A SEAL at Heart

A SEAL at Heart He Lost Just About Everything On That Mission Being a Navy SEAL means everything to John Red Jack Roaker but a mission gone wrong has left his buddy dead his memory spotty and his world turned upsi

  • Title: A SEAL at Heart
  • Author: Anne Elizabeth
  • ISBN: 9781402268908
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • He Lost Just About Everything On That Mission.Being a Navy SEAL means everything to John Red Jack Roaker, but a mission gone wrong has left his buddy dead, his memory spotty, and his world turned upside down His career as a SEAL is threatened unless Dr Laurie Smith s unconventional methods of therapy can help him.Maybe She Can Show Him How to Get it Back Laurie sHe Lost Just About Everything On That Mission.Being a Navy SEAL means everything to John Red Jack Roaker, but a mission gone wrong has left his buddy dead, his memory spotty, and his world turned upside down His career as a SEAL is threatened unless Dr Laurie Smith s unconventional methods of therapy can help him.Maybe She Can Show Him How to Get it Back Laurie s father was a SEAL and she knows exactly what the personal cost can be She can t resist trying everything to help this man, and not only because she finds him as sexy as he is honorable.As the layers of Jack s resistance peel away, he and Laurie unearth secrets that go to the highest levels of the military and the deepest depths of their hearts

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    1. DNF This was a tough book to DNF as the core of this story had great potential. But the delivery was just not there for me, and I found myself struggling to keep an interest with these characters.The opening scene starts off with a riveting rescue ops, so I had great hope the rest of the story would deliver more of the same. Jack is a Navy SEAL, injured on duty in South America. He saves several fallen comrades, and they escape a total goat-fucked operation. Weeks later Jack is back in Coronado, [...]

    2. Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.- Tori AmosA HEART OF SEAL opens with a mission going “sideways”. One SEAL is still able to pull his injured teammates to safety – Petty Officer First Class John “Jack” Roaker. Back at Coronado, home of the West Coast SEAL Teams, Jack cannot remember why the Op went south. He is placed on medical leave to heal. Jack doesn’t thrive under traditional treatment – individual counseling, group the [...]

    3. Lots of seals running around these days, but when they are in they are in. In this one we have a wounded soldier, messed up in body and spirit. And a heroine who will save him.John is as I already told you not as happy seal. He suffers from amnesia after a tour into hell. He is tough, but not really the commitment kind of guy. Laurie is sweet, nice, and knows better than to date a seal. Also she have a very protective dad. Trouble alert.The story was light (in the way it read, not in what was in [...]

    4. eh I don't know what to say other than it fell flatI felt no chemistry, the sex was boring and just well sex. sizzling what so ever and her "fathers" reaction was ludicrous and oh well a lot in this book are just plain stupid and boringI like the idea of a psychoanalyst helping with memory loss and PTSD and the tapping (that we only got once even though the reaction was big??)the hallucinations of his best friend but other then that this book is not worth the time it takes to read it

    5. 2.25 for the concept and likeable characters.John Roaker is a SEAL who has been placed on medical leave after returning from a mission gone haywire. He has lost some of his memory regarding the mission and is placed into treatment. His mentor advised him to seek different alternative therapies and in comes Laurie Smith. They meet and are instantly attracted to each other. And so it begins.I am not a fan of the 'insta-love' concept and this book didn't convince me enough to overlook that fact. No [...]

    6. Jack is stuck on medical leave until he can remember what went on during his last mission. He remembers that something didn't feel right, but the actual memories are gone. To add to it, he keeps having visions of his buddy telling him that time is running out and he has to find the truth. The Navy doctors he's seeing aren't helping a bit. When he meets Laurie he is first attracted to her. When he finds out that she is also a therapist he goes to her for help. Her methods are different but they s [...]

    7. 4 1/2 stars! “A SEAL at Heart” by Anne Elizabeth is the poignant and intriguing tale of Navy SEAL John Matthew Roaker (known as Jack) who returns from a horrific assignment with amnesia and the realization that his swim buddy and partner was killed during an op that he can’t remember. Distrustful of the therapists who are supposed to help him heal, Jack is frustrated by the stonewalling he is receiving and hurt and confused by the lack of communication from his surviving teammates. A chanc [...]

    8. I always enjoy a good military romance, but this was one that gives readers a completely different point of viewat of a soldier recovering.Jack Roaker finds himself back in San Diego trying to recover from a SEAL mission gone wrong. He's lost his memory of the mission and his best friend. Desperate to figure out what happened, Jack's willing to do what he has to to regain his memory, even if that means letting Laurie Smith, the woman he can't get out of his mind, use her massage therapy on him.W [...]

