Tucket's Ride

Tucket s Ride Francis Tucket and his adopted family Lottie and Billy are heading west in search of Francis s parents on the Oregon Trail But when winter comes early Francis turns south to avoid the cold and lea

  • Title: Tucket's Ride
  • Author: Gary Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780440411475
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Paperback
  • Francis Tucket and his adopted family, Lottie and Billy, are heading west in search of Francis s parents on the Oregon Trail But when winter comes early, Francis turns south to avoid the cold, and leads them right into enemy territory the Mexican War of 1848 Francis and the children are captured by desperadoes, but loyalty, courage, and the element of surprise offer hopFrancis Tucket and his adopted family, Lottie and Billy, are heading west in search of Francis s parents on the Oregon Trail But when winter comes early, Francis turns south to avoid the cold, and leads them right into enemy territory the Mexican War of 1848 Francis and the children are captured by desperadoes, but loyalty, courage, and the element of surprise offer hope for survival.

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    1. I was absolutely captivated by this book. The reason for Gary Paulsen being my favorite author is because he never leaves out detail. Gary latches on to your brain and doesn't let go! When I begin to read his books, I can not put them down. It is as if I am watching a movie in my head, visualizing every detail and how things look. In "Tucket's Ride" A 15 year old boy named Francis had previously been taken away from his family by Pawnee Indians. He had escaped from them by the help of a Mr. Grim [...]

    2. Book three in the Tucket series. Once again I read this aloud to the boys.The younger boys found this one a little scary but overall they were begging me to read it. There are a lot of scary parts - a shooting, a capture, bad guys - but it was not anything to give them bad dreams about and knowing there ARE bad people out there is a good thing to know.Overall we are so throughly enjoying this series! We'll be sad when it ends! Perfect boy read, and totally keeps my attention as well.

    3. "Tucket's Ride" is the third book in this series and Francis, Lottie, and Billy are still heading west on the way to find Francis's parents. They turn south and find them self heading into the Spanish-American War. I would recommend this book to an audience of middle school section. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who does not like western books. I gave this book a 4 star because I personally thought it was a good book.

    4. I just started this book but so far it is a pretty good book. It is about this boy named Francis tucket who hears this scream and go's to help. A soldier treis to shoot him but misses and Francis hits him. Now Francis is stuck with a dead soldier and has to take him back

    5. This book wasn't great but it wasn't bad to say. The way the author portrayed Tucket was very good. The only thing I didn't like was the story line. The fact that I didn't read book 1 or 2 probably affects that. So I do have to give it a 3 star because I didn't like it but I understand why.

    6. This books takes off where the prequel left off. Previously, Jessie had escaped from a tribe of Pawnee Indians who had kidnapped him from his family while traveling on the Oregon Trail. He had done this with the help of his friend and Mentor, Mr. Grimes, who had taught him about surviving in the wilderness. In this book, Fifteen-year old Jessie takes on two children he finds after trying to get back to the Oregon trail. The three of them are making progress when Jessie becomes cornered and has t [...]

    7. I didn't really like the book I don't recommend it. This book is about a small family who is trying to get reunited with the rest of there family. The main character is Tucket he is like there leader he is is trying to find his parents but it was getting cold so he had to switch there path which lead them in the Mexican war of 1848! The beginning of the book starts out with action then its boring for a bit then back to action it has kinda a pattern action boring action boring and so on! At the e [...]

    8. Mr tucket is out on the prairie with two kids and his horse and a mule. He has to take care of the two kids because he found them. He kills a us soldier and gets taken to an army camp. He was supposed to get hung but another soldier saved him. Mr. tucket he was the main character he was the one that gave the most excitement. He is the most exciting. The little girl is the one that talks the most. She drives mr. tucket mad.Gary wrote this book for the fun of it and to tell how people used to live [...]

    9. I did not finish this one.I'm not entirely certain why I put it down and never picked it back up. Back then, as a kid, I didn't question things like that. I had a huge stack of books and an open library, and if I wasn't feeling it, I just didn't go on.I stopped pretty early on this one, about when Francis runs into the Mexicans for the first time. I got frustrated because it looked like yet another book where I wouldn't get to actually see Francis do anything but barely scrape by. He'd learned s [...]

    10. I have been reading science fiction for quite some time and decided to try to read something entirely different and found very high recommendation of this series in one of the facebook groups. Once I started I got hooked. Really wonderful story. At times little too much but hey it's for the teenagers and very well written. This book reminded me that western books are not only about gunfighters or cowboys or ranches. The story about a 14 years old boy who was kidnapped on his birthday by the Red [...]

    11. Another good book in the Tucket's Travels series. I felt that this one was a little more action packed than the previous two. Francis is still with Lottie and Billy and they are trying to get to Oregon. They end up being captured by Comancheros early on. These are rough, dirty, violent men who raid and steal from whomever they please and trade with the Comanche indians. Luckily a familiar face shows up to help out. This was an interesting book to say the least.

    12. Francis, Lottie, and Billy are still traveling west, trying to find Francis's parents. The turn south to find clear mountain passes, and fall into the middle of the Spanish-American War. Francis is forced to shoot an American soldier, and then the three are captured by outlaws. They journey far to the south, away from all hope of escape. Then Mr. Grimes, Francis's trapper friend, appears and escape may be possible after all.

    13. The kids really love this series, but I thought this particular book was a little dark. Topics included killing, rape, kidnapping, and drunken men. Of course it is very well written and I still felt comfortable reading it to my 3rd and 5th grader. I'm just hoping book four is a little more uplifting.

    14. This book is amazing! It is about Francus Tucket who is roaming the west in surch of a clear path through the mountains to get to california and get reunited with his family. along the way he is forced to kill an american soldier and almost hanges for it. all in all is is awsome! I recomend it to anyone who likes adventure or westerns.

    15. We did not read the other books first, but were able to piece together people drawn from previous books.We were sorely disappointed by the end---is there another book, or is that it? All that was at the end of the book was blank pages and chapter 4 then chapter 3 of a book that looked like it might be the first in the series??The boys enjoyed it until the endquick, action

    16. An exciting adventure story that leaves you up in the air at the end and makes you want to continue with the next book in the series. In the beginning, an American soldier "forces himself" on a Mexican woman, but no details are given. Francis shoots the soldier in self defense, an action which starts a whole chain of exciting events for Francis and his two charges, Lottie and Billy.

    17. If you like books with western action, Tucket's Ride is a just the book for you. I really like the part of this book when Francis, Lottie, Billy, and Mr. Grimes just barely escape from the Comancheros, and Mr.Grimes led the comancheros past the kids. I recommend this book to every reader. HG

    18. Francis Tucket, by Gary Paulsen is about a 15 year old boy, Francis Tucket and 2 children Billie and Lottie running away from the Indians during a war. The Indians capture him and hold him at camp. Then his friend rescues him and the children, they escape but just barley. The Indians almost got him and the children again.

    19. This is the third book in the Tuckett series and Paulsen doesn't fail to keep me wondering what challenge he will throw at this young man next. In this story he gets saddled with two kids, fights commancheros. A fun easy read.

    20. My family and I read this series on a looong car ride cross county. It suited everyone and made for a great family memory.

    21. argh!!! So frustrating to read about him making such great progress, and then getting back 'into trouble'! He is so smart and cautious, but apparently can't be 100% of the time (obviously)~

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