One thought on “The Family Lie”

  1. THE FAMILY LIE. (1940). Georges Simenon. ***.There are no ties greater than money, and Simenon explores this theme in this novel. In most cases, money doesn’t pass on through a family until a death. In this case, a death was never proven, but when a man suddenly disappears his estate is treated as if he is dead after a period of time. “A physician watches by the bedside of his son, who is stricken with diphtheria. Ordinarily he is too busy for introspection, but now the isolation forced upon [...]

  2. Little things (even murders) can change the whole path of one's life. Young Edouard senses something - or thinks he does - and spends the rest of his life sorting out his memories, almost - but not quite - realizing that the past is consuming the future.

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