Maigret and the Pickpocket

Maigret and the Pickpocket In de tijd dat Maigret nog bij de afdeling Openbare Weg werkte kende hij alle zakkenrollers niet alleen die van Parijs maar ook de buitenlandse die uit Spanje of Londen kwamen bij bepaalde gelegenh

  • Title: Maigret and the Pickpocket
  • Author: Georges Simenon Nigel Ryan
  • ISBN: 9780156551458
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • In de tijd dat Maigret nog bij de afdeling Openbare Weg werkte, kende hij alle zakkenrollers, niet alleen die van Parijs maar ook de buitenlandse, die uit Spanje of Londen kwamen bij bepaalde gelegenheden zoals kermissen of grote volksfeesten Maigret had hen langzamerhand uit het oog verloren Toen zijn portefeulle op een lentemorgen werd gerold, nam hij het gebeurde nietIn de tijd dat Maigret nog bij de afdeling Openbare Weg werkte, kende hij alle zakkenrollers, niet alleen die van Parijs maar ook de buitenlandse, die uit Spanje of Londen kwamen bij bepaalde gelegenheden zoals kermissen of grote volksfeesten Maigret had hen langzamerhand uit het oog verloren Toen zijn portefeulle op een lentemorgen werd gerold, nam hij het gebeurde niet al te tragisch op.Totdat een man opbelde die weigerde zijn naam te zeggen, maar die erop stond met Maigret door te worden verbonden

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    2. Another reviewer on this site described this book as comfort food, and noted the civilized way in which Maigret goes about solving his mystery. That makes it seem as if this is something on the lines of an Agatha Christie novel, which strikes me as a very misleading notion. However, it also illuminates a difference between Simenon's Franco-Belgian noir and the American version: there's far less violence in Simenon's Maigret novels. Maigret doesn't go around getting into brawls, ambushes and gunf [...]

    3. Caro Simenon, di nuovo mi hai depistato alla grande. Mi hai introdotto nel piccolo mondo dei frequentatori del ristorante Vieux-Pressoir, una grande tavolata di gente frequentatrice del mondo del cinema, che si arrangia tra comparse, provini sfortunati e sceneggiature spesso scartate, tra Francis Ricain, aspirante sceneggiatore, aspirante regista, aspirante a un futuro grandioso ma costretto alla fame e all’elemosina per un pasto caldo, tra il produttore Carus, una specie di Silvio Berlusconi [...]

    4. In a nutshell, Maigret has his pocket picked which leads to a criminal investigation with surprising results. I love the Maigret novels, they are crime novels but so much more with Maigret at their heart. Full of human frailty, emotion, subtlety and so easy to read. An absolute must for all lovers of great crime/fiction.

    5. Inizia con il furto con destrezza del portafoglio di un Maigret pieno di buonumore per la tiepida primavera parigina, ma il resto del romanzo è una intricata indagine per un omicidio, quello della bella Sophie, giovane sposa dello squattrinato Francis.Attori di dubbia fama, fotografi, sceneggiatori e produttori cinematografici, finti amici che condividono una vita difficile, spesso inseguendo guadagni futuri che non arrivano mai, costituiscono il sottobosco umano in cui indaga il nostro eroe:E [...]

    6. Again, a look into the constantly changing circles of filmmakers, writers, producers and their hangers-on. The main character is not particularly appealing but one cannot forget the aging stuntman and his wife, the former cabaret singer, who now run a restaurant with marvelous seafood from La Rochelle. This book contains some of his best observations of daily life, the smells and sounds and sights of ordinary Paris. For example,"Even the smell of gasoline was not disagreeable that evening. It, t [...]

    7. My edition "Maigret's Pickpocket" - Companion Book Club - Translated by Nigel Ryan. This is another one of those stories where, I find, that the plot is not necessarily the best thing about it. As usual, Simenon's way of describing Maigret's emotions, thought processes and the locations is little short of genius. Marvelous writing with such economy: not a bit of padding anywhere. Brilliant stuff!

    8. simenon is always great. i prefer his non-Maigret books, but this is a good one. if you like France, and delightful descriptions of French life, intertwined with a little murder, interspaced with wine and apertifs, then you can't pass up any Simenon.

