Succubus Lost

Succubus Lost Someone is kidnapping and incinerating otherworlders beyond recognition and detective Marisol Whitman a succubus races to find the murderer before he claims another victim But her pursuit is derail

  • Title: Succubus Lost
  • Author: Tiffany Allee
  • ISBN: 9781622669295
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook
  • Someone is kidnapping and incinerating otherworlders beyond recognition, and detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus, races to find the murderer before he claims another victim But her pursuit is derailed when her responsible younger sister vanishes Marisol suspects foul play and enlists support from an unlikely source an agent from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, VaSomeone is kidnapping and incinerating otherworlders beyond recognition, and detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus, races to find the murderer before he claims another victim But her pursuit is derailed when her responsible younger sister vanishes Marisol suspects foul play and enlists support from an unlikely source an agent from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency, Valerio Costa.When the trail pointing to everyone from vampires to witches dries up, Agent Costa admits to knowing than he s shared Marisol s sister s kidnapper harnesses magic than she can imagine and they re running out of time To find her sister before her powers are drained and twisted beyond recognition, Marisol must connect the dots between cases and put her trust in Costa, a salamander who may burn her before she can solve either case.

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    1. Review originally published at Reading RealityThe first succubus that Detective Marisol Whitman of the Chicago P.D. "freak squad" knows is lost in Succubus Lost by Tiffany Allee is unfortunately one who is very near and dear to her. Marisol goes to her sister Elaine's room to wake her up for a shoe-shopping expedition and discovers that Elaine's bed hasn't been slept in.Elaine and Marisol are both succubi. And Elaine is missing. But when Marisol slams into her Lieutenant's office to start a miss [...]

    2. My Review:A- Okay, so now I've read book #2 in this series. (I also did a review of book #1, Banshee Charmer, and you can find it right below this one if you are reading this review on my blog, Smitten with Reading.) I have to say I liked this book a bit better than the first, mainly because now the world is somewhat is established for us. And what an interesting world it is.with a lot of paranormal creatures you don't normally see in PNR bookske salamanders, which is what the hero is in this bo [...]

    3. Succubus Lost by Tiffany Allee is the astonishing sequel to Banshee Charmer. Sexy, charming and writting with a great plot it's definitely worthy to the first book and even more. It was simply fantastic and I loved reading every word of it. I am so thankful to NetGalley to have gotten the chance to read this. I thought Succubus Lost was in so many ways better than Banshee Charmer (Even though I've given it also 5 stars) so really I should give it 5.5 stars if I would work with halves on my revie [...]

    4. Romancing the Dark Side Review:Action packed with mystery and fiery sexiness!The second installment of the Files of the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency introduces us to another detective, Marisol Whitman,who's also a succubus. Her latest case is tracking down a serial murderer who's targeting otherworlder women. When her younger sister disappears, Marisol's hunt for the killer intensifies and she's forced to team up with agent Valerio Costa from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. Having a new [...]

    5. I'd never heard of this author or series before starting this book but was intrigued by the title, and I can say after finishing this in about 3 hours or so that I absolutely loved it, the only problem being that I didn't realise this was the second book in the series but luckily enough you can get by without reading it and the world that this book is set in is explained and it's easy to follow along the storyline.The story focuses on Marisol a succubus who is a detective in the police departmen [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the first book in this series so I was looking forward to catching up with the characters and revisiting the world in Succubus Lost. I was actually a little bit disappointed when I realised that the story doesn't continue from previous heroine Mac's point of view and that this is actually Marisol's book. I really liked both Mac and Aidan from the first book and although Marisol and Valerio were OK I found them harder to connect to and didn't really find their relationship as bel [...]

    7. When ashes turn up in an alley, detective and succubus Marisol is on the case. As she starts digging into the investigation, her sister and friend disappear without a trace. With the help of OWEA agent Costa she’s determined to find out who took her sister and why.We briefly meet Marisol and get a bit of background into her sister in “Banshee Charmer” the companion novel to “Succubus Lost”. I really enjoyed Marisol’s perspective in this novel, she’s a fantastic character! Bound and [...]

    8. This is book #2 in the Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series from Entangled. The main couple in this in this installment is Marisol (friend of the heroine from the last book) who is a succubus and a detective with the Chicago PD and Valerio Costa who is an agent with the OEA and a salamander. They are on a quest to find Marisol's sister and find the person(s) responsible for kidnapping young succubi and selling them as sex slaves.I loved the mystery and the chemistry between the [...]