    9. A Seal at Heart has many of my favorite things: a wounded military man and a strong-willed, no-nonsense heroine, as well as a healer theme. I love military intrigue (the opening scene when the hero’s mission goes bad hooked me right away) and exploring the friction and challenges soldiers experience in their personal relationships.This novel did not disappoint!The voices and military “feel” was authentic, the commitment and camaraderie right-on. (As an ex-Army medic and helicopter pilot, t [...]

    10. I loved the beginning of this one, very suspenseful and exciting and leading to high expectations, but the rest of the story wound up being a bit disjointed and stilted. The author seemed to be more telling about how great the Seals are than really showing us, except for that first scene. Jack keeps remembering bits of what happened and tells it to Laurie, but him describing what happened diluted the both the terror and the heroism. In fact much of the dialog between Laurie and Jack and other ch [...]

    11. Thanks to the publisher, Sourcebooks, and NetGalley for the chance to read this early!This story obtained my interest immediately. It substained it throughtout most of the book, but nearing the end ultimatly lost the ablility to retain. Almost a DNF, I discovered that both a well-crafted story and character were not enough to maintain the story, something was missing.Disclosure: NetGalley provided this ebook to me free of charge for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, a [...]

    12. I have been reading a bunch of SEAL books lately and this one was different because Jack is in the midst of trying to recover his memories from a mission he just completed where his best friend/swim buddy was killed.It was nice to see a softer side of a SEAL but neat to see that they are still very mission oriented and take their physical training very seriously. Laurie is a physical therapist who has alternative ways of healing. She is also the daughter of a SEAL/adopted daughter of another SEA [...]

    13. A SEAL at Heart by Anne ElizabethBook #1: West Coast Navy SEALs SeriesSource: PurchaseMy Rating: 4/5 starsMy Review: When John Roaker came home from his last mission, he came home with some pretty serious injuries and a whole lot of holes in his memory. The doctors assure him that given enough time and therapy, his memory will return but John just isn’t feeling the whole share his feelings and hug it out vibe. In fact, John is pretty sure his head is going to explode if he has to sit through o [...]

    14. A Seal at Heart, isn't your typical military thriller romance novel. While many delve into nonstop action, this novel takes you into the real life of a Navy Seal after they go through a trama of losing a teammate, an op gone wrong, and fighting to find memories of what happened in order to be put back into the field. Jack Roaker goes through exactly that. Determined to find his way back into being eligible for deployment, Jack has a deadline till his job he loves is gone. With the help of a phys [...]

    15. You can find all my reviews at 4myreadingobsession/ARC NetGalley Review: A SEAL at Heart by Anne ElizabethJohn Roaker (Jack as everyone calls him) is a career SEAL and when a OP he is on goes sideways and he loses not only his swim buddy, Don, but when an injury also causes him to loose a large chunk of his memory of that OP it puts his career in jeopardy. Laurie Smith grew up with SEAL's her dad was a SEAL and when he died the man that adopted her was a SEAL. Laurie knew better than to get invo [...]

    16. Right from the get go Jack and Laurie hit if off real well. Until he basically calls her a prostitute and that she was sent to him by Gich. Who just happens to be Laurie’s pseudo father. Now that he has become a super jerk she started to doubt her choices and felt bad about making out with him.First off, she shouldn’t feel bad. All she did was kiss him. Yes, she wanted to do more but still. Not a bad thing! Once he realizes what he really did he makes it his mission to apologize and seek her [...]

    17. ARC provided by NetGalley I really, REALLY, wanted to love this book. Really. And the beginning of the book had potential. I loved the fact that Jack was going to be a complicated and damaged character. He has lost his memory of an Op and the threat that he may never be operational again scares the hell out of him. What does he have left in his life if he can't be a SEAL. It is is life, his heart, his very soul. Routine therapy isn't helping. And on top of everything else rotten in his life, he [...]

    18. Everything about their last OP has felt off. Now John “Red Jack” Roaker wishes he paid more attention to his gut. His best friend and swim buddy is dead. His memory is full of holes. And if he does not fill in those blanks soon, his days as an active SEAL are over.Growing up a SEAL pup, Dr. Laurie Smith is fairly confident she does not want a relationship with an enlisted man. The day she meets Jack, however, those concerns are blasted by a wave of sexual need.Group therapy is the worst kind [...]

