Tenebre nel cuore

Tenebre nel cuore Ian ha sempre saputo di avere un lato oscuro ma deciso a condurre una vita normale ignorando gli inquietanti sogni erotici che tormentano le sue notti Fino a quando Molly una strana ragazza che sos

  • Title: Tenebre nel cuore
  • Author: Rhyannon Byrd Elena Rossi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Ian ha sempre saputo di avere un lato oscuro, ma deciso a condurre una vita normale, ignorando gli inquietanti sogni erotici che tormentano le sue notti Fino a quando Molly, una strana ragazza che sostiene di comunicare con gli spiriti dei defunti, non gli confida di aver condiviso quegli incubi E i segni del suo morso sul collo ne sono la prova Inoltre ha un messaggiIan ha sempre saputo di avere un lato oscuro, ma deciso a condurre una vita normale, ignorando gli inquietanti sogni erotici che tormentano le sue notti Fino a quando Molly, una strana ragazza che sostiene di comunicare con gli spiriti dei defunti, non gli confida di aver condiviso quegli incubi E i segni del suo morso sul collo ne sono la prova Inoltre ha un messaggio da parte di sua madre, morta da pochi mesi il nemico vicino, ed tempo che la creatura che dimora dentro di lui si risvegli per combatterlo Ma per farlo Ian dovr bere il sangue di Molly Una tentazione che potrebbe essere pericolosa per entrambi

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    1. Reviewed for queuemyreview; book release Apr09Yippee! Something new in the paranormal genre to read about--by yet another author who’s making the jump from small-press to mainstream publishing. Rhyannon Byrd’s first HQN Paranormal release is “Edge of Hunger” and after reading it, I’m just hungry for more.Molly is a woman who is used to protecting herself from the scorn and disbelief of the rest of the world. When her latest ‘case’ won’t let her be, she accepts her ghostly task… [...]

    2. Right then I picked this up during my weekly trudge around Asda (Walmart)but only because I vaguely remembered the authors name from GRs, and seemed to recall she got good reviews. However this is a Nocturne and altho I'd never read one before I had the impression this was going to be a PNR version of a Blaze, not much story , intimate scenes thrown in to spice to things and that's your lot. So how surprised was I to find this story was not like that at all, and infact you get a whole lot more, [...]

    3. 2 1/2 starsI got a few of these from my library book sale years ago. I finally decided to start reading them. This is another PNR that just didn't get there. The main characters actually have anti-chemistry due to the jerkness of the guy. I don't see why the woman likes him, at all. Is it the dream sex? Cause that is the only time that they seem to have chemistry. Because of how much he pushes him away, to past the 80% part of the book, she seems like a sick, lonely, and desperate woman.So at th [...]

    4. The hero in this book almost ruined the entire story for me. He was annoying and kept pushing the heroine away almost the ENTIRE story. She was only trying to help but he selfishly refused to consider how his attempt to ignore the obvious change in himself would cause for more people to die, plus he hurt the heroine again and again with his actions. He didn't want to be close to anyone ever but we were never given a good reason why. He just came off like a selfish rude jerk, so I wasn't sure how [...]

    5. Sheer and utter crap. This author is obviously an erotica writer trying to cross over. In te first third of the book, I was thinking, there is no way this belongs on a Walmart shelf. My problem, however, isn't necessarily with erotica. The first third was composed of basically two strangers either having sex, thinking about sex, or well, thinking about sex. Ok. But, there was no real plot. There was the promise of a plot, hint of a plot, but it never got into a plot. Molly was there to give a wa [...]

    6. A generous 3 stars, more like 2.5- 2.75, but the concept was different, and I liked that. But my GOD, Ian? UGH. Seriously what a prick. If I were Molly, I would have slapped his face and said "dude, fine you don't wanna hear what I have to say, screw you, do what you want" and turned tail and left in a storm of dust, but alas, then we would have had no story to read. So, let's talk about Molly. Molly at first seemed to have spine, then she was a jelly fish, then turned back to spine, then flound [...]

