The Shadow Hunter

The Shadow Hunter THE CATAbby Sinclair is a hunter as cunning and deadly as her prey Working alone she infiltrates the lives of stalkers discovers their darkest desires and brings them down before they explode THE MO

  • Title: The Shadow Hunter
  • Author: Michael Prescott
  • ISBN: 9780451200792
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE CATAbby Sinclair is a hunter, as cunning and deadly as her prey Working alone, she infiltrates the lives of stalkers discovers their darkest desires and brings them down before they explode THE MOUSERaymond Hickle is close to the edge The object of his twisted obsession is a beautiful television news anchor He knows her every expression, her every move ATHE CATAbby Sinclair is a hunter, as cunning and deadly as her prey Working alone, she infiltrates the lives of stalkers discovers their darkest desires and brings them down before they explode THE MOUSERaymond Hickle is close to the edge The object of his twisted obsession is a beautiful television news anchor He knows her every expression, her every move And if he can t possess her, no one will THE GAMEBut now, Raymond has a new next door neighbor Her name is Abby, and she s moving in for the kill Little does Abby know, danger lurks beneath every shadow

    One thought on “The Shadow Hunter”

    1. I always love a badass heroine and this book did have that. It was also offered as a kindleunlimited which always makes me happy. The characters were solid. The suspense was well executed. I'll defiantely check out more of this wrtiers work.

    2. Somewhat surprised at the harshness of some of the reviews I've seen. This is actually a very clever thriller which gets you to the edge of your seat early on and actually keeps you there throughout.The excitement doesn't depend on twists but these are certainly furnished aplenty anyway and took me by surprise, maybe I'm not so jaded by this genre that I can see them coming! Brilliant concept of stalking the stalker and Abby being female was perfect, particularly as her portrayal seemed atypical [...]

    3. Excelente libro, de principio a fin entretenido, el autor escribe de una manera muy amena. Si existieran más estrellas se las daría. Lastima que solo este este en español.

    4. THE SHADOW HUNTER is not the first Michael Prescott novel I’ve read. If it were, I would have stopped after a chapter or two.It was painfully slow and not particularly interesting for the longest time. Two-thirds of the way in, something unexpected finally happened. A twist. It was torture waiting for it, but I knew it had to be there somewhere.The ending was not particularly impressive and the bad guy’s motive wasn’t very believable, but the twist, along with a decent amount of suspense, [...]

    5. This is not my usual genre, and maybe I liked it so much more than other reviewers because I don't have a lot of background in it, fewer ingrained tropes.It was a fast read and a total page turner. I immediately went and got the next one from Kindle Unlimited.

    6. I was really enjoying this book, just a straight up and down thriller about a celebrity stalker. Then around 3/4 of the way through the book, there is a twist. I literally didn't see coming. And then well the story was still exciting and it had a good ending, but I am disappointed there was a twist Did we really need it? I think I would have been happier with a straight forward book, no twist

    7. I just took back back a star because after reading over my notes and thinking about this review, I don't think it earned three stars. The plot was overly contrived and the characters were divided between those who were incredibly shallowly drawn, and those who were drawn with some depth but ended up acting in ways that were inconsistent with their presumed principles. The plot was way too complicated, with the result that it became predictable. Sort of like trying to find your way out of a maze [...]

    8. Una historia de suspenso, que tiene un revés al final Maso menos, esperaba la utilización de más elementos de suspenso. Si bien tiene un revés al final toda la historia se siente muy trivial.

    9. I really enjoyed this book. Well written, lots of twists and turns. The author does a good job of developing the characters. The Protagonist, Abby, is likable and interesting. I will be reading more from this author.

    10. ThrillingPsychological thrills. Really enjoyed Abby's insight on life, didn't like her job much. Abby didn't seem all that efficient and than the next chapter comes. Not a girly book at all, like some are when a women is the main character.

    11. Very good book This was a good story that kept you guessing. The characters were interesting and I can't wait for the next book.

    12. A good readA good fast read which was marred by a not so good motive of the antagonist. Overall an enjoyable weekend read.

    13. attractive bookThe story keeps on developing and I cannot stop. It's more and more exciting near the end. Hope to read more text.

    14. This is a novel that is quite a thriller and involves some interesting twists and turns in the imaginative plot.

    15. This is a very exciting thriller that could also be considered as a horror novel -- it is scary. The story revolves around a woman named Abby Sinclair who has a very unique and dangerous job. She basically stalks stalkers. She contracts her services to security firms. Abby gets the inside scoop on stalkers by going undercover and befriending them, she then prepares a complete profile that is complete with her assessment of how much risk the stalker poses to the victim-cum-client. She can also be [...]