    19. Angeline's review posted Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews3 StarsJack, a Navy Seal, was wounded in a mission gone wrong. He is unable to remember what happened. Without those memories, Jack cannot be reactivated. Laurie is a physical therapist that uses massage, among other holistic treatments to help her clients. She is the catalyst that helps Jack remember. Together they uncover the truth.In A Seal at Heart, we see a lot of the world of Seal life and death. Miss Elizabeth goes beyond a story about [...]

    20. I'd been looking forward to reading this book because I liked the premise of the story but, unfortunately, it just never really engaged me. One reason was that I was never convinced that an emotional connection existed between the main characters. Laurie could just as well have been a helpful neighbour to Jack rather than his lover. Plus, the sex scenes, typically used to show the growing attachment between two characters, were neither erotic nor romantic. They were written in a rather detached [...]

    21. Somehow, it was all his fault. His best friend, his swim buddy Don, dead. He got them out. Alive or not because you never leave anyone behind. He has a heck of a scar on the back of his head to prove he was injured. So why can’t he remember what happened? His life as a SEAL depends on his remembering. Hell, his LIFE depends on it!After playing psycho babble for a few days, Jack decides to try something different. He’d met a lovely lady at a party – a physical therapist – maybe she can he [...]

    22. I thought this was a good book. I liked the depth of the characters and their ability to change throughout the course of the story. The hero begins the story just after a failed mission as a member of a SEAL team. His career as a SEAL is in jeopardy if he can't remember what happened. He is able to change from (view spoiler)[an isolated military tool to a man beginning to be involved with others, with a community (hide spoiler)]. The heroine is able to change her thinking about men in general, m [...]

    23. Petty Officer John Roaker is a SEAL. That’s all he is. So when a mission goes bad, kills his best friend, injures him and his team, and takes his memory. What is a guy to do? The regular Navy shrinks aren’t helping. Enter physical therapist and psychoanalyst Laurie Smith. The fact that she is smart and beautiful may be what gets hi interested but the fact that she gets results is what gets him to stay. While recovering his old memories John and Laurie are making new ones. Can Laurie handle l [...]

    24. I really wanted to like this book, I really did. However, I found myself annoyed with the characters' flip-flopish "I Lust You/I Hate You" relationship annoying me witn every page turn. And, they would go from "Wow, the chemistry between us is unbelievable" and then all of the sudden one of the two was mad at the other, and it kept switching between them who was the instigator of the drama. I was confused all of them time. spoiler: By the end of the book it seemed their relationship was more con [...]

    25. While I enjoyed reading this one during a recent book-reading marathon, I had some issues with it.I had trouble connecting with the hero. As a SEAL, he was a great guy. As a boyfriend, not so believable. YMMV. I had trouble believing their relationship was real.There were more than a few parenthetical explanations for acronyms, and they got a little tedious. I'm a military brat. I read books with military heroes, male and female. I really didn't need basic acronyms explained to me, much less mor [...]

    26. This is my first from Anne Elizabeth and it was an enjoyable story but it felt like it fell just a little short for me. I almost always enjoy a good SEAL romance and one of the fun original points of this story is that it seemed to concentrate more on our hero, Jack, and his thoughts and emotions and less on our heroine, Laurie. I really liked how a romance unfolded from the almost exclusively the hero’s point of view. I thought that the story explored some pretty important ideas, PTSD and pos [...]

    27. Easy to tell I'm reading a powerful book when I'm tearing up at the end of it--especially over a character that I never even "met". Laurie and Jack's relationship was powerful with both crazy chemistry and a strong emotional connection. I imagine that the author is also very true to the SEAL/military mentality and represents circumstances well. However, not having any military familiarity outside of other romance novels, I did get a little lost in the language/relationships that weren't as well [...]

    28. Wow this was a really good read. I am a sucker for Navy Seal and Military Romances. This book was quite different from the other military romances I have read. This book focuses on the home life after the missions, the Seal community, and the Seal family bonds. It lets you see into the mind set of a Navy Seal and how their training affects the way they think and live their lives. The book deals with many issues that they have to deal with when they return home to their families.Seal At Heart was [...]

    29. Any reader who loves romantic suspense will want this book on their shelves. Those who love incredible romance and love, will want it as well. I truly enjoyed Anne's deft picture of the SEAL community. She knows because she is a part of this spec op family and community. The SEALs are heroes, plain and simple. Their families are heroic as well, given the demands and pressures/stresses on them. I highly recommend this book. I'm hoping this book is just a beginning and we get more SEAL books from [...]

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