Rogue's Reward

Rogue s Reward Eleanor the eldest daughter of the Earl of Acton is drawn despite her better judgment to the rakish Lee Campbell the illegitimate son of an aristocratic family a fascination that could destroy h

  • Title: Rogue's Reward
  • Author: Jean R. Ewing
  • ISBN: 9780821751466
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleanor, the eldest daughter of the Earl of Acton, is drawn, despite her better judgment, to the rakish Lee Campbell, the illegitimate son of an aristocratic family, a fascination that could destroy her reputation Original.

    One thought on “Rogue's Reward”

    1. It was nice to finally find and read the last book in Ewing's reward series--I owned everything else, but couldn't find this one! This remains one of my favorite romance series and this book provided a delightful read this morning before I started my day. Lady Eleanor Acton is accosted by a drunken gentleman at an inn, only to discover that he's the half-brother of her good friend, Diana. She is determined to help Diana marry her love, and keep the infuriating Lee Campbell at a distance. But Lee [...]

    2. The plot and dialogues were good. They made me want more and made me want to know what happens next. The story of the two leads were awesome and the author even included a twist. It was a great book all in all and something I'd recommend to anyone.

    3. While I didn't care much for the characters - the heroine in particular - I did enjoy the writing style of this Regency novel and am interested in trying something else by the author.

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