One thought on “Le tiers livre”

  1. Ah, Panurge, what a character he is! This third book by Rabelais might well have been entitled The Adventures of Panurge because it is entirely focussed on his crazy schemes. He’s the kind of character who encourages us to manger son blé en herbe or to eat our wheat while it is still green, as in squander our inheritance before we’ve received it. He also advises us to owe money to as many people as possible so that they will all look out for our welfare in case we die before they’ve been [...]

  2. Wonderful stories, arguments at law, jesters and jokesters while all under the wise benevolence of Patagruel and his father Gargantua.To aid Panarge in his quest for the answer to whether or not he should take a bride. Though sage, wizard, priest, lawyer, madmen advise him of his pending error, he continues to argue blindly to the affirmitive.Now to the next adventure and Gargantua's own plan to see his son Pantagruel to be wed upon his return Might be worth the extra $$ to have annotations and/ [...]

  3. Derde boek van de Gargantua-cyclus, gewijd aan de vrouw; Zeer veel mythologische verwijzingen, op vele plaatsen gewoon ongenietbare lectuur.

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