Paradise Kiss, Vol. 3

Paradise Kiss Vol It turns out that Yukari is a natural when it comes to modeling In no time her career takes off and soon she s fielding offers from bigtime modeling agencies But she soon discovers she needs her par

  • Title: Paradise Kiss, Vol. 3
  • Author: Ai Yazawa
  • ISBN: 9781591820536
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • It turns out that Yukari is a natural when it comes to modeling In no time, her career takes off, and soon she s fielding offers from bigtime modeling agencies But she soon discovers she needs her parents consent before anyone can represent her Yeah, like that s ever going to happen When Yukari asks the love of her life, George, for some professional guidance, he giveIt turns out that Yukari is a natural when it comes to modeling In no time, her career takes off, and soon she s fielding offers from bigtime modeling agencies But she soon discovers she needs her parents consent before anyone can represent her Yeah, like that s ever going to happen When Yukari asks the love of her life, George, for some professional guidance, he gives her grief not answers Does this guy even know the meaning of love Yukari is beginning to wonder if he s worth her time or her devotion.

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    1. Creo que quiero aplaudir de pie. Qué. Buen. Volumen.Este manga tiene mejor desarrollo de personajes que más de un libro de 500 páginas. Me encanta la evolución de Yukari, y si bien está mechado con un poco de humor (me gusta que saben que están en un manga XD), la historia es cada vez más seria y los personajes son más complejos y más humanos que nunca.Genial realmente, esta autora es bárbara. Y hasta ahora no dije nada sobre los dibujos, pero las "fotos" de Yukari al comienzo de cada [...]

    2. PARADISE KISS n.3 Praticamente divorato. Dolcissimo e tristissimo. Scopriamo un po' di più il perché Joji è così. EYukari torna a casa!!! A me il prossimo!!! Sto maleeeee

    3. Actual rating: 3.5 out of 5 starsYukari’s modeling adventures continue as four days or so pass in this volume. She has a potential agency to join, but she needs her parents’ consent. Awkward, considering she just ran away from home.But the center as always remains on the Gatsby-like and risqué romance between George and Yukari that never hesitated to make my blood boil. It’s very obvious Yukari is caught in a web of manipulation where the only way she can connect and show love is through [...]

    4. بدأت كارولين أخيرا تاخذ زمام حياتها وتتضرف بشكل صحيح بعيد عن نزواتها وعواطفها

    5. It's so bizarre how well I feel I know George, considering he's a mystery on the surface. Yazawa is developing this particular character remarkably well. All the time Yukari over analyzes what George does and says, making him the reason why there's a disconnect in their relationship but she doesn't stop to think that George also reads too much into what she does and says and sees it as her being the reason for the disconnect. In other words, Yukari might feel George doesn't really love her, but [...]

    6. Now THIS is where Paradise Kiss moves from being merely good to downright amazing. Some of the weaknesses of previous volumes are expunged as Yukari's character is fleshed out and her motivations for dropping out of school are revealed. What really blew my mind about this book, though, was the sex scene: it was handled PERFECTLY. Tender, honest, realistic, necessary for the plot and not tawdry in the slightest, this is probably one of the best-handled sex scenes I've ever read in a comic.

    7. **Review is for the entire series**OMG I've got such a book hangover from finishing this series. The ending Aaaaaargh. It's beautiful, but a little heart breaking too. Or maybe a lot heart breaking. I'm a bit emotional right now.Paradise Kiss follows the story of Yukari as she approaches the end of her high school years and her final exams, when she is discovered by a group of local art college students, who instantly want her to model for them in their end-of-year show. Initially outraged by th [...]

    8. Que les digo Dreamers, esta saga de mangas me esta gustando y aunque son steam punk y algo raros tienen lo suyo, me gusta la valentía que tiene Yukari para salir adelante y todo lo que hace por lograrlo, es muy bonito como se ve su relación con George y aunque ella no sepa de lo que hacen sus nuevos amigos los ayuda.Es que en esta ocasión vemos ya los preparativos para el concurso de modas y entre todo lo que andan haciendo los chicos del ateliere Yukari que no sabe mucho sobre eso esta apren [...]

    9. see full review @ Katie's CornerI actually stayed up all night to finish this manga. Why I chose it? No idea, I was roaming on youtube some of my favourite videos and somehow the video about thi manga came up. I liked it, and because it was made as an anime I made a tick in my brain to watch it some other time. Howeve, after getting back from my friend’s place at about 1 a.m. and starting with absolutely different book to read, something clicked in my brain and I said, I want to read this one [...]

