The Adventures of Reddy Fox

The Adventures of Reddy Fox The Adventures of Reddy Fox is the first of Thornton W Burgess s much loved tales of life amongst the animals of the Green Meadows and Green Forest Reddy Fox has been rather naughty He has stolen a pe

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  • Title: The Adventures of Reddy Fox
  • Author: Thornton W. Burgess
  • ISBN: 9781605123226
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Adventures of Reddy Fox is the first of Thornton W Burgess s much loved tales of life amongst the animals of the Green Meadows and Green Forest Reddy Fox has been rather naughty He has stolen a pet chicken from Farmer Brown s Boy, who is now chasing Reddy with his trusty hound Bowser in tow Who can Reddy turn to His old and wise Granny Fox, of course Together theThe Adventures of Reddy Fox is the first of Thornton W Burgess s much loved tales of life amongst the animals of the Green Meadows and Green Forest Reddy Fox has been rather naughty He has stolen a pet chicken from Farmer Brown s Boy, who is now chasing Reddy with his trusty hound Bowser in tow Who can Reddy turn to His old and wise Granny Fox, of course Together they make their way through the Green Meadows and Green Forest, meeting up with the other animals along the way while trying to outwit Farmer Brown s Boy Burgess, an avid conservationist, packs his enchanting stories with fascinating details about the natural world The Adventures of Reddy Fox is a favorite of generations of readers.

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    1. الرواية أو القصص القصيرة تتحدث عن ريدي فوكس، ثعلب صغير يتعلم أصول الثعلبه من جدته الحكيمة.ريدي ثعلب لعاب، مزعج ويحب المقالب والتظاهر وإثارة إعجاب الآخرين بحركاته الخطرة التي تعود عليه بمواقف لايحسد عليها في الغابة. أحببت كثيراً أسماء حيوانات الغابة، بها الكثير من الكوميدي [...]

    2. قصة جميلة من أدب الأطفال، أستغرب أنها ليست مشهورة فهي مليئة بالكثير من الدروس والعِبر التي يستفيد منها الصغار والكبار على حدٍ سواء.

    3. So, I will be taking toefl test next month and I'm trying to listen to as many free audiobook as possible. I like the experience and I think I'm going to listen to more audiobooks from now on. This book follows Reddy Fox, the mischievous little fox who was not sly or wise enough as other foxes, because well, he was just a kid. He lives with his grandmother, or Granny Fox as everyone called her. She often scolds him because his fearless, often foolish actions. I do recommend this book for childre [...]

    4. الثعلب ريدي يتلقى دروس حياة الثعالب تحت اشراف جدته الحكيمة. الدرس الأول عبور الجسر، ثم الهروب من الكلاب، وبعدها يُصاب بطلق ناريّ من بندقية ولا يستطيع المشي. هذا الثعلب الوسيم كما قيّمه نقار الخشب مغرور ومزعج.

    5. my mother read this book to my brother, sisters and me when we were little. she did such a great job with the animals' voices that I never could get into reading it on my own. I just finished reading this to my class of 3rd graders, who loved it and asked if there were more books like it. And I got a compliment, a couple students told me I was really good at the voices. This was a fun book that captures the basics of each animals' nature and also gives them human qualities. The mix is so well do [...]

    6. Both kids loved this story. There are a ton of characters, but the main ones are developed and fun to get to know. The lessons were simple, so the kids could see them. But they were not dumbed down or silly. Just great, classic literature, which teaches moral lessons and allows the reader to fall in love with reading. Kai has been complaining a lot lately. Tonight we mentioned a few desserts, but then decided to go get Slurpees. He complained because he now wanted apple crisp. Well, we were read [...]

    7. A sloppily written, but mostly inoffensive children's story in the vein of The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus and Beatrix Potter. Anthropomorphized woodland animals behave in stereotypical ways, and get into scrapes that are presented without any tension whatsoever. Burgess doesn't even try to explain the whys of what happens in his books. When Farmer Brown's Boy has his shotgun pointed directly into Reddy Fox's face from inches away, we are never given a reason for why he was at that den rather [...]

    8. Innocent These are all great books for small children. Perfect for reading a chapter every night at bedtime. And children will learn much about the various animals that live in the green meadows and the green forest.

