A Hunger for the Infinite

A Hunger for the Infinite A Hunger for the Infinite which first appeared in Robert Silverberg s Far Horizons anthology is a novella that takes place in the universe of The Galactic Center Saga detailing a galactic war betw

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  • Title: A Hunger for the Infinite
  • Author: Gregory Benford Robin Sachs
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • A Hunger for the Infinite, which first appeared in Robert Silverberg s Far Horizons anthology, is a novella that takes place in the universe of The Galactic Center Saga , detailing a galactic war between mechanical and biological life Here, the pilots had made it to True Center in order to destroy something, anything, important to the Mechs, but Paris had something elsA Hunger for the Infinite, which first appeared in Robert Silverberg s Far Horizons anthology, is a novella that takes place in the universe of The Galactic Center Saga , detailing a galactic war between mechanical and biological life Here, the pilots had made it to True Center in order to destroy something, anything, important to the Mechs, but Paris had something else on his mind A story of the Mantis, and the decline of humans beginning in 3600 AD.

    One thought on “A Hunger for the Infinite”

    1. I got this audiobook as a promotional freebie from Audible (as I write this review, they still offer it for free). Let me mention that I am not familiar with the Galactic Center Saga Series and hence starting with book #5.5 might not be the best way of getting acquainted with a series.So, for those readers in the same boat with me, here are some of the author's notes related to this series:The series comprises six novels, composed over a twenty-five-year span. The events stretch from the early 2 [...]

    2. Jedna jako BITNA stvar: U mom primerku knjige prica "Glad za Beskrajem" izdata je zajedno sa pricom Grega Bera "Put Svih Duhova". Tako da je ova ocena od tri zvezdice ocena za obe price. Odulucio sam da ih zajedno ocenim iz razloga jer su slicne, stim sto je Benfordova prica (72 strane) nesto bolja; Beorva prica staje na 158 strana. Kod Benforda imamo pricu o rasi nekakvih bogomoljki koje se i ne trude da razumeju i onako vec sjebanu ljudsku rasu i polako je unistavaju. Od ljudskih tela prave sk [...]

    3. The exquisite language, poetic and rhythmic, as well as the dramatization and the narrator's superb performace made this audiobook an enjoyable and even compelling listen.The idea of the novella is interesting though somewhat creepy: The Mechs are harvesting humans to create art. The Mantis, a supreme machine life, feels something is missing and makes a deal with a human, Paris' father, in exchange for the lives of other humans.The execution of the story is episodic. The beginning scene is haunt [...]

    4. A few of these scenes are haunting and beautiful. Others are totally forgettable. As in, I finished this yesterday and I don't even remember those scenes. All that's left is these suspended images of twisted human art.

    5. This was a free audiobook on Audible, a novella written in the same universe as six other novels in the author's Galactic Center Saga. I read at least 5 of the 6 books in that series and have one vivid recollection of reading Tides of Light on the beach in the fading light of early evening, trying to get in a few more pages before it got too dark to see the ink against the page.This novella is written in the same philosophical, somewhat aloof style of the series novels, and with very similar ver [...]

    6. I guess sometimes you get what you paid for, and since I got this for free I can't complain too much.This novella and I just didn't click. Maybe I have gotten used to different styles of writing and different types of perspectives but much as I tried to I couldn't get involved in this book. Written in the more classic SF style and dealing with more of the strange (yeah, the main character was human, but far removed from present day humanity) I felt like I was tossed into the middle of something [...]

    7. Free audiobook. This would have been more interesting if I had read the series it is a part of. I have no idea exactly what the Mechs are. I thought robot until something about them evolving was mentioned, and then I saw the summary said something about mechanical life. Is there more beyond robot that I'm missing? If I was more familiar with this universe, I think I would have found this book to be more entertaining. It was a bit more philosophical than I normally like, but it was an interesting [...]

    8. It was a good read to fill in some of the blanks in the Galactic Center universe. We get a bit of a glimpse of what happened to the chandeliers and the foundation of the first citadels.It was also very dark and ultimately depressing. There doesn't seem to be much hope left for humanity at this point. If you've read the rest of the Galactic Center series you know what happens to these poor refugees.

    9. Still trying to get my head over the audiobook experienceFeels more disconnected than "proper" readingA novella taking part of a major collection of stories, a saga entitled "The Galatic Center Saga" where a war between biological and mechanical beings takes place.A human makes a strange pact with a (the?) Mantis and the story evolves around those consequences.It feels alien enough, distant enough in time (3600 AD).30 minutes into a 1h46m audiobook

    10. Uh, I don't know. I guess that novellas are like hors d'oeuvres, so there were some elements there that might coax me to try more Benford later but I think I'll have a different entree right now. It is far future space war between organic and inorganic life forms. Maybe if that universe was a little more fleshed out, I would be more engaged.

    11. If you either like science fiction OR philosophy of the human mind then this audiobook is a good choice.The deep thinking into the human soul and mind, its limits, possibilities and distinctions to the digital worlds, the conscious and unconscious parts, all these things make this story worth listening to.Very good work!

    12. It's also not my usual fair so I'll allow that maybe it's too far out of my zone to be liked. I don't usually read Sci-fi and this reminds me why. It can be too cold. I d/l because it was free and I do like to try authors I don't know. This didn't work for me.That said, I loved the narrator. I could listen to that voice all day long. :)

    13. This was a freebie from Audible. My low rating may be due to it being my introduction to the series. Perhaps if I'd read the earlier books, I might have cared about the story. As it is, I was so bored I fell asleep somewhere in the middle and can't be bothered to backtrack and relisten.

    14. This was a pretty good short story, but I feel like I need a full length hard sci-fi novel in this world.

    15. Interesting short story so far. Got it free from audible. Very dark but interesting. Hints at a very interesting future human culture in the far future.

    16. It's okay. It's short, but there are so many better books out there to read, save two hours of your life and read something better.

    17. A short, alien-perspective story. The "alien-ness" of the story kept it rather sterile, and I'm afraid i just never really "got into" the story.

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