    10. Overall Rating: A+Summary: A fashion/drama/romance Josei series created by Ai Yazawa (who is also the creator of Nana), which follows Yukari "Caroline" Hayasaka. Yukari is an attractive high schooler, but her life consists of traveling from high school to cram school to home, and back again. The manga opens with Yukari running into Arashi (a punk) and Isabella (a transvestite), who are part of a group of fashion students that call their label "Paradise Kiss". Yukari thinks they are perverts (did [...]

    11. 4 stars. (spoilage) i thought, what with the fashion backdrop and all, this one would be shallow. but it wasn't. it handled quite a lot of stuff (for one thing, the narrator loses her virginity in this one, and it's not romanticized at all), and the PoV of the narrator does a pretty accurate job of getting inside the head of a teenaged girl while showing clearly that there's more than one side to her issues. truth to tell, i guess i kinda fell to the result (and bonus, decided my about-to-turn-1 [...]

    12. Yukari grows more focused on modeling, and gets a couple of lucky breaks, but all that's put to stop when she finds she needs her parents' permission to sign on with an agency. Meanwhile, things with George aret ideal.Woo, I forgot that things get a little racy in this part! But I like the direction Yukari decides to go in at the end of this volume--finally relocating some backbone--and the way her reunion with her mother goes, after the things she's learned from meeting George's mother. And I r [...]

    13. Yukari is finally starting to really stand up for herself, whether it is regarding school, fashion, her future, her parents, and her really confusing boyfriend George (who so far is pretty much an ass). Good insights into both her parents and George's in this one, and it is fun to see Yukari experience success in the world of modeling. I find her relationship with George to be pretty emotionally and verbally abusive, so it will be interesting to see how it all works out.

    14. Paradise Kiss Volume 3 Review Manga Rating: 5 stars out of 5.Story Line: I read the manga because I watched the anime. I wanted to see how close the anime came to the manga. This volume represented episodes 6-9. Characters: 5 stars out of 5. Yukari has started to do modeling shoots now. Her personality has changed from the beginning. She started to become more open. Miwako is still my favorite! Writing Style: 5 stars out of 5. I love Ai Yazawa.

    15. I'm not sure what to say about this volume. I feel like I understand more about the characters now. Especially George. When I think about it, I feel like I'm one of those girls that George dislikes so much. Maybe that's why tears immediately sprung to my eyes during a couple of scenes. I'm honestly surprised how it affected me. Now I can't wait to read the next volume. I honestly dot know what will happen in the end.

    16. I gave all my volumes of Parakiss to a friend, then I managed to buy only 2 of them (sold out). Silly me. Anyway, it's always a pleasure to return to this series. Lots of funny moments, lots of sexual moments (in this particular volume), lots of cuteness, lots of drama (sorta). Some ugly photographic backgrounds (but it's really the only one bad point of this manga). Ai Yazawa at her best.

    17. I feel like I know more about the characters, especially Georges. This guy is just a mystery on the surface and now, it seems like I know him a lot more. But there's still some questions about him, Yukari, Arashi and all the other characters that I want some answers.And i'm not at all, going to talk about all the sex scenes

    18. Este volúmen fue muy intenso. Me la pasé llorando sobre todo en los últimos capítulos, muchas situaciones que me tocaron nervio con cosas del pasado y cosas que estoy viviendo ahora.Sin entrar en detalles ni spoilers, muy bien llevadas las escenas de sexo: desbordan naturalidad y realismo sin caer en algo vulgar.

    19. We learn more about the wonderful universe that was established in Paradise Kiss. The costume designs in here are really cool and some very eclectic, and that only adds to the charm. We learn more about Yukari (Caroline) and her family issues.

    20. This volume saw the series get dramatically better. Much juicer, much deeper, and more enthralling. Caroline seems to have more of a personality, or should I say a more independent and thus more likable personality, which is promising for the continuation of the story.

    21. Okay, so I think this volume has a bit more progress than the last two. Near the end, Yukari finally grows up and goes back home, realizing that her mom was being like a normal, stereotypical asian mother. Her mom finally agrees to her desire to be a model. :)Onto vol 4.

    22. The drama unfolds Reality of life hits Caroline This volume had a lot going on, the foil between Miwakos life and Carolines was a nice addition.

    23. The shojo I compare all others to. Love the style. Yes, it's fairly insipid but it's adorable and I love it.

    24. Ich liebe einfach alle Bände von Paradise Kiss und dieser hier war genauso gut wie seine zwei vorgänger!

    25. Paradise Kiss is one of my favorite manga series. It has a great romance and I love Ai Yazawa's artistic style.

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