    7. Edge of Hunger is one of those books that I'm glad I read once for something new, but I probably won't read again or remember much about after I put it away.The concept is different, introducing two new kinds of supernatural creatures in the epic struggle for good and evil, but it's not enough to make this book stand out. I never connected with the characters and often wondered why I should care about what's at stake for them. The only interesting character for me was Quinn, and he's not even in [...]

    8. Ian Buchanan, is a loner who has shut everyone out of his life. There is something unknown inside him that is trying to get out so he keeps to himself, until Molly Stratton arrives. The dead talk to Molly. Specifically Ian's mother, who sent Molly to Ian with a warning. Ian fights the attraction with Molly in an effort to protect her from himself. He is fighting his inner beast who needs to be awakened in order to defeat the demon that is hunting him and anyone he cares about.I liked the charact [...]

    9. I could not stand the hero, Ian, in this book. He had the worst attitude and it took nearly the entire book for him to FINALLY realize that his life has changed forever and he needed to deal with it. The heroine, Molly, was not much better. Ian kept being cruel to her, pushing her away and she just kept on saying "Ian I trust you" and "I believe in you". She was like a wet blanket throughout the book. I do not think I will continue reading this series.

    10. A great read. I'm excited to read the next two books in the series, which are slated to come out in the following months (April then May). Very enticing totally absorbing book, at least for me! I couldn't put it down until I had finished. Would recommend to all paranormal romance fans.

    11. Good universe, hot sex and I'm definitely reading book 2. I'm giving this 3 stars but with reservations.Now it totally helped that I read Edge of Craving (prequel) before starting this one. If you can do it I'd definitely recommend it. Just treat the prequel as a very long prologue.Why only 3 stars? Mostly because of the hero and the heroine. I didn't like them as individuals and I definitely did not like them as a couple. In fact, if I was friends with either, I would say run, far away or we ar [...]

    12. This was really awesome ,I enjoyed it immensely, I could not put it down,loved every second of it .From the start of this book I found Ian to be so intriguing ,the moment he steps on the page he's kind of a jackass but it's not actually who he is ,he doesn't know how to trust people so he acts like an ass and pushes them way . I really liked how he met Molly,i thought there first meeting was so funny.Molly is just such a sweet character but she has backbone and she never really took Ian's crap , [...]

    13. Good grief, how much can one guy rasp? Every time he opened his friggin irritating mouth he rasped. Which sorta killed the book for me right along with whats-her-name, oh, Molly, constantly being described as soft and all her whispering. Between the rasping and the whispering I wanted to scream. How did I make it through to the end I'll never know, but I can speculate. I'm thinking it may have been the plot which was actually fairly decent. I have the next two but I may only read them if I have [...]

    14. I am not sure what to think of this one to be honest, I wanted to love it in so many ways because quite a few of my friends rave about the series but I just didn't love it with the enthusiasm that they do. It is the first book in a series and it has a serious amount of world building going on, I think if the hero was more likeable or I could identify a bit better with the heroine then I may have tolerated this a bit better. Saying that, I did enjoy the premise and it did pick up a bit towards th [...]

    15. This is the first Rhyannon Byrd book I've read, but I don't believe it will be the last. I gave four stars because I really liked the storyline and the characters. That being said, however, the hero was a little too tortured for me to like him whole-heartedly. I'm just a fan of a little less angst & denial, and a bit more acceptance and accomplishment.Overall, however, I liked this and am looking forward to Book 2!

    16. If you like graphic, sometimes violent, sex scenes strung together with what is seemingly a secondary storyline then you'll like this book.Don't get me wrong, this is a decent book but the numerous sex scenes overwhelm what could have been an promising and interesting story.There are two other books in this series in which hopefully the story receives equal attention to the sex.I'm all for a good sex scene but sometimes there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

    17. OK, so this was not the greatest book, however the story was a bit different and kept me interested. It certainly wasn't the characters. First off Ian was almost unbearable. His attitude towards Molly was bad almost until the end of the book. And Molly threw herself at him more than once, at which point I would've already left him to deal with his issues. But, the other characters are intriguing enough, and the storyline has potential, so I'll probably give book 2 a try!

