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  1. Won in a Giveaway in exchange for a review. I am not quite sure how I feel about the style; sometimes it was a bit annoying, the repetition frustrating. However, it did feel as if it was written by a younger person, which I think Frankel intended. I did fully enjoy the content of the story and the perspective of a young survivor. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants a firsthand account of hiding during the Holocaust.

  2. An impressionistic masterpiece. With the same painterly sensitivity of a Joyce or Rilke, Frankel captures the Holocaust and World War II through the eyes of a little Jewish girl in Poland. Unforgettable.

  3. I started out really enjoying reading this book. I thought the author's style was interesting, but then the repetition began to annoy me more and more and then I no longer had any more interest finding out what happened. I didn't bother finishing.

  4. Excellent book! The unusual writing style adds to the effect of reading this through the eyes of a young child. I'm not sure why I keep reading these depressing holocaust books lately. But I do

  5. Frankel was a child in Poland when the Germans invaded, her parents found a place to hide but the owners refused to take their daughter who was taken by a woman who looked after her for money. Frankel was separated from her parents for a few years until they ran out of money to pay her keeper. The keeper dumped Alona on the parents' doorstep. Alona at this stage had no idea who her parents were. The three Frankels remained hidden in a converted carpentry shop for eighteen months until the Red Ar [...]

  6. Although this is a personal memoir of the war and many things the author shared were disturbing I found this book to be too repetitive. The author always repeated things in threes. She also jumped around and would tell about one thing and then pages later she would be saying the same thing. I know she wanted to make a point of the horrors of war however for me I found this style of writing sometimes difficult to follow. The author was profoundly impacted by her childhood experiences but I found [...]

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