Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising

Spy High Mission Two Chaos Rising The members of the Bond team at Deveraux Academy a special high school that trains students to be secret agents try to save the world from a deadly computer virus designed by CHAOS to destroy comput

  • Title: Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising
  • Author: A.J. Butcher
  • ISBN: 9780316737654
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • The members of the Bond team at Deveraux Academy, a special high school that trains students to be secret agents, try to save the world from a deadly computer virus designed by CHAOS to destroy computer programs and human life.

    One thought on “Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising”

    1. A lot better than the first one! There were still a few things about the characters (mainly Ben) that I really don't like, but the writing seemed to be better in this one. And even though I don't like Ben or Lori all that much, the rest of the team has me wanting to keep going, especially with the way this one just ended definitely putting the next book on hold at my library!

    2. Honestly, I didn't like this book. The reason i didn't like this book- the only reason- is the personalities of 5 of the 6 main characters. And in particular, Ben Stantson Jr. He is the most conceited, self-centered, egotistical person I've ever heard of. Then there is Jennifer Chen. Her past was messed up when a gang called the Serpents, introduce later in this series, killed her father, mother and brother right in front of her eyes. So naturally she's always depressed and angry and unstable.Lo [...]

    3. Carl brought it home from school. Its a series that I'm hoping he'll take an interest in. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand that its better to start with book 1, then work your way in order through the series. I enjoyed it though and went to the library to get the rest of the books in the series.

    4. this book is the best spy high book ive ever read its got action a bit of romane and other stuffE BOND TEAM ESPECIALLY is my favourite but ben just ruins it and i cant believe how mean and selfish he is.It is so sad that jennifer go she is just like me!i dont like the solo team very much they kind of piss me of though.well i cant wait to read the next book we read it as a class but when i go home i quickly read it at night my teacher keeps on telling me off but i dont care i will never stop read [...]

    5. Another enjoyable book in the series. The group CHAOS is back. Having moved on to better things since their lackey Frankenstein’s ridiculous plan to turn every human being into an animal mutant, CHAOS has now devised a supervirus to create more, well, chaos. Unfortunately for them, the virus spins out of control and there is nothing even they can do to predict or control its behavior. Bond team has to face the virus in the virtual world. When their attempts fail over and over again, Bond team [...]

    6. As with the first book, at the beginning, I just couldn't believe the characters. Mostly Ben Stanton. I could NOT fathom the fact that someone could be THAT self-important and arrogant all the flippin' time!HowEVER, as the book progressed, and you got more in-depth on the characters, they all (Ben Stanton included) became more believable.After I got over the whole thing about the characters, I really liked the story/plot. A LITTLE bit cliche, yes, but not enough to make me want to stop reading.A [...]

    7. I found this book slightly dissapointing compared to the first book. I didn't like the way Jens character developed, it would have been nice to have her begin her relationship with Jake in this book. I found the action scenes very weak and very quick. This was definitely the weakest part of this book as they were just boring. I thought the scenes when they were saving cally from inside the computer were my favorite parts as it was different from anything they had done before. Overall I enjoyed t [...]

    8. This second book of the series was much better written than the first. I did cheat a little though and read the reviews for the other books. I will not be finishing this series. I don't like the turn the author takes with the characters. He kills off Jennifer only to bring her back as a clone and kill her again. (book 4) Then he puts Lori as leader and pairs her up with Jake. I just don't like when stories change direction that severely. I can see why the final books are no longer in print.

    9. Chaos is back and meaner than ever. This time, a computer virus threatens to destroy everything. Butcher goes a little overboard with just how powerful this virus is, but he just manages to pull it off. I was put off with all the brooding by Jennifer, the spy kid with the mysterious past, but it's a setup for book 3.

    10. At first this book seemed like if it was going to be a boring book, but then I realized there was more to it then just some school with people learning how to become a spy. It went further into detail telling many little sub stories within the main characters themselves and the struggles that were undertaking.

    11. I'm really sad! Things were finally looking up for her, and then the past just has to come back and haunt her.

    12. Računajući da nisam čitala prvi dio knjige i da je kraj grozno nedovršen, ova knjiga i nije loša.Eddie je definitivno najdraži među svima, a Ben i Jennifer mi idu na živce

    13. I can't seem to finish it. It is well written but not holding my attention. The concept is great and the characters are described well too.

    14. The adventure continues! Still had great humor (thanks to Eddie) and a great action plot. As good as the first one.

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