Dance of Dreams

Dance of Dreams Ruth Bannion had never met anyone like Russian emigre choreographer Nickolai Davidov Ruth was open giving but Nickolai s background had left him reserved even wary and his pride would not let him

  • Title: Dance of Dreams
  • Author: Nora Roberts Angela Dawe
  • ISBN: 9781455802135
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Ruth Bannion had never met anyone like Russian emigre choreographer Nickolai Davidov Ruth was open, giving, but Nickolai s background had left him reserved, even wary, and his pride would not let him reveal his need for her Fear of rejection kept him from speaking the truth That same fear sent her away to hide on the Connecticut coast But when he came after her at lastRuth Bannion had never met anyone like Russian emigre choreographer Nickolai Davidov Ruth was open, giving, but Nickolai s background had left him reserved, even wary, and his pride would not let him reveal his need for her Fear of rejection kept him from speaking the truth That same fear sent her away to hide on the Connecticut coast But when he came after her at last, there was no fear, no wariness, only a lifetime of love that would never need to be hidden again.

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    1. Pleasant older romance from the 80's by Nora Roberts that takes place in the world of ballet.Hero Nickolai Davidov and heroine Ruth Bannion are paired together as the leads for a new ballet. They have known each other for years. Nickolai is Ruth's mentor. (He's been called the finest dancer of the decadea master, a legend.) Ruth has always been in awe of him. But now, during this new ballet, Ruth is finding herself falling for Nickolai.This was a very enjoyable read. I liked the sexy Russian her [...]

    2. This is one of my all time favorite Nora Roberts books. It is the second about continuing characters. Something about the ballet theme and the Russian hero really makes me happy. A beautiful love story and because I consider dancers to be athletes, it comes under the header of a sports romance. I thinks this was one of the first Nora books I read and I immediately got everything else she had written up to that point. Love it, highly recommended.

    3. Two besties have a book club, just the two of them. In an effort to vary their reading choices and push their biblio-limits, they issue a challenge for this reading year. One of the challenges was titled "Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?" where the besties had to pick a book with a bad cover--"bad" being lame, silly, cheesy, horrid and any other synonyms that apply. Bring in "Dance of Dreams" in all of its 80s gloryOh yeah!! Isn't it fabulous? I will pause here while you go add it to your to [...]

    4. I rarely obsess over a book for such a long time, but this one got to me! Nikolai Davidov is everything I ever dreamed of in a guy! He is pure perfection! Russian and a ballet dancer! I think I would die if I could meet him! :D This is the only book, that whenever I feel sad I just pick it up and re-read it. Or I take Reflection and read the middle part where there is Nikolai! It makes me smile immediately! I am completely in love with the book.The story is beautiful, and even the dance scenes a [...]

    5. Another nice romance from Nora Roberts. I really enjoy those and will continue to read my way through her backlist, slowly but surely. We’ve met the main characters in the first book, Reflections, and this continues the story, but with Ruth and Nick as the main characters. In the end of the first book, Ruth finally got permission from her uncle and guardian, Seth, to come to New York to dance. Ruth is a great young talent, and she needs to learn from the best. The life of a dancer is not easy, [...]

    6. A sorozat első része is nagyon tetszett, de ez még annál is jobb volt. Eddigi Nora Roberts olvasmányaim közül ez lett a kedvenc.Az első oldalaktól kezdve megfogott a történet. Ruth egy fiatal balett-táncos, már a sorozat első részében is megismerhettük őt, akkor még csak 17 éves volt. 5 év telt el azóta. Nyikoláj egy orosz származású elismert balett-táncos és koreográfus, aki mestere a szakmának, és kizárólag a legjobbakat fogadja tanítványaiul. Nyikolájnál d [...]

    7. Bannion Family: Book 2Dance of Dreams (1983)by Nora Roberts (Author)Original Language: EnglishPublisher: Silhouette BooksCountry: USAPublication Date: September 1, 1983Page Count: 250Blurb Prima ballerina Ruth Bannion has always been in awe of her demanding, mercurial mentor Nickolai Davidov. But when they are partnered in a sensual new ballet, they must fight hard to control the rising attraction between them. In the end, though, it is up to Ruth to teach the guarded Nickolai the tender dance o [...]

    8. Here is the Nora I know and love. The characters are so fleshed out, and not just because I already know them from Reflections, but because they are well developed. I fell in love with Ruth, and with Davidov. Even though he was insufferable at times, he wasn't that typical "80s" alpha male, and I appreciated that.I know I still have so many of her 80s books to go, but I'm hopeful for an upward trend from here.

    9. I love Nora's books ! They the best to relax after a hard dayI like the first books of Nora Roberts because they are simple and so sweet

    10. This is one of my favorite books by Nora Roberts. Once I read a book I almost never reread it, but this one I read several times.