    18. This book was just OK. I agree with those who thought Ian was a jerk for most of the book. But I found the world the author created was interesting enough to keep me reading. I'll check out the next of the series because if the characters are more likable I think I'd enjoy this series.

    19. Horrible horrible book. He was a real sh*t to her the entire book, just plain mean when he had no REAL reason to be. She let him and kept coming back for more. Storyline wasn't all that great either.

    20. The moment he laid eyes on the heroine, he knew she was trouble. Behind those big brown eyes and innocence, she was a woman on a mission and he knew she had turned her sights on him. The hero has always been a surly bastard and never own to let anyone in. When he's told by this female that his dead mother is speaking to her beyond the grave and that she comes with a message of warning, he scoffs at the notion. Growing up he and his siblings were surrounded by their mothers superstitions and folk [...]

    21. Ian Buchanan is haunted by the darkness threatening to break through his formidable control. Nightmares plague him where fangs spring from his gums and blood cascades down his throat from the willing neck of a brunette gypsy. Terrified and soaked with sweat, Ian fears the dreams where he ceases to be human. But one little brown-eyed woman is about to make him face the darkness, whether he wants to or not.Molly Stratton has finally given in to the demands of Ian's deceased mother, Elaina. Molly h [...]

    22. This one could have used a prologue. It starts out with a family in turmoil and a woman who talks to the dead in her sleep, but the reader might be better served with a prologue explaining the Merrick and the Casus and the battle. I will keep reading the series because I want to meet Ian's sister, but it is not the strongest paranormal romance series I have read.

    23. I wanted to like it but plot was missing for 40%of the book. It was pretty annoying but had sexy scenes but it was not enough to make up for lack of plot

    24. No. JustHow obnoxious, pig-headed, and stubborn does a man have to be before he actually realizes that people are trying to tell him something? Get a clue, dude! This book could've been better, if the H/h weren't soumUNbelievable. I've already described the numbnuts who's the hero, but the heroineez, could she have been any sappier? She barely speaks above a whisper most of the time, and she's constantly blushing and flushinge probably doesn't have any blood anywhere else except her face and nec [...]

    25. Inhalt:Ian Buchanan ist ein Mensch, der in den Tag hineinlebt. Ohne Ziele und Erwartungen ist er neben seiner selbstzerstörerischen Lebensweise und seinem guten Aussehen ziemlich unauffällig. Dies ändert sich an dem Tag, an dem die hübsche Molly Stratton vor ihm steht. Plötzlich hat er nicht nur gegen ein unnatürliches Verlangen zu kämpfen, sondern gegen etwas Böses, das er nicht länger verdrängen kann. Ein uralter Fein tötet unschuldige Mädchen und scheinbar ist Ian, der Einzige, de [...]

    26. Fa parte della serie Primal instinct. Devo dire che questo romanzo è decisamente bollente,a tratti molto crudo. Ci sono scene di sesso un po’ ovunque,intense,forti, tanto che ne sono rimasta stupita. Avevo il terrore di ritrovarmi in uno dei libri della Leigh(es. Il fuoco della tentazione che mi ha fatto cadere le braccia ) . Non è il solito romanzo paranormal. Finalmente una creature nuova,il merrick,mai sentito nominare. Una specie di incrocio tra un mostro e un vampiro che si potenzia con [...]

    27. Molly Stratton is psychic and she doesn’t want anyone to know, because when people found out they are reacting strange around her and treat her differently. But Elaine Buchanan is deceased and persisted that Molly listens to her. Elaine wants Molly to contact her son Ian and tell him about his destiny. Molly cannot ignore Elaine and pack her things and is going to pay a visit to this Ian Buchanan.Ian Buchanan left home at an early age and tries to live a normal life. His mother Elaine always t [...]

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