Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour

Style A to Zoe The Art of Fashion Beauty Everything Glamour Have you ever dreamed of having your own red carpet moment Or wondered how to emulate the effortlessly chic style of the most photographed trendsetters Or wished you could master the art of all things

  • Title: Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour
  • Author: Rachel Zoe Rose Apodaca Blanca Apodaca
  • ISBN: 9780446579995
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Have you ever dreamed of having your own red carpet moment Or wondered how to emulate the effortlessly chic style of the most photographed trendsetters Or wished you could master the art of all things glamorous In STYLE A TO ZOE, Hollywood s hottest celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, shares her insider tips in this essential guide to the art of a fashionable, behind the velvHave you ever dreamed of having your own red carpet moment Or wondered how to emulate the effortlessly chic style of the most photographed trendsetters Or wished you could master the art of all things glamorous In STYLE A TO ZOE, Hollywood s hottest celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, shares her insider tips in this essential guide to the art of a fashionable, behind the velvet rope lifestyle With an eye toward living the luxe life, even if it s on a dime, Zoe zeroes in on the must have accessories and wardrobe staples for all occasions, when to splurge and save on handbags and heels, how to decorate, entertain, and travel in style.From award shows to advertising campaigns, Zoe is the go to force among A list actresses, fashion houses, beauty firms, and magazine editors Now she offers full access to the style secrets that skyrocketed her famous clients to the top of best dressed lists worldwide With the help of some of fashion s biggest names including Michael Kors, Donatella Versace, and Diane von Furstenberg Zoe shares her invaluable insights on Mastering red carpet moments in your own life Developing a style for work or play that s unstudied and glamorous Personalizing your own modern look by referencing your favorite style icons and vintage clothes The importance of the wow piece and how to choose one right for you Throwing a chic dinner party and creating a luxuriously cozy living space Packing and traveling like a jet setter Enjoying every day, living it up in style.

    One thought on “Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour”

    1. I was talking with my neighbor who is in her sixties and her regret was that she didn't dress up or look nice when she was younger. This got me thinking about how I present myself, how much time I spend on myself and would I regret that I didn't try to make myself look better. I live in jeans and a tee shirt, flip flops, usually no makeup and hair pulled back in a pony. I got this book thinking it was going to tell me what brand names are the most fashonable, and how to show off my boobs. What I [...]

    2. Yet another fine example of why public libraries rule: if you, like me, enjoy reading about fashion and pop culture, yet can't or won't pay for coffee table books like this, you can check them out for free!That said, this book sort of stinks. Rachel Zoe has an awesome career as a fashion stylist, but her own strange personal style of being pin-thin, overly tan, and posing with her mouth hanging open makes no sense to me.

    3. Es un libro super, super,super palomero para leerte un día en la alberca pero cumple con su objetivo. Lo único malo es que las referencias envejecieron muy mal, muchas de las cosas/estilos/referencias que propone se quedaron atrás hace muchos años. Te tiene que gustar mucho el trabajo de Rachel Zoe y la moda para que lo disfrutes.

    4. In Rachel Zoe's words, "It takes a village to make a star" and she gives us her tricks of the trade. I am not so much a fan of her style--kaftans, heavy jewelry, and long blonde hair abound--but it was an amusing read. I especially enjoyed her section on traveling well. I'm not sure neosporin dabbed around your nose to keep the germs out during a flight will actually work, but it's not a bad idea for us dry skinned girls. Now all I need is my Evian atomizer! It's fun to take a vacation into high [...]

    5. This 'chick' drives me crazy. I was gifted this because I too am a stylist. But this crazy nut job feeds her clients hourse tranqs to keep them skinny. Remember when Nicole richie was a skeleton on us weekly, well you have Zoe here to thank. The book is all about how fab she thinks she is and has not really usefull information. Even the Victoria Beckham style book was better! Dont support this horse pill freak.

    6. Should have read this book before her new one but it's great to see her growth as an entrepreneur, a fashion diva and a person.

    7. I enjoyed reading Rachel Zoe's, "Style A to Zoe." I saw her new book out at Barnes & Nobles, and wanted to read this first. I wish there were more photos of her closet, and "execessories." I would also have loved to see photos of her studio.

    8. I'm really angry with this book! I'm still not sure if it was written for Hollywood diva wannabes or for the actual celebrities (?). There are so many aspects that felt so revolting that I wanted to just throw this away and delete it from my brain. However, once I started reading it, I just had to finish it First of all, so many, many pictures of the author/stylist with her many good friends (celebrities, of course), stories about her, talking so much about herself Was this suppose to be an auto [...]

    9. Glamour! St. Barth's! Champagne! Living it UP! Jet-setting! Louis Vuitton! Chanel! French words! Mink coat!Does reading these words make you feel glamorous?! Then you'll probably enjoy this book!I enjoy a nice light read and fashion tips but this was just bad. The style advice was more a description of Rachel Zoe's own personal style rather than general advice or tips. The few general tips that were included are unhelpful and have been printed in millions of fashion magazines already (Mix new it [...]

