Carrot Soup

Carrot Soup Take one rabbit patiently growing carrots Add his friends Mole Dog Cat Duck and Pig Mix all ingredients together for a superdelicious surprise But be careful John Segal s whimsical story and pict

  • Title: Carrot Soup
  • Author: John Segal
  • ISBN: 9780689877025
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Take one rabbit, patiently growing carrots Add his friends Mole, Dog, Cat, Duck, and Pig Mix all ingredients together for a superdelicious surprise But be careful John Segal s whimsical story and pictures will sneak into your heart, until nothing will satisfy you except Carrot Soup.

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    1. Incredibly cute! It's Spring, Rabbit's favourite season and he's very excited because it's time to plant his favourite vegetables. Carrots! Soon he'll be able to enjoy his favourite meal of carrot soup. Rabbit plows and plants and waits and waits and waits until finally it's time to pick the carrots but when he sees his garden, there are no carrots! Rabbit then asks all his animal friends if they've seen his carrots and this is the best part because all of Rabbit's friends deny knowing where the [...]

    2. John Segal's text and wonderfully detailed illustrations work well to tell the story of a rabbit who's favorite food is carrot soup. The reader meets Mr. Rabbit while looking through seed catalogs, and there is a wonderful page of all sorts of carrots - very engaging to my story time audience. Mr. Rabbit plows, plants and waits for his carrots to be ready…but when harvest day arrives he finds that all the carrots have disappeared! As he tries to discover what happened, an alert reader can see [...]

    3. After working hard on his garden all spring and summer, Rabbit looks forward to harvest time when he can make soup, but every carrot disappears and Rabbit must find out who has taken them. Includes a recipe for carrot soup.Audience: preschool 2-5Reaction: In a storytime, this book got sort of a mixed review. I thought that the kids would love the idea of a surprise party, but in reading it, I didn’t point out too much of what was going on in the pictures behind the rabbit. That might have help [...]

    4. Rabbit plants all kinds of carrots. He plowed the field, planted the seeds, watered them, weeded the area, and waited for a long time. This book is an easy book to get students the life cycle of carrots. It could be used in science to explain how carrots are grown and how this cycle is the way plants grow. It can also be used as a math lesson because rabbit's friends made him carrot soup from all the carrots he grew. They used measuring cups to figure out exactly how much they needed from his ca [...]

    5. Aurora Says:Carrot Soup is about this bunny who grows carrots. Every time they start sprouting he digs them up and makes soup. But this year they sprouted and he ran to tell all his friends. No one was at their houses. When he went home he say no carrots. Then he went back to his friends houses to tell them that his carrots were gone. None of the friends knew where the carrots went. But the friends did know where they were because they were in their houses because they were going to cook carrot [...]

    6. Rabbit has been robbed!After all his careful gardening, all his carrots have vanished!He asks Mole, Dog, Cat, Duck, and Pig if they know anything about the theft. They all assure him they do not (though the pictures show another story).Before the indignant reader can respond, Rabbit is surprised by his friends: They've harvested the carrots for Rabbit and have made soup for him (the recipe is at the back of the book!).Delightful addition to friendship, cooking, and gardening units!(love the carr [...]

    7. Rabbit planted lots of carrots during the spring and spent a lot of time watering and weeding his garden. When he goes to pick the carrots out of the ground to make his favorite, carrot soup, there are no carrots! He asks Mole, Dog, Cat and Duck (Pig can't be found), but no one has seen his carrots. Heart broken, Rabbit heads home. However, when he gets home, there is a wonderful surprise waiting for him: his friends have made carrot soup for him!A recipe for carrot soup is included.

    8. such a cute story, rabbit can't find his carrots he has grown, he looks everywhere and asks every animal (while in the background it is obvious the animals are making off with his carrots, the question is why aren't they telling rabbit?) simple yet cute with a surprise at the end for rabbit, all his friends have made him his favorite carrot soup. I love reading this story especially in the fall when it feels like a good time for soup and vegetables!

    9. Rabbit takes his carrot soup seriously! He starts in the spring by planting a variety of carrots (I love this part, children should learn that there are more than just 'plain' carrots out there- seriously try some purple dragons sometime!) By harvest time, however, all the carrots have disappeared. Observant listeners may notice some activity out of rabbit's view and get a sneak peak at the surprise ending.