    9. PROTAGONIST: Chief Inspector Jules MaigretSETTING: ParisRATING: 3.5WHY: While riding on a bus, Chief Inspector Maigret becomes the victim of a pickpocket. Surprisingly, the perp mails what he has stolen back to Maigret and then seeks his help after finding his wife murdered. Maigret is a dogged detective with a strong intuitive sense that guides him. Nice and twisty.

    10. Maigret si gode l’inizio della primavera sulla piattaforma esterna dell’autobus, ma un ladro si incarica di rovinargliela rubandogli il portafogli. La seccatura si trasforma in complicazione quando, il mattino dopo, rispuntano sia il portafogli, sia il ladro, che si rivela essere poco più che ventenne. Si chiama Ricain e, prima di condurre il commissario nel suo appartamento dove giace la moglie morta, racconta di essere un aspirante sceneggiatore e giornalista che sta affondando in una lac [...]

    11. Maigret’s Pickpocket was published as Le Voleur de Maigret in 1967. It was translated by Nigel Ryan. A thief steals Maigret’s wallet on a bus, then returns it in an apparent fit of remorse. Interviewed, he discloses the horrific death of his wife, who has been shot. Maigret begins an investigation into the murder, which has happened on the fringes of the film world. His confidant, his pickpocket, is a tortured genius whose poverty has deformed him. The circle of his acquaintances whom Maigre [...]

    12. MAIGRET AND THE PICKPOCKET. (1967). Georges Simenon. ***1/2.From the back cover:“Maigret is annoyed when he discovers his wallet – and badge – have disappeared after he rides a bus to work, but he is astounded when the culprit calls him to confess the theft and lead him to the body of his dead wife. The pickpocket turns out to be a young director, and the Inspector must decide whether the distraught young genius is the victim of a bizarre set of circumstances pointing to his guilt or if he [...]

    13. Un Maigret anni '60 nella Parigi del mondo del cinema, tra produttori danarosi, donne fatali, artisti vari, una coppia di giovani in cerca di fortuna troverà invece un tragico destino.Il commissario attraversa ancora un altro ambiente, sempre a suo agio (almeno in apparenza). Eppure è strana l'indulgenza per il Francois o Francis, come si fa chiamare il ragazzo che scippa il portafoglio al commissario ma solo per restituirlo e raccontargli la tragica storia. E' lui che ha ucciso la giovane mog [...]

    14. This was a very different book then what I usually read. This book is a murder mystery set around the 30s somewhere in France. While in the middle of reading the book I found out it was in the middle of a series but that didn't seem to effect the story. The character development in the book was really good. I also loved the ending and the little details that add up to it. I didn't like how fast pace the book went through. One pages you are talking to a suspect and the next you are halfway across [...]

    15. Its been quite a while since I have read Georges Simenon and I have to say, I enjoy him as much today as I did when I first discovered him as a teen ager. His Inspector Maigret is a quiet, thoughtful detective and its always a pleasure to read a book where you can follow the detective's reasoning and reflections on what suspects have said and behaved. I suspect that for many murders today, that is the way the cases get solved. This and others that I have read are easily readable and unlike many [...]

    16. The Stichting Overal in Nijmegen cleared out some shelves. I received part of the books from hema-verf in a book box in Castricum. Thanks!Despite my huge MTBR, I add this one: I've never read a Maigret, so now I came across ne, I just have to read for myself!

    17. Maigret stories are always enjoyable. In this one, Maigret gets his pocket picked on a bus, an event that leads to a dead woman and her desperate husband. Simenon's ability to convey character is demonstrated frequently, along with the detective's reasoning process.

    18. A murder in the aspiring arts crowd in Paris. Excellent food abounds. The crime is solved by the uncovering of a clue “hiding in plain sight”. This is not a normal tactic for Simenon in this series, but the motive is psychologically deep (and not so obvious). A good read.

    19. Even though this is the first full-length Maigret novel I've read, it felt like a pair of comfortable, old broken in leather boots. Comfort food for the mystery reader. Maigret goes about solving crimes in a leisurely, civilized manner. Enjoyable. Paris a very interesting backdrop.

    20. Un Maigret sottotono Già da subito si capisce chi è il colpevole e tutta l'atmosfera ha un che di finto, una finzione portata agli estremi.

    21. nice ending, expected but how one can play with ones mind just by creating different diversions of lifeke sense.

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