Apocalypse After a dramatic accident Kit and his parents find themselves washed up on a small island But there is no sanctuary here The local community is hostile and menacing and soon Kit s life is in danger I

  • Title: Apocalypse
  • Author: Tim Bowler
  • ISBN: 9780192719263
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a dramatic accident, Kit and his parents find themselves washed up on a small island But there is no sanctuary here The local community is hostile and menacing and soon Kit s life is in danger In his struggle to stay alive he is forced to confront good and evil in unexpected forms.

    One thought on “Apocalypse”

    1. I read this book because I had heard alot about the author and wanted to see if I liked his style of writing. This book fits on my bingo board as a "fantasy book" This book was okay, I liked how the beginning was very hooking and mysterious and it had a good ending. I disliked the middle of the book because it was boring and the whole book anti-climaxed and went just went further and further down. The book is about a boy named Kit who gets wrecked on an island with his parents. He sees a mysteri [...]

    2. 2.5 estrellasMira la reseña de este libro en mi blog escribadeavalon/2 Suscríbete, me ayudarías un montón :)

    3. OMG. This book is a very very good suspense thriller book. i just went to the library and the title of this book sounded good so i started reading and couldn't stop until i'd read every single word in this book.Apocalypse is about a family who are on holiday on a boat in the middle of the sea. A big storm comes and the main character (Kit) makes a mistake with the boat and the family finds themselves washed up on a weird shore on a remote land, at least that's what they think. (view spoiler)[ (h [...]

    4. La verdad no sé que esperaba del libro pero definitivamente no es remotamente parecido a lo que imaginé que sería.Esperaba un libro de aventuras y misterios, y aunque en cierto modo lo sea, es mucho más que sólo eso. Había visto muchas reseñas de los lectores, alegando lo terrorífico que era o que el final resultaba confuso. Siendo honesta, no me ha dado la sensación de tener miedo durante todo el libro; de incertidumbre sí, pero nunca miedo. Y en cuanto al final, la verdad ahora mismo [...]

    5. I'm hard pressed to think of many other novels that I've read in my life which I enjoyed more than this one. I read a total of 50 novels in 2011 giving a score out of 100 for each one according to how much I enjoyed it. The highest score went to a novel called "The Map of Time" by Felix J.Palma to which I gave a score of 89. But I would give Apocalypse a score of 95. I would also say that it is better than the other books that Tim Bowler has written and which I've read -- even Starseeker and Riv [...]

    6. This book was not great but it wasn't bad. I found it to be quite vague and found myself having to re-read some paragraphs because I would get distracted. It was also quite hard for me to imagine the characters because there was not a lot of description of them, which is not necessarily a fault of the book since it allows the reader to use their imagination but it can help at times. There were also times where the book seemed to move from one topic to another which confused me. The plot, however [...]

    7. Hummmm. This book had many moments in it that really grabbed me, and I found myself completely absorbed. Unfortunately, for me, they were just thatments. While I was reading, and waiting for those times, I was bored or confused. Kind of like fishing for merow out the line, start getting bored waitingen confusion on why your wasting your time waiting and about ready to pack it in when, BAM ya get a bite.

    8. Un buen libro, lento al principio y fue agarrando su trama un poco pasada la mitad. Resulto ser un poco Aura de Carlos Fuentes en los dos últimos capítulos. Me gusto el final al recordar a Ula y sus palabras de Ama todo lo que puedas. No me resolvió la duda del hombre desnudo y cada vez que aparecía me daba un poco de miedo. Si lo recomiendo.

    9. Este libro fue uno de las muchas lecturas que tomo así por que sí. En particular no esperaba nada de el, lo cierto es que me gustó la forma en que el autor me atrapaba con los momentos de adrenalina. Algunas otras partes no fueron de mi agrado y no por que fueron malas sino porque le faltó ponerle más énfasis a esas partes que estaba de relleno.

    10. Tim Bowler always manages to create a story that you have no idea what to think about, that even after you've finished the last page you're like "what?" yet the words will still carry you on right through to the end. Even if you don't completely understand the mysterious events that happen use your imagination! Or .

    11. This is one of the best, and mist disturbing books I have ever read. No. One reads it in the library, but i dont want to sort out the book. I dont understand it. I still have angst because of the ending. But. Love it. It is so hauntingly written. (Suggestiv?) love it.

    12. Although written for teens, this book can also appeal to adults. Rather scary, it should not be read alone at night in the middle of a storm! Very strange book, with an even stranger ending. Time-slip fantasy.

    13. This is the only Tim a Bowler book that I couldn't finish. All the nautical and boat related descriptions just seemed to drag on for me and seemed unnecessary. If I had finished the book, I may have felt differently about it, but I just couldn't get through it I'm afraid.

    14. wow! this imaginative, insightful, mysterious, instrinsic novel cannot be praised highly enough. with lovely descriptions, believable characters and impresively complicated twist at the end, this is not for light reading! one of my favourite reads in a while.

    15. This was a good story line but it took a while to get going. I found that even though I wanted to find out what happened it was a chore to read. It dragged on for a bit too long.

    16. this was a really good booki think kit will never forget what happened to him and i wonder how he will save the world from the apocalypse

    17. Loved it. Kept me guessing and turning pages. I wish there was a sequel. Going to check out more books by this author!

    18. This is an very good book, which really brings a new sense to the word 'apocalypse'.I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading well-written books.

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