Peace Weavers

Peace Weavers year old Hilde has been sent to live with her father on a USAF base in Suffolk and as she is very close to her mother she hates it Even worse she meets a boy called Friedman who is far too inte

  • Title: Peace Weavers
  • Author: Julia Jarman
  • ISBN: 9780439977715
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • 15 year old Hilde has been sent to live with her father on a USAF base in Suffolk, and as she is very close to her mother, she hates it Even worse, she meets a boy called Friedman, who is far too interested in her She soon has to reconcile her earnest principles with the need to comfort a friend.

    One thought on “Peace Weavers”

    1. It was a good read. It has a moral message which makes it interesting. The ancient story of Maethilde make it more fascinating. And yet I did miss some more tension between the main characters.

    2. Peace Weavers is creatively written, as it contains two stories told side by side in one well-woven tale, but it just doesn't capture my interest and attention. The mysterious flashbacks to a time long gone is good suspense, I must say. It resulted in my skipping Hilda's parts and reading only the story of the events that took place many years ago in Hilda's dreams. I suppose Peace Weavers just doesn't appeal to me, unlike more fantasy-centered stories like Brisingr, or thriller ones like The Va [...]

    3. I love the way this book switches from past to present so seamlessly. This was one of the books that I read for the North East Book Awards, and I placed it second only to Marcus Sedgewick's The Foreshadowing.

    4. It was a really good book and it was really panicky and then romantic at times.But I think the happy couple should've stayed together in the end instead of going their separate ways

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