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Earth Wisdom A beautiful and inspirational guidebook to working with the natural cycles of the year This comprehensive book is a source of information for anyone wanting to learn about tree lore the Celtic festiv

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  • Title: Earth Wisdom
  • Author: Glennie Kindred
  • ISBN: 9781401904692
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • A beautiful and inspirational guidebook to working with the natural cycles of the year This comprehensive book is a source of information for anyone wanting to learn about tree lore, the Celtic festivals, the five elements, Moon energies and making a deeper connection with the Earth.

    One thought on “Earth Wisdom”

    1. I found this really interesting! I think I will consult this book a lot and go back to it for reference and to enjoy the information and warmth that it gives. It is an apple tree of a book.

    2. A great book for people who want to find out more, and have practical tips and advice on Earth-based spirituality. The book essentially covers the 'wheel of the year' which is a celtic view, dividing the year into quarters and cross-quarters, where ceremony is held to mark each occasion. Glennie is an expert on writing this kind of thing in an engaging way. It's full of ideas and suggestions, but also encourages you to do things your way. It's pagan'esque but doesn't mention paganism in case peo [...]

    3. This is a wonderful book incorporating some of her previous work on trees and expanding it. A book to treasure!

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