The Mystery of the Smashing Glass

The Mystery of the Smashing Glass Three young detectives try to trap an invisible vandal who has been breaking car windows all over town

  • Title: The Mystery of the Smashing Glass
  • Author: William Arden
  • ISBN: 9780394965505
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Three young detectives try to trap an invisible vandal who has been breaking car windows all over town.

    One thought on “The Mystery of the Smashing Glass”

    1. This wasn't bad, but there just wasn't much to it. The mystery itself was pretty simplistic, and although there was a subplot even it wasn't anything special. It also made the police look a little stupid, and even though the Three Investigators are always made to the smartest guys in the book, the police don't normally look this inept.(view spoiler)[ Car windows are being mysteriously shattered all over town, and it keeps occurring in a straight line. I assumed it was something sonic doing it, b [...]

    2. I loved the Three Investigators while I was growing up and read up to #32. I stopped reading the books when I was 18. A couple of years ago I got hold of the whole collection and have been reading the remaining titles when the mood takes me. Yesterday and today I read Smashing Glass. It's an interesting story by William Arden, the man responsible for gems like Moaning Cave and Dead Man's Riddle, and also a couple of duds like Phantom Lake and Crooked Cat, with their overuse of rubber masks. Towa [...]

    3. Kerrankin tuli kirjastossa vastaan 3 etsivää, jota en ollut lukenut. Pakko se oli ottaa. Eikä se ollut huono päätös. Vaikka kirjoissa juonet ovatkin melko samanlaisia, ne voi lukea alta kolmen tunnin eivätkä ne ole aivan mahtavia, niin silti aina kun kyseisen kirjasarjan kirjoja lukee niin tulee hyvä fiilis ja toivoo, että olisi itselläkin mahdollisuus perustaa etsivätoimisto ja saada rikollisia nalkkiin. Ja oishan se mustakultanen vuoden 1937 Rolls Royce Silver Cloudkin ihan mukava [...]

    4. Not a terrible book, but just a sort of predictable and inconsequential mystery. A lot of these later books are easily skippable.

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