Ask the Dust

Ask the Dust Arturo Bandini is a struggling writer lodging in a seedy LA hotel While basking in the glory of having had a single short story published in a small magazine he meets local waitress Camilla Lopez and

  • Title: Ask the Dust
  • Author: John Fante Charles Bukowski
  • ISBN: 9780857862372
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • Arturo Bandini is a struggling writer lodging in a seedy LA hotel While basking in the glory of having had a single short story published in a small magazine, he meets local waitress Camilla Lopez and they embark on a strange and strained love hate relationship Slowly, but inexorably, it descends into the realm of madness.Ask the Dust is one of the truly great, yet unsunArturo Bandini is a struggling writer lodging in a seedy LA hotel While basking in the glory of having had a single short story published in a small magazine, he meets local waitress Camilla Lopez and they embark on a strange and strained love hate relationship Slowly, but inexorably, it descends into the realm of madness.Ask the Dust is one of the truly great, yet unsung, American novels of the twentieth century A tough and unsentimental story with a soft and tender heart, it remains as fresh and affecting as the day it was written.

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    1. I remember when I was fourteen, reading Catcher in the Rye. I went downstairs and told my mom, "it's the weirdest thing, this guy is, like, reading my mind!"She said, "Matt, everyone thinks they're Holden Caulfield." God, adults can be so stupid sometimes. Obviously she didn't understand that this was something meaningful -- mystical, really -- that was happening to me. Or, to quote another influential poet of my youth, "parents just don't understand."Flash forward another fourteen years, the la [...]

    2. John Fante was Bukowski's god, and "either you adore him or you've never heard of him." Writing that's raw, swolen, true, and moving from a macro view of paragraph by paragraph, tectonic plates, words that are so organic, you never think about the words, they're tendons and muscles and joins that are by themselves ordinary yet Fante's voice is bold, heroic, cowardly, greedy, broken, blindingly joyful, I would follow him anywhere. It's rare that I buy a copy of a book I've already read, if I didn [...]

    3. Here goes my 200th book report since joining .And my introduction to the fiction of John Fante is Ask the Dust, his 1939 novel considered by some scholars and educators to be one of the best works of fiction set in the Great Depression and the best set in Los Angeles. Superlatives like those could work against the book's vitality, which is palpable. Fante's narrator--destitute twenty year old boy Arturo Bandini struggling against hunger, wanting and creative resistance--lacks the worldliness of [...]

    4. This book was beautifully depressing. I read it because Charles Bukowski loved John Fante so much and I was not let down. The story had a depressed swagger that was believable even though it was about a time mostly remembered for glamor.

    5. *جزء مما قاله تشارلز بوكوفسكي عن الرواية :في البدء كان تشارلز بوكوفسكي تصفحت الرواية وأنا أقوم بترتيب الكتب التي اقتنيتها من معرض الرياض ووجدتني وقد بدأت بقراءتها في مقدمته تحدث بوكوفسكي عن حبه للقراءة والأدب بحثاً عن كتب تتحدثُ إليه وتصرخ به (حسب تعبيره) ، كتب استثنائية ولم [...]

    6. I'm giving it three but it really deserves 3.5. I started off tearing into this book with the momentum I tore through Bukowski, which isn't to say that I love Bukowski, I don't, but I tore through his works. It's easy shit to tear through.So I read the overwhelmingly positive Bukowski introduction and I'm off and running. I have a strange fasination with early 20th century LA. I couldn't say why. I have lived in San Francisco the majority of my life and been to LA 3-4 times. I couldn't care less [...]

    7. And I answer, the sea is back there, back in the reservoir of memory. The sea is a myth. There never was a sea. But there was a sea! I tell you I was born on the seashore! I bathed in the waters of the sea! It gave me food and it gave me peace, and its fascinating distances fed my dreams! No, Arturo, there never was a sea. You dream and you wish, but you go on through the wasteland. You will never see the sea again. It was a myth you once believed. But, I have to smile, for the salt of the sea i [...]

    8. بالنسبة لي هذه الرواية مدرسة في فن كتابة الرواية من أجمل ما قرأت مؤخرا

    9. I picked this up for a buck last week. Fante's such an easy read that I should have been finished that night, but I can't even seem to feign an interest in fiction lately. Well, maybe that's not entirely true. Maybe brain is still convalescing from all the Texas, drugs, and alcohol that I consumed last weekend. I'm astonished that I'm even capable of reading my e-mails lately. An example of Fante's ostensible solipsism. "War in Europe, a speech by Hitler, trouble in Poland, these were the topics [...]