    16. If you enjoy an action-packed reading without the burden of having to think too much, maybe this book is worth a try. Me for one can not understand the previous good reviews, instead I found myself repelled by the decadent upper class setting, followed by in my opinion very weak dialogues, which sometimes caused me to imagine watching a B-movie or a trivial tv production and made me shiver. The plot undeniably has it's tension-filled sections, that make reading easy, but in between there are lon [...]

    17. Good thrillerThis is a nice start to a new series, I hope. Abby is a resilient young woman in the security business. Her specialty is reading people. While she is very good at what she does, she has made some mistakes and those come back to bite viciously. I enjoyed the pace and the characters. It would be nice to hear of her entry into Paul Travis' security firm, but I have a feeling we may hear more on that later, as well as some of her other harrowing cases. Definitely a fun read if you like [...]

    18. I enjoy reading crime mysteries and found the plot to be interesting and to have enough twist that I kept coming back for more. I felt some parts of the story were a little too simple but I would still classify the book as entertaining and the characters very believable. All in all, I enjoyed the book and I am glad I selected it for my kindle. I would not have any problem recommending this book to a friend, especially to someone looking for a quick read as the storyline keeps the audience's atte [...]

    19. The Shadow Hunter (by Michael Prescott)Meet Abby Sinclair in a wild tale of twists and turns. Abby (lot's of last names) is not only the stalker, but is being stalked by TBS boss Travis. Travis has one fault, he is not the forgiving type and can't or won't accept failure that reflects back on him. Abby has one, her last case. You'll have to be able to make sure you have the right direction and all the facts as you keep turning the pages to follow the action. Thanks for another great read.

    20. Nice twist ending to this book. Serial killers and madmen fascinate me, as they do many people I'm quite sure. How do their minds work, why do they do what they do? Is there really any rationality to stalking, kidnapping or torturing people and if so what is it to them?Likable characters, nicely written and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.(view spoiler)[ To think that the man she was closest to, the one that seemed to always have her back is the very one that tried to stab her in it. Travis held [...]

    21. A really good book. I actually read the 3rd book first without knowing it was part of a series and I liked it so much that once I saw there were prior novels I had to get them. It was great to come back and get a proper introduction to Abby Sinclair. It took me a couple days to get going once I started reading but the story drew me in and I read over 60% of it in less than a day. I enjoyed the little twists, especially the ones I didn't see coming right away.I'll probably get to the 2nd book soo [...]

    22. I really enjoyed this novel. Abby is a consultant working for a security firm. She becomes involved in the lives of stalkers to solve cases, however the latest case backfires on her. There are twists and turns that aren't totally foreseeable, although there was one which I did suspect. I wasn't so satisfied with the ending but when I thought more about it, it did make sense in relation to her lifestyle. I still question if it would have been the same with a female author.

    23. I have not read any books by Michael Prescott before "The Shadow Hunter" and I enjoyed the book. It was just a nicely paced and interesting plot to keep my attention and make the book an interesting read. It had its share of plot twists and double-crosses and made for a nice thriller. I would recommend this book to anyone who would like a nice thriller to read(listen) and may not have ever read this author.

    24. I recently discovered Michael Prescott. I couldn't get past the 1st 50 pages of his first book, Comes the Dark, but I had this one, too, so I gave it a go. Much better. Abby Sinclair works for security companies and specializes in going under cover to catch stalkers. The plot has lots of satisfying twists and turns and only a few leaps of credibility. Prescott has a third book out and I'll likely give it a shot.

    25. I found it was an easy read, slowly pulling you in for the build up at the end. It wasn't as gripping as most crime/detective novels I've read so it was ideal as a pick me up and put me down bus journey read. I did enjoy the character descriptions and got to understand the characters personalities well. I would of liked to see Kris putting a certain 'loose' person in their place. But overall an interesting read.

    26. I enjoyed reading this, found myself on the edge of my seat a few times.I liked the portrayal of Hickle and his stalkerish ways, and the character of Abby, who was tough yet not unrealistically so.The one thing that threw me was that I was not clear on how she knew who was responsible for trying to kill her and outing her to Hickle. It seemed a bit convenient that she suddenly just guessed.Overall, a good read, would recommend.

    27. I really like Abby Sinclair!I really like this story, especially the main character. We meet Abby Sinclair, a very independent woman, who makes her own rules and works alone. I was pulled in by this well written and suspenseful story. It is a fresh take on the routine PI story!

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