Every Mother's Nightmare

Every Mother s Nightmare In a rural suburb in St Louis in someone murdered Jude Govreau s year old daughter and Mari Winzen s year old son It would take five years of investigation to bring the killer to trial Thi

  • Title: Every Mother's Nightmare
  • Author: Charles Bosworth Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780451405371
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a rural suburb in St Louis, in 1986, someone murdered Jude Govreau s 15 year old daughter and Mari Winzen s 3 year old son It would take five years of investigation to bring the killer to trial This is the story of two determined mothers and a tireless young prosecutor who helped them achieve justice The killer is now serving a life sentence in prison.

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    1. Having read a few books by this author/prosecutor I had an expectation of a rigoursly researched work that read like fiction, and had all the details of the procedural aspects of investigating a crime and an interesting trial. I certainly got all that I expected and more. Even though Bosworth himself is not the prosecutor on this case it still does not lack detail from every aspect, the police investigation, the politics within the Sheriff's department, the families and their torment, the lawyer [...]

    2. This was way overly long. It could've cut half of it and it would've been a much better book.This was a 3 star read but I found the mother's antics to be annoying (no, I'm sorry. Firebombing a place with a 3 yr old doesn't make me feel sorrier for you) and I often wished the police would just smack them upside their heads. Cases take time. I also found the rant against the criminal justice system to be ridiculous. I don't know if that was just the time this book was written in or if people still [...]

    3. As some of you know most of the time I read a book not knowing what it is really about. This was one of the rare times it would have been better if I had known.The first one third of the book I was really excited not knowing where the story would go. Who was the killer for one and why did he kill and why them? but after half of the book I began getting a tad annoyed because I kept reading about those 2 mums who although I did feel empathy, were not my 2 favorite people. It was so detailed about [...]

    4. This book was very sad. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child to the hands of a murderer. I felt the pain, anger, and frustration for the moms in this book.

    5. This book will have you hooked from the very beginning. Find out how 2 mothers deal with, not only the loss of their children, but the fact that they were murdered. What happens when everyone you thought you could trust, suddenly becomes a suspect? What happens, when the prime suspect turns up dead? Are these murders related? Reid, find out! As you read this story, you will agonize, along with Mary and Jude. You will feel every emotional hurt, with both women, as they grieve in totally separate [...]

    6. Tragic denial of justice The book was a good suspenseful read. Too bad these families had to go thru so much disappointment after disappointment to get justice for their babies.

    7. A Call for Victims RightsI gave this three stars because the proofing and editing was so terrible. For the cost of the ebooks, publishers can afford to do a better job. There were numerous misspellings, skipped words, grammatical, and punctuation errors throughout the book. The worst part is that these are things that could be caught with a simple grammar and spell check. Readers deserve that much in a purchase.The story was gripping. It shows the morass survivors are faced with in wading throug [...]

    8. "This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of Audiobook Blast."As someone who had friends with murdered child, I know all the legal matters drag on for a long time.This book shares two mothers' journey, from loss of their children, to prosecution of accused. This is a heartbreaking account that made me very sad for all involved. It made me wonder about life style choices of everyone involved. If the children were from [...]

    9. Bosworth tells the story of two mothers seeking justice for their children in this book. It is a chilling tale. These women fought for the murderer of their children to be brought to justice, and in the words of one of them, in spite of the sheriff that made the job so much more difficult.The book itself is well constructed, well researched, and organized. I appreciate good organization in a true crime book. Without it the story just winds around in all kinds of odd directions.

    10. This is a very sad story about the murder of two children. There is numerous (like, too many to count) editing errors, including wrong words, wrong (or no) punctuation, etc. That made it hard for me to read. I read the first fourth, skipped the middle half because it was dragging on, and read the last fourth. It's also the story of two mothers, who will stop at nothing, to see someone prosecuted for the murder of their children.

    11. A heartbreaking case of two kids brutally murdered, and their mothers' five-year long quest for justice. The book does a good job of portraying the anger, fear, and frustration, and bringing to life their memories of their lost children. Unfortunately, the book is riddled with typos and grammatical errors that force you out of the narrative, and I also found myself skimming the numerous details of the trial process.

    12. This is a very interesting, thoroughly described, heartbreaking tragedy. Bosworth methodically covers all of the angles. His work is comparable to thatof Ann Rule. And Kevin Pierce delivers his customary stellar performance. This is true crime at its best. NOTE: I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for this unbiased review.

    13. I really liked this book. It was long, but it had to be to include all the pertinent information included. The author related very nicely the pain and frustration these two mothers went through. I would have added an extra star or half star if it weren't for the typos. They weren't too bad to start with, but as the book went along they got more plentiful. Very good read.

    14. I have read a lot of true crime books but never one from this anglewhat the mothers of these victims go through while trying to get justice for their murdered children

    15. A heartbreaking read about a pointless, horrible crime. Really gives you a taste of what the mother went through.

    16. Amazing story. Runs the gamut of emotions from; distraught, depression, angst. Compelling adventure and heartbreak over a five year period.

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