Pussyfoot Midnight Louie is aprowl again and the game is definitely afoot when petite public relations freelancer Temple Barr finds herself at a striptease convention up to her spike heels in muscle bound male

Pussyfoot Definition of Pussyfoot by Merriam Webster He should stop pussyfooting and tell us what he wants to do politicians who try to pussyfoot around hot button issues Pussyfoot Define Pussyfoot at Dictionary Pussyfoot definition, to go or move in a stealthy or cautious manner See . Pussyfoot Synonyms, Pussyfoot Antonyms Thesaurus Converting a pussyfoot into liquid measure with caustic soda water Call him a Pussyfoot as well you cannot shake him from his pinnacle Your king of Kusiak has to learn some time that everybody isn t going to sidestep him and pussyfoot when he s around. Pussyfoot Pussyfoot definition of pussyfoot by The Free Dictionary DAVID GARDNER, Newcastle MAM Your parking skills are pretty bad, You sometimes shout and bawl at dad, You never pussyfoot around, Opinionated, always loud When boys were mean, you let me cry And joined me in my desperate sigh I flew the nest and now I know How hard it was to let me go Now I ve children of my own, I see the need to let them roam. Marc Antony and Pussyfoot Influence Pussyfoot has appeared in some Warner Bros merchandising, and the pair have been featured in various Warner Bros productions, such as the third segment of the film version of Twilight Zone The Movie , and a Looney Tunes comic book story called Bringing Up Baby published in Tiny Toon Adventures featured a similar character named Barky Marky who was a comparatively Pussyfoot Synonyms, Pussyfoot Antonyms Merriam Webster Love words Need even definitions Subscribe to America s largest dictionary and get thousands definitions and advanced search ad free pussyfoot Wiktionary Jan , intransitive To move silently, stealthily, or furtively intransitive To act timidly or cautiously , Jeph Jacques, Fripp and Eno So are you going to practice what you re preaching and stop pussyfooting around with Faye Hey, I m for when it comes to practicing what I preach These feet stay pussied for the time pussyfoot Origin and meaning of pussyfoot by Online pussyfoot v also pussy foot, , tread softly, from pussy n. foot n As a noun from , a detective, American English, from the nickname of U.S government Indian Affairs agent W.E Johnson , in charge of suppressing liquor traffic on Indian reservations in Oklahoma, who was noted for his stealthy tactics.

  • Title: Pussyfoot
  • Author: Carole Nelson Douglas
  • ISBN: 9780812516838
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback
  • Midnight Louie is aprowl again and the game is definitely afoot when petite public relations freelancer Temple Barr finds herself at a striptease convention, up to her spike heels in muscle bound males, siliconed femalesd murder As Temple tracks the killer, Midnight Louie pursues his own investigation Now that fading film star Savannah Ashleigh and the Divine YvetMidnight Louie is aprowl again and the game is definitely afoot when petite public relations freelancer Temple Barr finds herself at a striptease convention, up to her spike heels in muscle bound males, siliconed femalesd murder As Temple tracks the killer, Midnight Louie pursues his own investigation Now that fading film star Savannah Ashleigh and the Divine Yvette, her purebred Persian and Louie s platinum haired lost love are among the endangered, the tomcat sleuth will leave no rhinestone unturned to find the murderer

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    1. Temple Barr is at it again and so is Midnight Louie.She finds herself at a Striptease Convention and there is murder a foot. The original public relations person finds a dead woman hanging on the wall in the dressing room. He has a heart attack and Temple takes over. Who is the murderer and will Temple and the police get to the bottom of this? Midnight Louie has his own investigation going (as well as helping Temple, his "doll"). Seems like Savannah Ashleigh, a film star, has come to town and wi [...]

    2. These books are obviously not aging particularly well, given that they were written in the early '90s. However, if you get the referencesill delightful! This book doesn't have as much Midnight Louie as the later books, which I forgot and is still disappointing. Still, it establishes some important facts for the rest of the series and it's interesting to read.I didn't guess the killer in this one, either. I like how the reader is kept in the dark until all of a sudden--CLICK!--it all makes sense [...]

    3. Another mystery involves Las Vegas PR expert Temple Barr and her "keeper", Midnight Louie, along with her neighbor Matt and landlady Electra.After turning down a PR job for a stripper convention accepted by her nemesis, Crawford Buchanen, Temple finds herself involved anyway, when Buchanen becomes ill and she is asked to substitute. a murder has already been committed, and there is more to come as Temple wages her determined way forward on spike heels, much to the chagrin of Lieutenant Carmen Mo [...]