    10. Çarpıcı ve ilginç bir kitaptı. Yazarın okuduğum ilk kitabı, yıllardır denk gelirdim okumamıştım keşke daha önce deneseymişim çok beğendim. Sıradışı bir sadelik ve gerçekçilikle yazılmış hikaye. Baş karakter Bandini'yi Yabancı (Albert Camus)'daki Mersoult'a benzettim biraz. Her şeyden kopuk ve bağlanmakla ilgisi yok. Yaptıkları ile hissettikleri taban tabana zıt, bazen elinde olmadan kötü gibi. Bir çok zaman herkesin olduğu gibi aslında. İnsanın kendisine [...]

    11. Ask the Dust is about as good a book as has ever been written. I say book, instead of novel because I'm not sure it is a novel. Same with story, not sure there is much of a story here either. Instead, it is a hotwired connection to the mind of Arturo Bandini, the manic writer manifested in this and two other books Fante wrote. It might be a shambles of a story, a bust as a novel, but it's a motherfucker of a book.It's been said that Joyce's Finnegan's Wake is a collection of all things in the wo [...]

    12. لا أذكر أني قرأت شيئًا ما من قبل بمثل هذا الصدق, و مع الذات قبل الآخر, فانتي كاتب صادق بشكل مرعب, تمنيت أن أكون صادقة لهذا الحد على الأقل مع نفسي, أن أقول ما أشعر به,ما أريده, ما يؤلمني, ما يثيريني, أو حتى ما يغضبني بهذا الأسلوب الشفاف, البسيط بساطة فرحك بالصباح, أو بساطة ابتسامتك [...]

    13. Fuck this book. "I acted like a racist douchebag toward a girl I like/hate because I've experienced racism myself, and then I sexually assualted her. Later, I felt sad she was gone forever." Arturo Bandini writes charmingly, and the setting and (non)plot are super inviting, but Jesus Christ, I expected so much more from a press (Black Sparrow) that's supposed to be cool and an author with such an old-timey mystique. Fuck this.

    14. « Avevo vent’anni, allora. Che diavolo, dicevo, prenditela comoda, Bandini. Hai davanti a te dieci anni per scrivere un libro, vacci piano, allora, guardati attorno e impara qualcosa, gira per le strade. Il tuo guaio è che non sai niente della vita. Dio Mio, amico, ti rendi conto che non sei mai stato una donna? »Arturo Bandini. Sì, Arturo Bandini. Non conoscete Arturo Bandini?Come no… via! Lo scrittore! Arturo Bandini lo scrittore!No? Dai, quello lì… quello che ha scritto… ‘Il ca [...]

    15. I libri fanno male. I libri possono uccidere. E mentre fisso il muro bianco e penso a qualcosa di intelligente da dire riguardo Chiedi alla polvere tutto ciò che mi viene in mente è che esistono libri più taglienti di lame e che Fante doveva essere un grande stronzo.Perché quando scrivi così maledettamente bene e scrivi vite che hanno la forma di tragedia costringendo la gente a leggerle, allora sei davvero un grande, grandissimo, perfido stronzo maledettamente, dannatamente, immensamente b [...]

    16. Alta Loma Hotel - Los Angeles“Pergunta ao Pó” - terceiro livro da saga de Arturo Bandini – foi originalmente publicado em 1939 pelo escritor norte-americano John Fante (1909-1983).O alter-ego de John Fante, Arturo Bandini, filho de emigrantes italianos, vai para Los Angeles no final do anos 30, em busca de um sonho, ser escritor. Bandini instala-se num pequeno hotel, na zona de Bunker Hill, à espera da carta do agente literário Hackmuth, a quem tinha enviado o seu conto “O Cãozinho R [...]

    17. Στην Καμίγια, με αγάπηΑρτούρο!Ο καταραμένος έρωτας κ η αγωνία των ακραίων αντιθέσεων που όμως τόσο μοιάζουν να συγκλίνουν

    18. Someone recently mentioned Ask the Dust on . I don't remember who. But, uh, thank you, whoever you are. I appreciate the recommendation and I'm surprised, even with its flaws, that the novel isn't revered by the Bukowski Fan Club crowd. Ask the Dust functions as Arturo Bandini's (fictional) first person account of his rising and falling and rising (etc.) as a young Colorado writer new to California. Arturo wanders around Los Angeles, writes in his spartan hotel room, and makes a shitload of bad [...]

    19. çok gerçek, yalın bir dili var kitabın. sevdim aslında. Fante'nin diğer kitaplarını da okuyacağım.Ama Bukowski değilim sonuçta. onun kadar etkilenmedim.

    20. Kitaba başlamadan önce herhangi bir fikrim yoktu konusu hakkında. Bukowski tavsiye ettiği için (hatta Fante’yi tanrısı ilan ettiği için) Bukowski’ye çok benzer bir metin okuyacağımı düşünerek kitaba başladım. Yanılmışım. Ana karakter (Arturo Bandini), çokça örneğini gördüğümüz bir yazar adayı ve onun yaşadıkları (Martin Eden/J.London ve Açlık/K.Hamsun ‘dan aşina olduğumuz üzere). Arturo, gel gitleri bol bir karakter, kimi yerde mizaha kayan bir ruh h [...]

