Queen of the Waves

Queen of the Waves When pampered Jacqueline Abington secretly elopes with the family gardener she asks another woman to take her place on the much anticipated maiden voyage of the Titanic Tessa Yarborough hails from a

  • Title: Queen of the Waves
  • Author: JaniceThompson
  • ISBN: 9781609366865
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • When pampered Jacqueline Abington secretly elopes with the family gardener, she asks another woman to take her place on the much anticipated maiden voyage of the Titanic Tessa Yarborough hails from a poor corner of London but has been granted the opportunity of a lifetime a ticket to sail to America aboard a famed vessel But there s a catch she must assume Jacqueline sWhen pampered Jacqueline Abington secretly elopes with the family gardener, she asks another woman to take her place on the much anticipated maiden voyage of the Titanic Tessa Yarborough hails from a poor corner of London but has been granted the opportunity of a lifetime a ticket to sail to America aboard a famed vessel But there s a catch she must assume Jacqueline s identity For the first time in her life, Tessa stays in luxurious quarters, dresses in elegant gowns, and dines with prestigious people Then a wealthy American man takes an interest in her, and Tessa struggles to keep up the ruse as she begins falling for him When tragedy strikes, the game is up, and two women s lives are forever changed.

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    1. About this book:“Two families on opposite sides of the globe are shaken by the rise and fall of the Titanic, 'Queen of the Ocean.'When pampered Jacqueline Abington makes secret plans to elopes with the family gardener, she concocts a scheme for another woman to take her place on the much-anticipated maiden voyage of the Titanic. From a poor corner of London, Tessa Bowen has been granted the opportunity of a lifetime—a ticket to sail to America aboard a famed vessel. But there's a catch: she [...]

    2. The premise of this novel was interesting, and the author had clearly researched the events that occurred on the Titanic. I enjoyed it until about 3/4 of the way through when faith in God became the only plot point. The ending was lame when all of the main characters accepted their fates as the will of God. The only characters who did not find religion were the adulterers, who predictably ended up going down with the ship, presumably to a cold, watery hell. I was disappointed to find that the we [...]

    3. I haven been looking forward to reading this book ever since the Author started posting pictures of the of the museums she was visiting to research this book. I feel in love with all of the posts by Janice Thompson and could not wait for this book to come out. She did not disappoint!The story sort of reminded me of the Prince and the Paupert quite it would have to be the Princess.The rich girlJacqueline Abingdon sets out to deceive her family, a world wide set of events are about to happen. She [...]

    4. The story line was amazing! I loved that premise of two girls exchanging lives in the name of love. It was a fun read and the ending was true romance all the way! A fun read with great details and imagery. I highly recommend it!

    5. More like 4.5 but closer to 4 stars.I am a total Titanic buff and love to read stories about that fateful voyage. And yes, I've watched the James Cameron film "Titanic" about ten times. That said, I enjoyed the premise of this story. The setting appealed to me as well as the plot. The spiritual arc was strong and there were good reasons why Peter sought to help his sister. Now granted, I was disappointed in him, so I hope in the future he resolves his issue. I also wished one of the main charact [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the many points of view in this story. It always seems to keep a read from getting too boring or bogged down with just one persons story. The romance was a little heavy for my liking and with dramatics through-out. "There was something about those pensive blue eyes-the color of the sea-that drew him in", "her thinly plucked eyebrows quirked" ; and we've got tangled hearts and twisted hearts and tear stained eyelashes and trembling hands; and oh please it was just too much for me [...]

    7. Read it in a day. I needed more Janice Thompson after reading her latest contemporary and I have been overdue to readthis one. Loved it. Couldn't put it down.Review below image. Update: The Icing on the Cake by Janice Thompson is a read I needed just right when I had it available to read. As I sit here on the couch attempting by pen and paper to write this review which I will later type I wonder if it is a good time or if the anesthesia has fully worn off yet as I just misspelled icing… Life c [...]

    8. It's a deceptive voyage all the way around. Socialite Jacquie Abingdon has muddled-up plans for the future; Peter Bowen wants what is best for his little sister; Tessa Bowen must escape her life of horror from which she bears scars; Nathan Patterson is traveling with a finicky mother and unaware of his true bloodlines; Lady's maid Iris has big plans for her future as a fashion designer. All of these people are thrown together in the story of the RMS Titanic. Tessa, the daughter of a drunken and [...]

