Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!

Adam Canfield Watch Your Back The star reporter is caught up in a big scoop but this time it s about him in a savvy engaging story that takes on school bullies and other tyrants For overprogrammed middle grader Adam Canfield wak

  • Title: Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back!
  • Author: Michael Winerip
  • ISBN: 9780763623418
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The star reporter is caught up in a big scoop but this time it s about him in a savvy, engaging story that takes on school bullies and other tyrants.For overprogrammed middle grader Adam Canfield, waking up to a snow day is a dream come true a chance to sleep late, put off planning the next issue of THE SLASH, and make some quick cash with his shovel But the dream tThe star reporter is caught up in a big scoop but this time it s about him in a savvy, engaging story that takes on school bullies and other tyrants.For overprogrammed middle grader Adam Canfield, waking up to a snow day is a dream come true a chance to sleep late, put off planning the next issue of THE SLASH, and make some quick cash with his shovel But the dream turns into a nightmare when some high school kids mug Adam for his shoveling money Then not only does the media blast the embarrassing story, but Adam s own co editors plan a contest outing bullies at their school In a second look behind the scenes at a middleschool newspaper, Michael Winerip deftly blends kid friendly humor with some provocative issues, including the subtle effects of class and racism and the thrill that comes from speaking truth to power.

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    1. This is the second book in the Adam Canfield series, but the first I've read. It was a Young Hoosier nominee for 2010 so I was intrigued enough to pick it up and give it a try.My only regret is that I waited so late to start this series. I absolutely loved it from beginning to end.The novel centers around a middle school student named Adam Canfield who is co-editor of his school newspaper, The Slash. At the very beginning of the book, Adam is a victim of a mugging by fellow classmates. In additi [...]

    2. I wasn't a big fan of the first Adam Canfield book, but liked this much better. The more I read, the more and more I liked it. At first, I figured here was Michael Winerip, NYTimes reporter, yet another primarily-adult author figuring to cash in on the kiddie market. At times I felt it was somewhat stereotypical and condescending, yet then I realized that there aren't very many books at all that can take on several moral dilemmas, be thought-provoking, and still funny.Winerip does a good job of [...]

    3. Adam Canfield, Watch Your Back! (Adam Canfield Series #2) / written by Michael Winerip (2007) -- SUMMARY: Sequel to ADAM CANFIELD OF THE SLASH that picks up where the first story ended. Middle schooler Adam Canfield welcomes a snow day as an opportunity to earn some money. After being mugged by some high school bullies for his profits, Adam becomes the focus of unwanted media attention. COMMENTS: The quality of the story is just as great as the first and adds a great new character -- that of Sha [...]

    4. Adam Canfield 2nd book deals with a lot more than the first book did. It deals with bullying, an autism student, and racial issues. All in a middle grade book that is about a school newspaper The Slash that discovers interesting facts behind some "un-important" stories.The story is better than the first book. Especially in its dealings with bullying. And how many studets are not the victims but the ones doing the bullying. I liked the book though it does get carried away with itself at times. Wh [...]

    5. 3.5/5. I think my favourite book in this series will be Adam Canfield: The Last Reporter. This book was good and there were some really good moments, but it didn't quite 'wow' me the way the last book did. Still a great read though! I would definitely recommend it as well.

    6. I like the moral dimension of this series, and the wordplay - in this one I particularly enjoyed the idea of an 'outrage outage' - something that anyone who has spent any time on Twitter will understand completely. The stories are fun while also managing to be gently educational about the realities of journalism.

    7. Adam inspired me to start a STUDENT newspaper. We have one at school, but the teachers write it. I think the school should let the kids write!! Adam digs 'till he uncovers the truth!

    8. Adam Canfield is back to get the scoop! Unfortunately, this time he is the scoop, after he is robbed of his snow shoveling money which spurs the staff of the Slash to create a bully survey that will be published in the Spring paper. More run-ins with Mrs. Boland an her hair-brained schemes to sanitize the community abound. Same stuff as the first book, a great follow-up.

    9. A bit less cohesive than the first one, but still really involving, and Adam is a really likeable, believeable guy. Also, the ending bodes well for the possibility of a third bookybody know if there's plans for a trilogy (or more)?

    10. This book was amazing! at first I was thought it was going to be boring but it turned out okay. I really liked the part when Adam had a paln to ruin / make mher un comfortable when, he had came to with a cold he went to her office and smugged all his snot on to the glass table. It was very funny.

    11. This is a sequel to "Adam Canfield of the Slash". Ths Slash is a student newspaper and Adam is one of the editors. This time, the newspaper tackles the issue of bullying in school. Very fast paced and funny. (Great "Boy" book)

    12. This book is NOT about basketball. It's about a boy reporter and his friend that try to unviel the truths in their school. It was a good book but I would not have picked it out.(I had to read it for school.)

    13. The good thing about this book is that you could give it to both girl readers and boy readers. Most of the story is about a smart, funny kid. Some of the story is about a scandel. Less of the story is about a mugging. If this doesn't sound interesting, then this is probably not the book for you.

    14. This and the first Adam Canfield novel are rather good. We listened to the first one several years ago and loved it. This one is equally filled with kids facing modern day issues and triumphing over the evil adults.

    15. Another great book about the power of the written word. It really shows how even kids can make a difference in the lives of others and seek the truth. Can they save the Slash?

    16. Nice story about two reporters who take on big stories. The characters are realistic and well drawn. Reviewed for the Dolly Gray Award

    17. Ages 9+ (some sneaky adult humor - a teacher named "Bleepin" who is referred to as "That Bleepin idiot") A worthy followup!

    18. I read this as an audiobook on vacation with my family. We all enjoyed it - it kept us on the edge of our seats and made the miles fly by!

    19. More muckraking in Harris Elementary; Co-editor Adam takes on bullies, environmental enemies, powerful townspeople, and his science teacher.

    20. what i think of the book im readings a good book because it has alot of good details and' you can picture whats happen in the story so im really enjoying.

    21. So far Adam being troubled by bulleis who took his snow shoveling money, then his friends at the school paper find out and want to write about it in their catalog.

    22. Another lesson for school journalists. Well written, but I got enough from the first Adam Canfield book without reading the sequel. I don't think I'll bother with the third in the trilogy.

    23. Not the best Young Hoosier I've read in my life time Kind of boring and lengthy, although it was about school journalism, something that was once near and dear to my heart.

    24. Great book, fun characters, and smalltwists that keep you entertained. Loved it, and I want to read more Adam Canfield books!

    25. didn't mind not reading the first one. very engaging. i loved how race wasn't really an issue until it was. i'm not sure why i love high school reporter stories so much.

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