    21. ||- اسأل الغبار، رواية تتحدث عن عقدة الكتّاب الأزلية، بطلها "آرتورو بانديني" كاتب يؤمن بموهبته، ويؤمن بأن العالم ينتظر منه الكثير بعد أن نشر قصته القصيرة الأولى، توقع أن ما يأتي بعدها أمرٌ سهل، ولكن الكتابة والإلهام أمران لا يمكن توقع حدوثهما من عدمه، وبذلك دخل بانديني في صرا [...]

    22. ***KINDLE EDITION $1.99 TODAY, 23 JUNE 2014I rated this 4 stars because, when I first read it in the early 1980s, it riveted me. I've taken a star off because after 30-plus years the chances are it's not going to get close to 5 stars, since I've read so very much more by now.Well, we shall see. I've Kindled it up, it's a short book (under 200pp), and I feel daring.

    23. An unreliable narrator, Arturo Bandini, relates his highest accomplishments (writing short stories and a novel) and his deepest failures (finding love). His piques of racism and misogyny are followed by moments of tenderness and compassion for the same woman. He’s a man hard to admire, yet equally hard to forget or not care about. For this reader, at least, he’s one who will have to be revisited, re-evaluated, through the pages of the author’s other volumes in the The Saga of Arturo Bandin [...]

    24. Arturo Bandini alias John Fante mi ha conquistato. Ho letto diversi commenti su questo libro, in cui i lettori si dividono tra chi ama Bandini e chi lo odia. Io rientro nella categoria di chi lo ama. Bandini è un individualista, uno sbruffone, è anche un sognatore e un generoso, è un uomo in perenne conflitto con sé stesso, tra ciò che vorrebbe essere e ciò che è: vorrebbe diventare uno scrittore ricco e famoso, invece è uno sconosciuto scrittore di racconti; vorrebbe essere ateo, invece [...]

    25. Mojave çölünün kendine özgü gerçekliğinde, tozların; sıcaklık dalgalarının altında bir hayat: Bandini'nin hayatı. Marihuana, sefalet, ucuz otel odaları, külüstür arabalar, öyküler; şiirler, Voltaire ve uçsuz bucaksız toz Atalarımızın, zamanın, geleceğin ve geleceğin çocuklarının tozları(view spoiler)[Rüzgarda savrulan amaçsız ve ağırlığını yitirmiş bir yaprak gibi yaşayan Bandini; kendini ait hissettiği hayat ile ait olmak istediği hayat arasında; [...]

    26. WhileI was reading the book I was determined that I would rate it with a single star. Arturo was a misogynist , racist, arrogant and self-centered. The plot was rather boring. The narration after a certain point was becoming annoying(although there were some great scenes tbh). The characters were flat, irritating and I just couldn't relate to them or like them. I found myself detesting most of them. I only felt bad for Camilla But then the ending happened and it changed everything. I finally cou [...]

    27. Arturo Bandini insanla hayvan arasında bir ayrım görmez sever ama göstermez sevmez ama cebindeki her kuruşu yağmurda ıslanmasın diye gönderir çok ister ama hiçbirşey yapmaz karanlıkta oturup düşünür hem hüzünlü hem neşeli hem yaşar hem izler şahitse sadece toz.gördüğüm en canlı diyalektik kahraman

    28. كانت مفاجأة سارّة كثيرًا بالتأكيد أن تترجم ـ أخيرًا ـ رواية الروائي الأمريكي "جون فانتي" التي أشاد بها أحد أكبر شعراء أمريكا "تشارلز بوكوفسكي" منذ عام 1980 بل واعتبرها مؤثره على حياته وكتابته الأدبية، لتكون متاحة للقارئ العربي من خلال دار أثر وبترجمة احترافية للمترجمة "أماني ل [...]

    29. "Dio Onnipotente, mi dispiace di essere diventato ateo, ma hai mai letto Nietzsche?!"Esistono libri belli per lo stile con cui sono stati scritti.Esistono libri belli per le storie che raccontano.Esistono libri belli per i personaggi di cui parlano.Esistono libri belli per i messaggi che trasmettono.Ma questo è l'unico libro del quale ho potuto afferrare la bellezza grazie al titolo ed al prologo.Perché il romanzo in sé forse non sarebbe poi nulla di particolare: un aspirante scrittore, statu [...]

    30. Struggling writer Arturo Bandini (Great name!) arrived in 1930's Los Angeles to make it Big, but ends up in a crummy hotel on Bunker Hill where he spends most of his time dreaming the days away whilst surviving on a diet of oranges and cheap drink, the town is gripped by poverty and every time he sits at his typewriter the lack of ideas is paramount. But the publication of a short story which leads to some much needed cash brings Bandini some joy, where it's a case of spend! spend! spend!, new c [...]

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