    11. A continuation of Dreams. Ruth is a prima ballerina in a very exclusive company of the ballet. Nick has been her mentor, coach, friend and enemy for years. Ruth is very strong willed, strong tempered and independent but has a true love for her art and the ballet. Nick is a Russian dancer, very handsome, strong, temperamental and a great teacher and mentor. As their attraction rises for each other, so do tempers, struggles and passion. I really loved this book. It was one I had a hard time puttin [...]

    12. Nice easy read second book of Davidov ballet romance . This time Nick and Ruth fall in love and have to overcome the many difficulties of being in love and how it affects their professional life .

    13. One of my favorite books- first read it over 20 years ago and for some reason these characters still resonate with me.

    14. Liked both of the stories in this series but I liked this one far better than the first. Characters felt more fleshed out and the ballet setting was interesting to read about.

    15. Balet saya menyukai balet, walaupun tidak punya kesempatan untuk itu.Jika sebelumnya anda sudah membaca buku NR -Cerminan Hati, dan penasaran dengan kelanjutan dari kisah Ruth Banion.Ini buku yg menceritakan tentang perjalanan karier dan cinta Ruth Banion.Walaupun sangat menyukai balet dengan guru yang sangat temperamen, Ruth tidak pernah merasa takut untuk beradu argumentasi dengan Davidov, sang guru.Dalam The Red Rose, Davidov berpasangan dengan Ruth, ejekan dan sindiran membuat Ruth dapat men [...]

    16. I really liked this book. This is the second book in the Davidov series. I listened to this book - and I always have had a thing for accents The audiobook drives my imagination even further and really makes the book for me.Ruth is the niece of Seth Banion, our hero from the first Davidov series. After hardship late in her childhood, she has finally achieve one of her life goals of being a prima ballerina. She's also dancing lead in one of Nikolai Davidov's ballets. It's a hot ballet, full of pas [...]

    17. Narrated by Angela Dawe - Narration 5*sReviewed for AAR's Speaking of Audiobooks - likesbooks/blog/?p=6234In Dance of Dreams Nora Roberts takes us into the world of ballet. While the storyline from 1983 shows its age, narrator Angela Dawe doesn’t miss a beat with her presentation.The attitude and slightly husky voice for prima ballerina Ruth Banion portrayed well the point that, although young in physical years, she was very mature and more than an equal match for Nickolai, who is ten years ol [...]

    18. Ein netter zweiter Teil der Choreographie der Liebe. Hier wird die Geschichte von der Nichte von Seth und dem besten Freund von Lindsay erzählt ( Lindsay und Seth sind das Liebespaar aus dem ersten Teil "Die schöne Ballerina"). Auch hier spielt die Geschichte in einem Engagement und es geht rum um das tanzen. Man verliebt sich sofort in die Hauptcharaktere Ruth und Nick. Eine wunderbar erzählte Liebesgeschichte mit kleinen Hindernissen. Wenn man etwas lesen möchte, wobei man einfach nett ent [...]

    19. En realidad se lleva un 4,5 no llegando al 5 por tratarse de una novela corta, cosa que se nota en el desarrollo precipitado de algunos momentos que hubieran necesitado de una narración más pausada (como por ejemplo el final, un tanto brusco). En cualquier caso el libro es una pequeña maravilla, de lo mejor que he leído de la autora. Ambientado en el mundo del ballet profesional está lleno de pasión como la misma danza. Sus personajes son temperamentales, con carácter, y cuando están jun [...]

    20. Another good explanation of the hard work involved with being a ballet star. Enjoyed Ruth with standing up for what she believes, not letting herself be dominated when it involves her personal life. Felt that Nickolai Davidov was too old for her but yet for all his experience with women he learned a lot from the young Ruth. Good to have Lindsey back to give her perspective of Davidov without holding any grudges about her earlier love for the same man.

    21. Hmm I'm not sure what to write about this book It wasn't bad but it didn't made me laugh or feel any emotion at all. The characters were good but it felt like I didn't know them - their lives, feelings, anything about them. Ruth and Ruth. I know that what their profession is and that they love each other and that's all.I just don't know ,I can't said that I enjoyed reading this book, but i can't say that I hate it either.

    22. Nice. As expected, this was much better than the first book of the series because I loved the main character Nikolai Davidov, a fiery and strong Russian ballet dancer. He partners Ruth Bannion in the dance company, and they try to combine an inevitable romantic relationship with their busy and strenuous schedules. Typical romance, but the characters are good and the references to the ballet are interesting.

    23. Fun & fluffy. A very good book. High praise from a gal who usually avoids romance novels. The little girl in me absolutely loves all the dancing and ballet, since I used to take lessons as a little kid. ;) I loved both the main characters & the story was sweet in a cheesy hallmark channel kinda way, but with deeper characters & better writing. Minus the shitty, c-rated actors. Recommended for of romance novels.

    24. Ms. Roberts writes the sweetest romances. I love how she brings people together. What really makes it good is the amount of information I learn about that person's occupation or hobby. In this one, I learn the life of a dancer. The ballet world is pretty intense. I loved the romance between Ruth and Nickolai. Just the name Nickolai gives me a shivery feeling.

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