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Despite the publicity given to the Iran Contra Affair, most of the story has never been told until now This fully documented, often bizarre tale of sheer incompetence and conspiratorial malfeasance affords insights into how the government actually works for.

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    1. Every significant political event needs a complete review because the public, even members of it that are most interested, can never know what is going on at the time it happens or even when there is an investigation of what happened. Time must pass for it all to gel. Theodore Draper gives us a thorough review then follows it up with strong analysis and history of the balance of power, or rather lack of it, between the legislative and executive branches on the conduct of foreign policy.The title [...]

    2. I was shaking my head all through this book at what a mess this affair was. On the back cover Daniel Moynihan is quoted as calling the Iran-contra affair(s) "the most ominous constitutional crisis in modern history." The book is hard to follow in spots and is worth reading again. I was more than half way through when I realized that there was a guide to the "players" in the back of the book, and I wish I had known about it sooner. The main thing that makes the book hard to follow is that in many [...]

    3. Theodore Draper's A Very Thin Line is still considered the definitive account of Iran-Contra; it's certainly commendable in its depth, if occasionally exhausting in presentation. Draper weaves a dizzying chronicle of the disparate networks of White House and intelligence officials, right-wing activists, foreign arms dealers and countries involved in the scheme; it's more convoluted than a Robert Ludlum novel, and one's amazed that it worked as well as it did (less amazed, perhaps, that congressi [...]

    4. A very in-depth account of the Iran-contra affairs. In fact, a little too much detail for what I was looking for. But, it was almost necessary to bring to light the wrongdoings and cover-ups that occurred during Reagan's presidency. Nevertheless, it was an interesting and informative account of the situation. I still cannot believe that Reagan recovered from this deeply embarrassing fiasco. I think the following quotes sum up the affairs pretty well:"Colonel [Oliver North], you have on several o [...]

    5. Extremely detailed book on the Iran-Contra Affair and how Oliver North and John Poindexter took our country's foreign policy off the rails by getting involved further and further in an arms for hostages deal that was bad enough, but then the diversion of funds for the Contra's and the hiding thereof could have resulted in the impeachment of President Reagan.Oliver North in particular gets particular attention as he used his appearance of speaking for the White House in his dealing with parties h [...]

    6. In a nutshell the author has reviewed the voluminous data, (transcripts, interviews, personal logs and diaries, etc.) and has written a coherent and engaging book documenting an extremely convoluted and complicated foreign policy initiative, (actually several initiatives) during the Reagan presidency. Aid to the contras, weapons sold to Iran and the diversion of funds from those weapons sales are tracked from inception to implementation to the exposure of these "affairs". This includes all the h [...]

    7. About eight or 10 years ago, it being the sort of thing I do once or twice a year, as if I were still a student, or want to feel like one, I come upon a remake an acquaintance with a topic, or any author, and I gather together all I can find, and read (or reread) it all in one go. I'd just finished reading a relative lot on John F. Kennedy, and cleansed by palate with some dark-as-it-comes American conspiracy. Those in my age cohort are all well-versed in the Watergate scandal (apparently, we ha [...]

    8. This is a very in-depth study of the Iran-Contra Affair. While it took awhile to read, I walked away really understanding the depth of the Presidency with foreign power and just how quickly things can get skewed and off course. It is gave a much better understanding of who those in power skew the Constitution and Supreme Court decisions to their way of thinking, chunking up bits and pieces to inevitably have it read in their favor. More than anything, it is a warning that to give absolute power [...]

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