    9. Succubus Lost is charming, sexy, and well-written. This is the second book in the series and focuses on one of the characters introduced in book one. However, it can be read as a stand-alone. Some of the finer points will be a bit vague, but nothing that is crucial to the plot rather more background information. Both of the books have gorgeous women and charming, handsome men, and sexy scenes. The heat level, however, is more PG-13 than R rated and would be alright for more mature teens. This i [...]

    10. Reviewed at: Over A Cuppa TeaReview date: 5th August 2012Review link: cleffairy/?p=8026Succubus Lost is really interesting and intriguing story. It's unique in it's own way and I couldn't help but feel drawn to the world of the characters. One word of warning, though, the story is kinda fast-paced, so if you're to read this book, do not ever loose focus or else you'd have to start all over again as there's plenty of details included within each pages.Overall, this is an enjoyable read if you're [...]

    11. Once having finished and loved Banshee Charmer, I started with this instantaneously. Yes, I love to read a series back to back.I was disappointed to know this book is from the POV of Marisol and not Mac. But well…This book is equally fast-paced and thrill-seeking. I actually finished reading both the first book and half of this book in a single day before my eyes began to droop.Again, it’s a good read for a paranormal mystery and romance lovers.Unlike other series, reading this one back to b [...]

    12. This is the 2nd in the series - but it has a different cast of characters in the same world as Banshee Charmer. Still has the same police-procedural, mystery-to-be-solved feel, maybe a little slower pace and the hotness between the characters is slower to unravel - but the payoff is really good. I like how you don't know where the story is going until it unfolds. The clues are there, but you don't know quite enough about the world and the various powers of the other-worlders to see two steps ahe [...]

    13. Originally published at Talk SupeSUCCUBUS LOST is full of mystery, action and lust, this, for me, was an emotional story as Marisol's fears and inner thoughts are laid bare. It's not like Banshee Charmer where things are hot, heavy and exciting, in SUCCUBUS LOST Marisol and Costa took their time in falling in love and breaking down the barriers that stood in their way.

    14. Very enjoyable blend of a police procedural and paranormal romance. Also some great world building.Eagerly awaiting more from Ms. Allee.

    15. What I Liked:the writing felt much smoothera succubus and a salamander as main charactersthat the MC's sister was attacked by someone someone because they thought she was a succubus and would be easy. It just made things real-er!the whole experiment and conversion thing that was the reason behind the kidnappingsthe violence level felt like it belonged with the plotWhat I Didn't Like:the succubus is said to be trying really hard that she be taken seriously, especially as a cop. What is said and w [...]

    16. This is a sort of spin off from Banshee Charmer. Mac the main character in Banshee Charmer is mentioned, but does not make an appearance. Other events from book 1 effect what happens in this book also, but if you missed the first one, you could read this one without any confusion. Marisol Whitman, the succubus from the "freak squad", that Mac worked with in the first book is the main character of this book. Marisol's sister is kidnapped by someone selling succubi to rich men as sex slaves. It tu [...]

    17. Hmm….A Succubus and a Salamander? Sounds like we’re in for hot loving.Another good read…I enjoy the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency Series, and have my fingers crossed hoping there are many more to come. Filled with drama, mystery, kidnapping, and devious evil plots Succubus Lost is a win!Marisol, an Agent of the OEA, a Succubus, becomes quite concerned when her younger sister, Elaine, doesn’t come home after a study date. Knowing Elaine’s history, she pushes the OEA to start looking f [...]

    18. Book 2 of the series has us back at the Chicago Police Department, but this time we’re hooking up with “Freak Squad” Detective Marisol Whitman, a succubus. When her sister Elaine (also a succubus goes missing), Marisol gets stuck paired with Valerio Costa from the OWEA – Otherworlder Enforcement Agency (a FED and a salamander) to help with the investigation. And wouldn’t you know it; the Fed has “issues” with succubi from his past experiencesCCUBUS LOST can be read as a standalone; [...]

    19. A little too slow, but the plot was interesting and I'm still searching for the first book because I like the world that T. Allee has created and I will probably read the other books of the seriesANKS TO NETGALLEY AND ENTANGLED PUBLISHING FOR THE PREVIEW

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