    10. Rabbit is mad for carrots, and he grows them in anticipation of the day when he will get to harvest his crop and make carrot soup. When the big day comes, all of his carrots are gone! He asks friend after friend, but all deny knowledgebut the mystery is revealed when his friends throw a surprise party for him featuring carrot soup as the main dish.

    11. This was actually a pretty cute book. My oldest, who is two, had noticed them sneaking off with the carrots in the background. I was kind of left wondering things like what was the party for? I also wished there was some story to them making the soup (since that IS the title), but there is a recipe in the back!

    12. The illustrations are hip and cute, but the storyline isn't exactly original--there's a good chance well-versed youngsters won't find the "surprise" ending much of a surprise at all.I personally didn't like that the recipe in the back of the book called for chicken broth, with no vegetable alternative mentioned. Aren't rabbits vegetarians?

    13. Friendship and vegetables together in the same book? Brilliant. I give it this rating also because it lends itself amazingly well to a brilliant art project that I LOVE doing with my 2 and 3 year-olds. Nothing makes vegetables more enticing than creating "art versions" of them with dough and adding them to a bowl full of inedible, sticky, gummy gloop.

    14. Rabbit, who's favorite food just happens to be carrot soup worked very hard to plant and harvest the carrots. When it was time for Rabbit to harvest, something went wrong and Rabbit had to ask his or her friends what happened. The illustrations are very nice and provided good expressions, following the story line very well. The kids enjoyed the story during preschool storytime.

    15. Rabbit can't wait for spring to plan and plant his garden. After carefully tending his carrot crops, rabbit just can't wait for harvest time and the chance to make his favorite carrot soup. However, when rabbit heads out to the fields to harvest his crop there is not a carrot to be found. Can you use the picture clues to figure out what happened to rabbit's carrots?

    16. All rabbit wants is to make delicious Carrot Soup so he sows, plants, waters, and waits for the carrots to grow. But, they mysteriously disappear and rabbit asks all his friends if they've seen them. What a surprise is awaiting rabbit!Used for "It's Green and Leafy: Not treesVegetables!" storytime-April, 2010.

    17. read at school from a family that shared it. like that pictures tell a story beyond the words. like that it has a recipe. like that it introduces carrot varieties. like that it uses a lot of spatial relationships/prepositions. would lend itself to dramatization in some way in the preschool classroom. yes, I have ordered it for school!

    18. Absolutely adorable!The artwork was simple in a complex way that actually foreshadowed the entire story. Not a lot of words on each page so I would place this book at about a 1st grade reading level, on their own. This would be a good book to read aloud with a 4-5 y/o. It was cool how they had the carrot soup recipe at the end also!

    19. bunny cannot find the carrots he planted when it comes time to harvest. as he visits all of his friends to ask about the carrots, his friends are seen in the background with balloons and party treats. they surprise him with a party complete with carrot soup.

    20. I randomly picked up this book at the library and my daughter loved it! The simple pattern and story really appealed to her and she loved the pictures. It's great for getting her to interpret the pictures and the simple story.

    21. Very cute storyline, it even includes carrot types, and the soup recipe - makes me wanna run out and get some carrots! It may even encourage kids to eat more of those orangey nutritional veggies while reading along.

    22. Preschool or one on one for picture importance. A rabbit has planned and planted his carrots but when it comes time to harvest he can't find them. None of the other animals seem to know where they are. Cute!

    23. After working hard on his garden all spring and summer, Rabbit looks forward to harvest time when he can make soup, but every carrot disappears and Rabbit must find out who has taken them. Includes a recipe for carrot soup.

    24. Love this book, about some very kind, helpful animals. Very much enjoyed seeing them going about their business, peeping and hiding. There is a recipe for carrot soup at the back, but I didn't try it as it called for 4 cans of chicken soup as one of the ingredients, and I'm a vegetarian.

    25. Not ideal for storytime because the shenanigans going on in the background would be too small to see, but a great little mystery to read one-on-one with children.

    26. Cute illustrations, the story was fun for my 2 year old because of the bunny, but stealing carrots to throw a party isn't very nice.

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