    10. ME, ME, ME. This book was written by Rachel Zoe as an ode to herself. I'd hoped to learn something, but I didn't discover anything not featured online in blogs and magazine articles. Luckily, this was borrowed from the library and not paid for.She talked about "daring" jewellery choices (not actually at all daring - bling earrings with an arm band? Rightttt) and how important glamour was. I found 3 of the lists in the book handy to have, but her constant name-dropping was irksome and I stopped r [...]

    11. Like many, I'm a little turned off by Rachel Zoe's real-life persona and shenanigans. However, this book is a really fun and useful compass for styling tips. This is not "how to streamline your wardrobe" or "how to find your unique style" or "best styles for different body types." If you like Rachel's work and her personal style, this book is great. Get past your hangups about whether or not you like her personality (which shouldn't be the reason for reading), and see what drives her style: a fo [...]

    12. Style A to Zoe was a great help when I wanted to get a handle on how to develop a consistent style based on quality pieces and enduring design - despite the celebrity of its author and the alienating tone of classism, I find myself picking up this book a bit more often than Nina Garcia's myriad of style books (which are way more inclusive and do not focus exclusively on the red carpet and yacht culture). The reason? Zoe has a keen and thorough eye for comprehensive style that elevates the haute [...]

    13. I wanted to say nice things about this book and the author, but the reality is I just can't get past this waif of a woman providing styling advice, which just focuses on consuming and, well, her. I just have to wonder who is this book written for besides celebrities and millionaires? Any why do I need to look like I make and spend a million dollars a year on fashion to be stylish? Oh that's right, I don't. I am aware that Rachel Zoe has good taste and she is well regarded, but this just felt lik [...]

    14. I have mixed feelings over this one. The writing style seems somewhat confused. It's marketed as a fashion book, but it seems more like a memoir and account of Rachel's fabulous life (Hollywood parties, celebrity friends, etc etc) which doesn't interest me at all. There was actually very little information on finding your personal style. And while I appreciated the overall theme of bringing glamour to your everyday life in all areas, I wasn't really interested in the travel or entertaining secti [...]

    15. If you want to know how the stars dress so well, then read this book. It's written by Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist who styles Jennifer Gardne, rLiv Tyler, Kiera Knightley, Ann Hathaway, Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, etc.It's fun read with lots of practical tips on what to wear or buy. Tons of photos of her celebrity clients. Also, advice articles by various designers and celebrities.Wish I was a celebrity stylist. Sounds like she makes lot so money and gets to meet lots of designers and other f [...]

    16. Fashionista, Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, has her first book out. But before you get too excited, keep in mind that it's co-written, doesn't really have enough photos to illustrate the points she makes and isn't all that innovative. If you're interested in what she does and want to hear more, then this book is good for you. If you actually want to be inspired by an actual stylist - eh, go elsewhere.

    17. I got this book for Christmas and I figured I'd sort of flip through it like a magazine. I actually ended up reading it cover to cover. It was obviously, a light and quick read, but it had some good tips and I found it to be really enjoyable. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get some tips for their own personal style and for a laugh about some of the more extravagant items Rachel talks about.

    18. I adore all things RaZoe, so I died for this book. Hmmme book is big on generalities, and skimpy on substance. Here's bold print advice from Rachel: "Unless you work at a fashion magazine or a stripper bar, stay way from five-inch platforms." Since the book is filled with photos of said five-inchers, its target audience must beRZ.

    19. i liked the book. i like that she talked about all areas of style from home and fashion. i learned storage ideas. i wish she had included more pics because her style is cute and comfortable, something that works for people like me that would like to be organized and have a closet where you can throw stuff on without a lot of fuss.

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    21. Interesting, but I wish it spent more time exploring the roots of Zoe's signature 1970s favorites--big sunglasses, Halston dresses, gold bangles, long hair, tanned skin. She mentions them in the text, but it would be cool to see her favorite/most inspirational photographs.

    22. iiinteresting. i thought the book would be a general guide to style, which i always enjoy reading. however, it was all about how to achieve the zoe brand of glamour, which works for some but does NOT really work if you are style-challenged and trying to build your own look.

    23. Lots of helpful tips if you're still trying to formulate your own style. I love her style, so who better to take pointers from?I thought this was well written and entertaining. I'm going to keep it around as my "style bible" for quick referencing in the future.

    24. Very good read, lots of pictures and entries from people in the fashion world. However, not everyone can live the lifestyle Zoe encourages because most of us don't have that kind of money. It does teach you how to pick better-styled items, though, in all areas of your life, from clothes to couches.

    25. Although she gives great travel advice and her A to Zoe list is essential, it is pretty pretentious. The name dropping is aggravating, plus the manner in which it was written totally dates the book; I would rather have a fashion coffee table book that will stand the test of time.

    26. Um's interesting. I think it's a bit too vague to really be considered a good style guide, and the writing level is pretty low. But it's entertaining, so far. Rachel Zoe seems quite a bit nicer than she's usually made out to be in the gossip blogs.

    27. Rachel is a style genius. She knows a lot about fashion, but much of the book was just her repeating over and over again the same things. I didn't like her opinion on styling your house. She needs to keep the home makeovers to Candice Olsen.

    28. Great style book for beginners or anyone who just loves fashion! Great tips on anything from makeup to fashion. There is also a section on tips on how to pack (which I always have troubles with) correctly for trips. That was the best chapter!

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