Red Rackham's Treasure

Red Rackham s Treasure Convinced that Captain Haddock s ancestor Sir Francis Haddock used a series of clever clues to describe the precise location of a priceless treasure Tintin Snowy and Captain Haddock rent a boat th

  • Title: Red Rackham's Treasure
  • Author: Hergé Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper Michael Turner
  • ISBN: 9781405206235
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback
  • Convinced that Captain Haddock s ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, used a series of clever clues to describe the precise location of a priceless treasure, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock rent a boat the Sirius and set sail on a treasure hunt Without knowing it at first, the team is accompanied by an eccentric scientist called Professor Calculus Although it is difficulConvinced that Captain Haddock s ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, used a series of clever clues to describe the precise location of a priceless treasure, Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock rent a boat the Sirius and set sail on a treasure hunt Without knowing it at first, the team is accompanied by an eccentric scientist called Professor Calculus Although it is difficult to hold a meaningful conversation with the professor due to his hearing problems, Calculus than proves his worth as an extra passenger His ingenious mini submarine certainly comes in very handy when searching for shipwrecks While the intrepid explorers search for the treasure, Tintin can t help wondering if there s an important clue they might have overlooked But in the end, the big question concerns Marlinspike Hall and its place within the saga of Sir Francis Haddock

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    1. Le trésor de Rackham Le Rouge = Red Rackham's Treasure (Tintin #12), HergéRed Rackham's Treasure (French: Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge) is the twelfth volume of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. The story was serialised daily in Le Soir, Belgium's leading francophone newspaper, from February to September 1943 amidst the German occupation of Belgium during World War II. Completing an arc begun in The Secret of the Unicorn, the story tells of young repor [...]

    2. 'Red Packham's Treasure' follows directly on from 'The Secret of the Unicorn'. Tintin and Captain Haddock found all the clues to where the treasure is, now they just have to get there and recover it. Professor Calculus is introduced to the series here. He is a deaf old bugger who invents things. Pretty much sums it up. The humour is in what he thinks the person has said and his response. It really pisses Captain Haddock off.Thompson and Thomson are along for the ride. They take leave from their [...]

    3. Δεύτερο Τεντέν που διαβάζω φέτος, μετά το καταπληκτικό "Ο Τεντέν στο Θιβέτ" που διάβασα τον Ιανουάριο. Το "Ο θησαυρός του Κόκκινου Ράκαμ" αποτελεί άμεση συνέχεια του τόμου "Το μυστικό του Μονόκερου", οπότε καλύτερα να διαβάσετε πρώτα εκείνο και μετά αυτό. Δεν χρειάζεται να πω [...]

    4. প্রফেসর ক্যালকুলাসের অভিষেককে পাঁচ না দেয়াটা অনুচিত। আমি অনুচিত কাজ তেমন একটা করি না। হাসতে হাসতে পেট ব্যথা করছে:D :D

    5. Blistering Barnacles! That was repeated way too often. I love treasure hunting stories and Tintin so it worked out! :)Calculus was hilarious. I love British humour.

    6. Red Rackham's Treasure is the second part of an adventure begun in The Secret of the Unicorn, rendered in highly realistic comic book/graphic novel style by the Belgian artist/writer Herge in the mid-1940s. This story of a hunt for lost pirate treasure takes Tintin, his dog Snowy, the ill-tempered Captain Haddock, and the comically inept detectives Thompson and Thomson on a long sea journey on a freighter, to a tropical island, and on an adventure under the sea. The story is sufficiently complex [...]

    7. Another wonderful book!! I don't know what to say, I may repeat what I said in my earlier reviews as I am out of words to describe how best are THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN!!The film inspired me to read all the books, though I have seen cartoons, it always gives a good feeling if u read the books! Many people, who read the comics first, said that the film has not done justice to the books, but I donot agree!! Both book and the film are equally wonderful and being a fan of films, I take one step towa [...]

    8. This is by far the funniest adventure of this ever enlarging group composed now by Tintin and Milu, Captain Haddock, The brothers Dupond and Dupont, Nestor and M. Tournesol the incredibly deaf and funny character, the typical "crazy scientist and inventor"!They set on a journey to find Rackham's treasure and they succeed, but through so many funny inuendos and changes to their plans that you will enjoy it totally!Maria Carmo,Lisbon 14 January 2015.

    9. "گنج راکهام سرخ پوش" در کنار "راز اسب تک شاخ" از شاهکارهای هرژه محسوب می شود. یکپارچگی این دو کتاب در کل کارهای هرژه بی نظیر است.