    4. This was a light read, a cat mystery that became a little convoluted. This author has written this series which we learned continues with Midnight Louie, the cat. Many of the characters continue, die, come back, and have different identities. I can't imagine what her character wall map looks like! Anyone who reads the entire series deserves a medal!

    5. I enjoyed this second Midnight Louie mystery better than the first one. I like the format of two simultaneous protagonists. I had found Midnight Louie pretty obnoxious in Catnap, but in Pussyfoot, his perspective was more fun. Temple Barr's character also is more cohesive in this one, and she seems to have developed some empathy to go along with her curiosity, independence, and sometimes pushiness. Temple was in need of another public relations job, but had turned down the job of publicist for a [...]

    6. Temple Barr and her 20 pound black cat, Midnight Louie, get caught up in another murder mystery. This time, Temple is working as a fill-in Public Relations Director for a Stripper Convention after the regular PR man has a heart attack following his discovery of the murdered body of one of the exotic dancers. Once again Temple spars with the abrasive Lieutenant Molina, but she becomes just a wee bit more human in this novel. The Stripper Convention is being picketed by an offended feminist, and t [...]

    7. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    8. I made the mistake of reading some of the books from this series, out of order. I say 'mistake', as there are some plot points that arc over several books - specifically about the character of Max and his sudden disappearance from the protagonist's (Temple Barr) life. So I have decided to go back and start from the beginning and read the books in order. This one centers on a Las Vegas strippers' competition, where several murders take place. Of course Midnight Louie is in the thick of things. I [...]

    9. I was "pussy-whipped" (no offense) after I read this book. It's either a mystery with Midnight Louie the cat detective, an expose into the world of Las Vegas "exotic dancers" or it's the one where heroine Temple Barr gets the "catshit" beat outa her, a rough scene which doesn't seem to have rhyme or reason and adds nothin to the case. I never expected a rape sequence in a series with so much promise. Think I'll purrsue (again, no offense) some other book featuring a detective in the form of an i [...]

    10. I must say I was a little disappointed with this book. I bought it because I really liked a Midnight Louie story I happened to read: the protagonist's sardonic voice reminds one of Humphrey Bogart and the hard-boiled American private eye. In this novel also, Ms. Douglas's writing is as good as ever, but the mystery leaves much to be desired. And Louie's involvement is only marginal - he is more interested in running after the "divine" Yvette than solving mysteries!I rate this book somewhere betw [...]

    11. This was the story I read first. I read some out of order, but this one got me hooked from the first. The mystery was so not what I thought, I always seem to figure out the ending before I get to it. I couldn't figure out the ending with this book, which is why I enjoyed it so much. If you like mysteries that you can't figure out the ending too I recommend this book. I seriously couldn't put it down.

    12. Strippers ContestThe second in the series. Midnight Louie is black cat that adopted Temple Blair, PR in Los Vegas. He is capable of opening doors, and come Temple's aid when she in Trouble. This book Temple is PR at the Goliath for a strippers contest. The strippers are being MURDER and Temple and Louie need to find the answer before she loses her life.

    13. What do a shoe fetish PR Temple Barr, a crisis hotline hottie, And a striptease compitition have in common . Murder and Midnight Louie, that's what! Stir slowly, add in a little jealously, a dash of misdirection and you've got another great story in Sin City Las Vegas! Midnight Louie is on the prowl to save Temple again as only he can!

    14. Loved it! I am a cat lover so am usually drawn to this type of book. Temple is a petite package of dynamite and Midnight Louie is a great sidekick. A fun read and will definitely read more in this series.

    15. This is the second book in the Midnight Louie series. Since I read a few out of order, it is interesting to see just how different the early books were. The buildup to what I know is coming is still intriguing.

    16. Fun, easy read for a lazy weekend afternoon at home. Was initially irritated by the sections from Midnight Louie's point of view, but they've grown on me and I'm now enjoying them. Only just started the series - will be interesting to see how/I they change as I get further along.

    17. I picked this book up ages ago in my local bookstore's used book exchange area. It's ok so far, nothing out of the ordinary though. I finished this a few weeks ago. Still just ok as a mystery and story.

    18. This is my second book of the Midnight Louie series. I'm enjoying the series, but they don't compare to the. Joe Grey and Dulcie series. But I definitely plan to continue with Midnight Louie!

    19. Nice pulpy mindless read, with an SAT vocabulary. The blasts from the past (1993) are fascinating me as well.Of course, I like the black cat more than any of the human characters.

    20. My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

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