    9. "Queen of the Waves" is a lovely story that takes place on the ever-grand Titanic. It certainly has an intriguing plot: A young woman of high society, Jacquie Abingdon, is being pushed into a marriage that will forge two businesses together. But this marriage is not with the man she fancies. When an alternate route presents itself, she gladly jumps on board to escape her father's critical eye. Except, Jacquie doesn't jump on board the Titanic, but makes a deceptive switch with Tessa Bowen, a dru [...]

    10. Had this book been written by any other author than Janice Thompson (my favorite) I would not have been quick to read this because the Titanic storyline is not my topic of choice due to the reality and tragedy of the event. That being said, this was a phenomenal read. The story of Tessa, Jaquie, Nathan, Iris and Peter is very compelling and entertaining, I love the way God is woven into the storyline. The story of Tessa and her struggles with her earthly father and how she views her Heavenly Fat [...]

    11. Queen of the Waves was a very enjoyable book. I loved all the details this book provided about the Titanic and life in general at that time, while at the same time it didn't bog down the story with too many details - it was just right!Tessa, Jacquie and Iris were such enjoyable characters. Tessa was probably my favorite character in the book, but I loved Nathan too - he was a wonderful and sweet character. I would recommend this book.***I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I w [...]

    12. 4.5 starsWhy do I read books set on Titanic, they make me cry just like this one did. If this book is any indication how the new American Tapestry line from Summerside Press is going to be I think I'm going to have to collect them all. What a way to start a series! I love Janice's fun contemporary series Weddings By Bella and she does heart-wrenching historicals just as well. I REALLY hope there's some kind of sequel in the works because there's definitely potential for more romance and drama! F [...]

    13. I just could not get invested in a story that was so strongly contingent upon a pig farmer girl being able to insert herself into high society. If it weren't for that, perhaps I would have loved it as much as many others have.burtonbookreview/2012/

    14. This was a no for me. I gave it one star because the sinking of the Titanic was flat and lifeless, and because the characters never captured me. I sort of got vibes of Nancy Moser's Masquerade from this book, only that was good. Jacquie was not someone that I had any sympathy for. I thought she was selfish and a fool. It was clear that she cared more about her own desires than Tessa's or anyone else's. I grew weary of hearing about Tessa's horrible father, how many times does the reader need to [...]

    15. "A wave of fear washed over Jacquie afresh as she tried to absorb the news. Father dangled the cigar between his fingers. "I'm delighted about Roland's offer, as you can imagine. I do hope you will be as well. This has been a thoughtful undertaking.""B-but" She couldn't seem to manage anything else. The lump in her throat wouldn't allow it. "He's a good man, and a kind one. I can't deny that the arrangement is advantageous for us all, but I do believe you will settle happily. He will treat you w [...]

    16. Fascinating StoryThis was a fascinating story where the novel was woven into the events of the Titanic, along with the story of forgiveness and salvation. I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and the interplay among them. A very pleasant story that looks on the positive side of life!

    17. I loved this book! I already knew the back story, who doesn't. But, the sweet romance story around the Titanic was a delightful way to reread the Titanic saga.

    18. RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912. She was on her maiden voyage—departed from Southhampton, Uk and was on route to New York when she hit an iceberg that pulled Titanic and 1517of her passengers to their watery graves. The exact number of those that died that day has been a topic of debate for years but I went with the number listed on the Titanic Historical Societies website. Regardless the number of lives lost—we still carry this tragedy in our hearts. Though the last survivor has now pass [...]

    19. Title: Queen of the WavesAuthor: Janice Thompson Pages: 336Year: 2012Publisher: Summerside What one word would you use to describe your thoughts or feelings when you hear the word Titanic? No matter how much I have read, viewed or listened to about the Titanic, I find there is always one common experience for me and that is my heart is torn. There is the overwhelming number of people who perished that night one hundred years ago, but there are also stories of known heroics and heroes. Of course [...]