    10. I must confess if Calculus wasn't in this story, it would be dull. Loved those parts when he got on Haddock's nerves. 😂 I love treasure hunting tales and this book tickled me to death. ⚓🚢

    11. The Cast is Complete7 February 2012 I would suggest that this is the last of the war novels, though by the time that this was released the war was almost over (I believe Belgium had been at least partially liberated, and Hitler and the Japanese were on the back foot, though there was still a lot of war to fight at this stage). Most of the album takes place at sea (which is similar to the other war albums) and it noticeably has no antagonist - it is purely a treasure hunt. While the threat of the [...]

    12. I have known TinTin all my life and i must have read the series as a very very young tot, or my mom read them to me. For the past 40 something years I have been avoiding re-reading the books, while at the same time being very attracted to the author/artist Hergé's artwork. in fact I am totally nuts about it. It is fascinating that Hergé did a remarkable amount of research for his narrative/artwork. He made models of locations/ships, and in many ways they are sort of like little films or at the [...]

    13. wah, udah lama ga baca tintinHe was an epic legend! One of the best childhood memories.get dulu sempet baca beberapa buku punya papa=))Dari dulu, tiap kali baca Tintin aku selalu sampe ke pertanyaan " ya ampun dia koq ga mati-mati sih?" emang sih dia ga mungkin mati karna secara dia tokoh utamanya. butt, how come he can escape from death every single time? dalam satu buku tu aku itung-itung dia bisa ampir mati sepuluh kali dan ada aja yang nyelamatin diatembak? tenang, pasti dia punya lencana di [...]

    14. La suite directe du Secret de la Licorne, et le plus drôle des Tintin jusqu'ici. 5/5 rien que pour les interactions hilarantes entre le professeur Tournesol (fraichement débarqué : voilà enfin l'équipe au complet !) et le capitaine Haddock. L'intrigue en elle-même n'est pas d'une complexité extrême : il s'agit de retrouver le fameux trésor en mer, qu'on finit après de nombreuses tentatives infructueuses, par découvrir ailleurs : à Moulinsart bien sûr ! Un album très plaisant, on es [...]

    15. Follow-up to The Secret of the Unicorn is Red Rackham's Treasure and it's not quite as enjoyable in terms of the central mystery but it's still fun. Notable especially for the introduction of Professor Calculus, the culmination of all of Herge's previous absent-minded, elderly-inventor-characters.Great to see how frustrated Haddock gets with Calculus too :)For those who may have only seen the Spielberg/Jackson movie version of this and the preceding comic, definitely worth a look to see how and [...]

    16. I can't remember when I first discovered the Tintin books, but they remain books I love coming back to. I was very sceptical about seeing the recent movie version, but a French friend said she thought it was well done and faithful to the books (it is an amalgam of three of the stories). I enjoyed it (Snowy is really good), and it motivated me to go back and reread several of the adventures. This is the sequel to " The Secret of the Unicorn". I highly recommend this particular format/edition for [...]

    17. This is probably the most famous story of the Tintin series, made popular in the 2011 movie (which deviates significantly from the books). 'Secret of the Unicorn' and 'Red Rackham's Treasure' should be read together to truly enjoy the adventure (Tintin even tells us to do so at the end of 'Secret of the Unicorn'). These two books not only have a gripping and fast-paced storyline, but are also brilliant because we are finally introduced to Nestor and, more importantly, Professor Calculus. It brin [...]

    18. This is the second book in a series of two, the first one being "The secret of the Unicorn". In this adventure Tintin and Captain Haddock goes on an expedition to find the treasure of Sir Francis Haddock. It is in this book Tintin meets Professor Cuthbert Calculus for the first time. His underwater machine turns out to be invaluable, even though Tintin and Captain Haddock at first reject it.This book is faster paced and more interesting than the first of the two and contains a lot of enjoyable h [...]

    19. My second Tintin story. I am a newcomer to the "fun" of reading comics and graphic novels. I picked a couple of these up at the library and sat them on the coffee table wondering if there would be any interest from my family, particularly my 13 year-old son. Not much. There are two more stories in this book but I don't know if I will read them or not. I don't find the graphics very artistic and the format necessarily leaves much of the detail to be filled in by the reader's imagination. I'm just [...]

    20. it's follows Tintin and friends as they search for the pirate booty procured by Captain Haddock's ancestor, Sir Francis Haddock, in the West Indies. They receive some unexpected help in the form of a hard-of-hearing inventor named Professor Calculus, who would go on to become one of the most endearing characters of the series. (Herge admitted that the character was one "whom I never suspected would take on such importance.") It's a lot of fun, with some submarine and diving adventures, humor fro [...]

    21. A great follow on from the Secret of the Unicorn. It is about how Tintin, Haddock and hmmmm is there a stowaway on board??? But maybe a little bit deafoh but I cant tell you that would be a spoiler alert!

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