The Silver Thread

The Silver Thread The day was dove grey and silk A melancholic cloth that whispered and rustled Who could say what it foretold Dublin Rhia Mahoney watches in despair as her father s linen warehouse goes up in fl

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  • Title: The Silver Thread
  • Author: Kylie Fitzpatrick
  • ISBN: 9781908238764
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Paperback
  • The day was dove grey, and silk A melancholic cloth that whispered and rustled Who could say what it foretold Dublin, 1840 Rhia Mahoney watches in despair as her father s linen warehouse goes up in flames Her family is ruined Her imagined future, full of pattern and colour, plum brocades and beetle green taffeta, crumbles to ashes Seeking work as a governess in di The day was dove grey, and silk A melancholic cloth that whispered and rustled Who could say what it foretold Dublin, 1840 Rhia Mahoney watches in despair as her father s linen warehouse goes up in flames Her family is ruined Her imagined future, full of pattern and colour, plum brocades and beetle green taffeta, crumbles to ashes Seeking work as a governess in dismal London, Rhia s life is changed beyond all imagination when her uncle, a shipping merchant, commits suicide Rhia cannot will not believe he would take his own life, but before she can investigate, she is accused of a crime she didn t commit, and forced to board a prison ship bound for New South Wales The voyage is one of dry biscuits and endless sea, made bearable by the women s daily chore to sew scraps of cloth into an elaborate quilt What Rhia does not realise is that with every stitch, she binds herself closer to a journey of discovery that will not end in Australia Weaving death, love and adventure into a vivid tale of the world at the height of Empire, The Silver Thread is plotted like a murder mystery, but narrated with the skill and style of a literary storyteller.

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    1. This is a mystery novel set in the mid 1800's. It's the story of Rhia Mahoney whose family were in the textile trade in Ireland until disaster strikes and she is forced to head for London in hopes of securing employment as a governess. As the story evolves Rhia is unjustly accused of a theft and sentenced to 7 years of labour in Australia. The story of her voyage on the prison ship and the life she must now endure is one of severe hardship. Like a well done tapestry the story pulls you in along [...]

    2. This book has it all, murder, mystery, intrigue, shocking injustice and romance. Just like the quilt they were stitching piece by piece as they sailed across the seas on the convict ship Rajah, the fabric of this story was unfolding piece by hand stitched piece to build into an epic tale which pulls the reader right into the experience as it evolves into an unimaginable turn of events that radically changed the course of the many lives it involved.but especially the life of Rhia Mahoney.As the s [...]

    3. A great historical read. Took me a little while to get into this book but once i did, the murder, intrigue and injustice of Rhia's situation took me on a ride to Australia in a convict ship and back again!

    4. The first 100 pages were tough going. Perhaps it was that the cover and blurb suggested it would be about a convict ship experience and what happened after, but it was really about what happened before the convict ship and about trade and the textiles industry. So that was really misleading.The writing was very descriptive, often overly so, which made getting through the first 100 pages of background setting quite laborious. After that, things picked up as the action started to really happen and [...]

    5. I found this difficult to get into at first but I think it needs one round of the principal characters before it picks up. The style of writing is quite old fashioned even for a historical novel and coming from a spate of works like these with a first person pov and starts without delay, I had to get back into more 20th century classic style. The details are interesting and authentic but to begin with I had a feeling of the writing being 3rd hand as if someone was writing a story of a story if t [...]

    6. When I picked this book up, I was misled into thinking a group of female inmates on a prison ship to Van Diemensland would be sharing their stories but in contrast to what is promised on the blurb, instead it’s the story of an Irish silk tradesman’s daughter’s struggle to fit in in London. This protagonist, Rhia Mahoney, is an unlikeable brat who spends most of the book whining about her life, aside from a couple of chapters of relief from a character who doesn’t really make sense in the [...]

    7. I found this a compelling read. At first I found the many charactrs confusing and the plot a little complicated for my ageing brain. Covering the opium trade in the mid-1800s, the title The Silver Thread refers to the counterfeiting and money laundering that takes place in the story. Rhia is a mature young Irish woman who is obliged to seek a position in London after her father's linen business all but collapses. Accused of a a theft she had no part of, she is imprisoned and transported to Austr [...]

    8. "The Silver Thread is the third book from Danish-born novelist and screenwriter, Kylie Fitzpatrick.It follows the success of her first two historical novels, Tapestry and The Ninth Stone, both of which were translated into eleven languages.Set during the 1800s, the novel’s hero is young Irishwoman Rhia Maloney. At 28, her life thus far has been slow-paced and steady, inching by as she spends her time at her parental home in Dublin." (Excerpt from full review at For Books' Sake.)

    9. 2.5 rating. I was disappointed with that the book did not start from the prison ship bound for Australia, as it had been promised in the blurb. I expected a rich story about the lives of different women been deported, but instead the first half of the book gives a slow progression to that point and even then the other women are only a backdrop for the main character. It was a slow but enjoyable look into the history of the period. There was a bit of a mystery which was moderately interesting. Th [...]

    10. This book is set in the 1840s and follows the story of an Irish girl Rhia who is accused of theft and is sent on the convict ship Rajah. It is a murder mystery, and as the plot unravels and we find out that Rhia has been set up by a corrupt trader and sent overseas before she can find the cause of the murder of her uncleIt is well written although it had a slow start, but I stuck with it and found it to be an enjoyable readWell worth 4 stars

    11. A very atmospheric novel. Victorian London in 1840.Following Rhia a shipping merchant,s daughter from Ireland. She goes to London to seek employment as a governess after her fathers warehouse burns down & then she is convicted of theft & transported to Australia. Plenty of good characters & a plot full of action I found this novel very enjoyable.

    12. After reading so many good reviews about this one, I was looking forward to reading it with much anticipation, but I found myself searching unsuccessfully for that elusive thread that would tie all the subplots together. Perhaps I didn't stay with it long enough but I became incredibly bored and gave up. Life is far too short to waste time waiting for a book to become worth reading.

    13. A great historical fiction read with romance, murder, mystery and adventure linking Ireland, England and Australia in the 1800's. I loved the patchwork of colour, texture, fabric and thread that stitched the story together.

    14. A fantastic read! Fascinating insight into the lives of prisoners transported to Australia. And then to discover that the Rajah quilt made on the voyage out to Australia, by the female prisoners still exists. That was a bonus. Beautifully crafted tale that I highly recommend.

    15. Historically interestingHistorically interestingToo much romance for me,but I enjoyed the basic story of women's situations in those days.And very interesting the fate of the women shipped to Australia.

    16. Haven't quite finished it but it's an outstanding novel: beautifully written with a fascinating and novel storyline with some coincidental plot elements with Tracey Chevalier's latest novel but far superior!!

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