    20. Janice Thompson in her new book, “Queen of the Waves” Book One in the An American Tapestry series published by Summerside Press takes us into the life of Tessa Bowen and the luxury liner, Titanic.From the back cover: Two families on opposite sides of the globe are shaken by the rise and fall of the Titanic, “Queen of the Ocean.”When pampered Jacqueline Abingdon makes secrete plans to elope with the family gardener, she concocts a scheme for another woman to take her place on the much ant [...]

    21. It was so nice to read a period romance that had a strong female lead character (there are actually 3 of them) and a wonderful hero (who is dashing, kind, honest and has a soft heart - can I hear one big collective sigh?). Our main character is Tessa who in order to escape a drunken, abusive father agrees to assume the identity of Jacquie who in turn is trying to escape an arranged marriage. Jacquie and her mother have decided to send her to America to her Grandmother to get away from this marri [...]

    22. The entire concept of this story is beautiful and very pleasing to a reader such as myself. Tessa Bowen is a poor farm girl who is often times subject to her own father’s cruelties, while Jacqueline Abingdon lives is the lavish lap of luxury and is about to be forced to marry a man of which she knows she will never really love. They are both in need of a way out. So Jacquie, who is in love with Tessa’s brother Peter, devises a plan in order for them both to escape and find a freedom of their [...]

    23. Jacquie Abingdon is in an uncomfortable position. Her father wants her to marry his potential business partner. Jacquie on the other had wants to marry the gardner Peter. When Jacquie's mother offers her a ticket to America to escape what amounts to an arranged marriage, Jacquei formulates her own plan. She and Peter decide to help Peter's sister escape a harsh home life. So Peter's sister Tessa will take Jacquie's place on the ship while Peter and Jacquie make plans for a new life. Tessa is bot [...]

    24. The maiden voyage of the Titanic was the opportunity of a lifetime. For many, it was a voyage to a new home, a new life, a new beginning. When Jacqueline Abingdon sees that her father has made marriage plans for her without her consent, the ship becomes the main part of her escape plan. For Tessa Bowen, her part in Jacqueline's plan will give her a new start in life, if she can carry off her part of the masquerade. But everyone's destiny is changed in unforeseen ways when the voyage comes to a t [...]

    25. Queen of the Waves by Janice Thompson, while centered on the Titanic, is really more a story about love – God’s love – than a story about the tragedy. Unlike other Titanic-centered books I’ve read, this one doesn’t wax poetic about the ship. Yes, the beauty and opulence are mentioned, but never once does it seem the author is in love with the vessel. It was actually kind of nice. Another nice thing is that, while there is tragedy inherent in any story about Titanic, this novel isn’t [...]

    26. I think a lot of our preconceptions of the Titanic have been formed by the movie that became wildly popular. However, Janice has take the facts and spun a different tale. Queen of Waves by Janice Thompson was well written. She spins a story about a spoiled rich "girl", for all intensive purposes, Jacquie, who is madly in love with the family gardener, Peter. Her father has plans to arrange a marriage for her to wed a wealthy man that will combine the families and further his plans for the future [...]

    27. Queen of the Waves is a fantastic Titanic story. First off, the movie absolutely traumatized me. I was in the third grade and saw people jumping from the ship, Jack freaking died… oh my god! I was a mess. That’s why when I saw this book had something to do with the Titanic, I was leery. I’ve never read a book on the Titanic, so I thought I’d give it a try. You don’t hear screams in a book.Jacqueline is privileged; her parents want her to marry someone she doesn’t love. Instead, she f [...]

    28. “Queen of the Waves” by Janice Thompson, published by Summerside Press.Category – Historical Fiction/Religious FictionIt is not often that one comes across a book that incorporates not only Historical Fiction and Religious Fiction, but one that also includes romance, deception, tragedy, and redemption.Jacquie Abingdon is the daughter of a well to do English magnate. Her father has her betrothed to an American Steel magnate to solidify their financial interests. Jacquie is in love with the [...]

    29. What could be better? Reading a book that takes place aboard the Titanic with a wonderful Christian message. And a little romance on the side! This is my kind of book, and I absolutely loved it! I have been fascinated with the Titanic for most of my life, and in light of the anniversary celebrated concerning this disaster just this year, this book could not be better-timed. There were times I was so drawn into this book that I forgot where I was (which isn't good when you have a room full of stu [...]

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