Solar Flare

Solar Flare Without the sun s powerful gravity our earth would fly into space The sun keeps us from freezing to death allows food to grow and gives us energy to fuel everything from calculators to cars Yet this

  • Title: Solar Flare
  • Author: Larry Burkett
  • ISBN: 9781881273073
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Without the sun s powerful gravity, our earth would fly into space The sun keeps us from freezing to death, allows food to grow and gives us energy to fuel everything from calculators to cars Yet this faithful lifeline also has the power to wipe us

    One thought on “Solar Flare”

    1. As a Christian and a fan of science fiction, I had great hopes for Solar Flare as I opened the book and began to read. Christian art in all its forms is used to glorify God and/or as a vehicle to present ideas about the faith. Solar Flare is Mr. Burkett's means to discuss ideas about society from a Christian perspective. If you do not want to hear those ideas, do not buy this book.The book is an easy read and is suitable for young readers however, the pacing is slow to begin with and that my cha [...]

    2. This is the first time I have read a book by Larry Burkett, so I am not familiar with his other works. I felt this book was clumsily written, the introduction of characters, main or otherwise, seemed to be just thrown together, and the Christianity conversion of the characters was cumbersome. One of the main characters of the book is a scientist/professor who watches the sun for solar flares. He thinks a major solar flare is going to harm the earth but he isn't going to go public with it due to [...]

    3. This book is phenomenal, idea wise. I like the writing style in that it is simple and gets to the point. The storyline can be annoyingly frustrating at first while you are waiting for the shoe to drop, but it makes the result all the better. This book has phenomenal ideas and thoughts, and it really makes you question the way we run society today. Is it better than our past? I love that there is no real conclusive answer in this book, either. This is a very human book, and Burkett really details [...]

    4. This was a great book about what it would be like returning to the days pre-electronic age Interesting take on crime and punishment etc. Where people are made to work to eat, no slacking. Where the community is safe for children to go and play Enjoyable read

    5. Hard to get in to but GREAT after you do!!! I own this book! All of the family (cept Jess) has read it and like it a lot.

    6. 3/5 starsLet me first say this book was to be rated 3.5-4 stars.Overall, I really enjoyed the concept of this book - a massive solar flare hits earth and people scramble to take power and save lives. I found the human nature in the book to be realistic - should this happen today, there will be power struggles and conflicting opinions and a fight to survive. I enjoyed the science fiction plot and realistic apocalyptic scenario.(view spoiler)[ What I did not like was the bombardment of conservativ [...]

    7. Great read. Flowed good. Just when you thought it was over, something else happened. A lot of info on how our wonderful world was created. Gave a scenario of the effects of a liberal worldview.

    8. This one started off so badly written that I wasn't sure I would be able to stick to my 100-page rule. I got to page 81 and at some point after that, it got interesting enough to stop counting. As a story, this was actually quite gripping. But it was still painfully poorly written in places. There was a lot of repetition of facts that were quoted only a page or two previously - as though the reader might have forgotten (or gotten bored, gone away, and picked up again after two weeks). The prolog [...]

    9. I thought very highly of Burkett as a financial advisor using the Bible as the source for the financial principles he espoused. BUT, he's no novelist. His view here of groups with whom he (and often I) disagrees is simplistic, and he has people do things that seem to be unlikely given the circumstances. Some of his ideas about how the government should handle a Carrington event seem good. I need to check on whether some of the effects of a flare on electric and magnetic systems that he has happe [...]

    10. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. A friend recommended it and brought it to me when she found it at a yard sale for $1. I read the into and sat it down to continue a couple books of the series I was reading. I picked it up when I didn't have the next book in the series, and after digging through the first couple chapters it really picks up. I was expecting a whole science fiction "lets go put something in space", but it turned into a "end of the world" story. Would recommend.

    11. This was a decent read. I picked it up because I love astronomy. Compared to other books out there, it probably doesn't stack up. Pick it up if your reading list is growing thin.

    12. What happens when a almost-disgraced scientist forecasts a disastrour solar flare, what happens to the US in the first year after such an event.

    13. A book that my science / non-reading son picks up and reads over and over which is always a good thing. I like it myself as well even though it made me stretch.

    14. A fun novel about what happens on Earth when a huge solar flare erupts from the sun. Some interesting scenarios.

    15. What would happen if the world was forced to go back to the life style of the 1800s? How would people react, what would happen to our government, who would survive?

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