    9. The primary reason I like this book is my daughters, 7 and 9 at time of reading, loved it. I also love it's timelessness. A child's introduction to nature through the lens of the animals. The relationship of Reddy to his fellow animals is realistic and fantastic all at once.

    10. My early elementary school children listen to all these Burgess stories on Librivox. They are some of their favorites, and they choose to listen to them time and time again.

    11. The Burgess Books This is a phrase that brings a smile to my face as often as I hear it. As a young child, I would lose myself for hours in the simple world of the wood and pond inhabited by Little Joe Otter, Buster Bear, Grandfather Frog, and terrorized by Farmer Brown's Boy. I can remember the very shelf, even the exact spot in the little library in Felton, CA where these books were kept. I would return practically every week with a new armload to last me until our next trip to the library. Of [...]

    12. The Adventures of Reddy FoxHere, we are introduced to Reddy Fox as the protagonist with, of course, Granny Fox "The Sly and Smart" as she is known in the Green forest and the Green meadows. The plot is set from his perspective, but the point of view from the same narrator which is an omniscient one as they say. Reddy Fox is in the beginnings of his real challenges of living as a grown up fox, but as it is expected, struggles won't leave him and a hand from Granny Fox is of necessity for him. Wou [...]

    13. One can say the tale taught Reddy Fox not to be too bold and what can happen when one doesn’t treaded lightly and listen to one’s wise grandma. Grandma Reddy Fox went to live with Grandma Fox and learns all the tricks a clever fox needs to. Along the way he gets too cocky and boastful and thinks he can trick any body and steal what he wants. He goes too far when he takes the boy’s pet chicken and unknowingly starts a private war between the two. Then it’s up to Grandma Fox to make sure t [...]

    14. Reddy Fox lives with Old Granny Fox. She teaches him to outsmart dogs, but her best trick doesn’t work on Bowser the Hound, who lives with Farmer Brown. When Bowser comes after Reddy, after Reddy steals Farmer Brown’s boy’s favorite hen, Reddy has great fun teasing Bowser and laying a complicated trail for him to sniff out. However, he forgets to watch out—and Farmer Brown’s boy is laying in wait with a gun. Poor Reddy has a hard lesson to learn. Some of the incidents in this story are [...]

    15. It was a good book. I don't remember it, but it was good. Nah, I'm just kidding. It has a lot of good lessons to teach my children like when they're bragging I'll show them that part of the story to show what happens if they brag. Over all, I loved it. It also taught me great values of being a parent. This is a good book for you to read yourself and to your family. I hope you like it.

    16. I really liked Reddy Fox's character - the typical teenager attitude that Granny is getting old and he knows better, just to be shown up by Granny time and time again! Older and wise, indeed. I also especially liked the part when Reddy was injured, and Peter Rabbit came to make fun of himy to sympathize and be kind instead. Great lessons for children as always!

    17. This is an example that I don't like this because they don't have their brains. For example: I like organized straightly but theirs are down down down down up up up down down straight. I just want straight. That's the only thing I want. I recommend this one because it shows how I like straightness and not how it is.

    18. We read nearly every book in this series to our kids when they were between 3-5 yrs old. Burgess is a naturalist and a children's author. He does a fabulous job of describing the animals, giving them names and little personalities to match how they behave and interact in nature, as well as use a rich vocabulary with wonderful morals and character traits.

    19. Delightful! This book takes me back to my childhood. It's like discovering another Enid Blyton! I'm listening to the free audio version on loyalbooks which is wonderfully narrated. I'm now a Thornton Burgess fan!

    20. Another wonderful read-aloud when our son was about 4 and our daughter was 2, we had just read this story. They were pretending to be Reddy Fox and Mrs. Reddy Fox their little dialogue was so CUTE.

    21. good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good.

    22. Reddy thinks he is so smart that he shows of to much and steals a chicken in day light! And tries to fool bowser the hound on a plane. Farmer browne's son is hunting Reddy. Reddy gets hurt. Fined owt how in this cool book!

    23. this was my very first chapter book! read it to your children, or have your children read it - a classic!!

    24. My five year son enjoyed listening to this. I found the style tedious in places but the chapters are short and we had fun sitting together reading aloud.

    25. Short chapters were great for 3-5 year old attention spans. Heavy on "attitudes" and morals that would be more easily grasped by an elementary school aged kiddo, though.

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