Frankenstein: Return From the Wasteland

Frankenstein Return From the Wasteland A novelette based on Mary Shelley s FRANKENSTEIN or The Modern Prometheus from Edgar and Bram Stoker Nominated author Billie Sue Mosiman author of than titles for sale worldwide The strength of

Frankenstein s monster Frankenstein s monster, often erroneously referred to as Frankenstein, is a fictional character who first appeared in Mary Shelley s novel Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus.Shelley s title thus compares the monster s creator, Victor Frankenstein, to the mythological character Prometheus, who fashioned humans out of clay and gave them fire. Frankenstein Frankenstein or, The Modern Prometheus is a novel written by English author Mary Shelley that tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, a young scientist who creates a grotesque, sapient creature in an unorthodox scientific experiment Shelley started writing the story when she was , and the first edition of the novel was published anonymously in London on January , when SparkNotes Frankenstein Chapters A summary of Chapters in Mary Shelley s Frankenstein Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Frankenstein and what it means Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Frankenstein in Baghdad A Novel Ahmed Saadawi Ahmed Saadawi is an Iraqi novelist, poet, screenwriter, and documentary filmmaker He is the first Iraqi to win the International Prize for Arabic Fiction he won in for Frankenstein in Baghdad, which also won France s Grand Prize for Fantasy.In he was selected for Beirut, as one of the best Arab authors under the age of . Franz Waxman The Bride Of Frankenstein Rerecording The Monster Music of Hans J Salter Frank Skinner Son of Frankenstein The Invisible Man Returns The Wolf Man The Wold Newton Universe Articles Philip Jos Farmer THE WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE Maintained by Win Scott Eckert ARTICLES Part I The Wold Newton Articles pages contain several types of articles, ranging from pure information about the Wold Newton Universe such as Lou Mougin s The Continuing Crossovers Affair and Brad Mengel s The Edson Connection , to speculative pieces such as Chuck Loridans The Daughters of Tarzan , to a Mary Shelley Biography Brandeis University Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley August , February , Nationality British English Birth Date August , Death Date February , Genre s NOVELS EVH Stripes Van Halen Store All clothing and guitar gear that sport the iconic Eddie Van Halen Stripes Apparel, Guitar Accessories, etc. Frankenstein, ed Vol I BTM Brian T Murphy Frankenstein or,The Modern Prometheus, edition This work in progress is an online version of the original edition of Mary Shelley s text Although both the and editions are public domain and long out of copyright, most online versions of Frankenstein, if not all, rely upon the text a situation this project is designed to correct. The Frankenstein family von Frankensteins Appearances USA Comics Summer Silver Surfer I August, Stan Lee writer editor , John Buscema pencils , Sal Buscema inks

  • Title: Frankenstein: Return From the Wasteland
  • Author: Billie Sue Mosiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A novelette based on Mary Shelley s FRANKENSTEIN, or, The Modern Prometheus from Edgar and Bram Stoker Nominated author Billie Sue Mosiman, author of than 50 titles for sale worldwide The strength of Mosiman s writing is on display here in Frankenstein Return From The Wasteland She has the same ability to use beautifulprose and paint a picture that is terrifying inA novelette based on Mary Shelley s FRANKENSTEIN, or, The Modern Prometheus from Edgar and Bram Stoker Nominated author Billie Sue Mosiman, author of than 50 titles for sale worldwide The strength of Mosiman s writing is on display here in Frankenstein Return From The Wasteland She has the same ability to use beautifulprose and paint a picture that is terrifying in that classic gothichorror style that does not rely on cheap tricks and gratuitous gore asif that were all it took to write true horror T.W.Brown, Top 1000 Reviewer I consider this a must read for anyone who enjoys a good horrorstory, and certainly for anyone who has read Mary Shelly You will notbe disapointed Karen Doering, Top 1000 ReviewerDr Frankenstein s monster leaped from the ship where his maker lay dead and claimed he would do away with himself on a burning pyre He drifted away on an ice floe in the frozen north region The grief of losing his maker made him suicidal That is where Mary Shelley left her famous monster.In FRANKENSTEIN RETURN FROM THE WASTELAND a new chapter is written to append to Shelley s ending It s twenty years later and Robert Walton, captain of that fated ship, returns to the dangerous clime to see if the creature really carried through with his threat Robert can t let the last years of his life run out without knowing the truth did the monster live or had he really died What he finds will change his life forever.

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    1. Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus is my life's book.You can change several things in your existence; your home, job, football or soccer team (extremely unlikely, but it happens) yet you can't change the book of your life. I'm so in love with this act of creation on the part of my beloved Mary Shelly that I just get jealous by thinking it in different hands.It has to be mine, mine alone.Myyy PRECIOUSSS.Well, setting aside my Gollumite attack, I'm going to tell you what happened with `Frankens [...]

    2. Billie Sue Mosiman is one of the most prolific female writers that I know. Her library is immense and she has had her share of awards and nominations. She had to be very confident in her skill to attempt to enter and add to the Shelley mythology. This is no knock off or cheap grab at an established horror icon, this is a continuation of Shelley's story told in a voice that meshes with the original.The strength of Mosiman's writing is on display here in Frankenstein: Return From The Wasteland. Sh [...]

    3. I cannot review the story without blowing the plot, but I just want to say that left me feeling confirmed in my view of the world. So, instead, I will talk about the writing.This is a partially epistolary novel, written in the style of the days when epistolary novels were popular. And here is the interesting thing -- I hate epistolary novels of the period, but I liked this story very much. The author is so disciplined that she kept the writing very much consistent with the language and sentiment [...]

    4. I just finished this ebook this morning and WOW!!!!! I was impressed. The author immediately puts you in the mindframe of reading classic literature. I felt like I had found an old hidden gem. The story picks up 20 years after Frankensteins Monster had disappeared from the world and the main character Robert is in his waning years. He needs to know if the creature is alive or dead and cannot rest until his questions are answered in one form or another. This book felt like such a natural extensio [...]

    5. Mosiman's Frankenstein hits the mark again in this brilliant tale about the fear, death, obsession and what it means to be human, both the ugly side and the compassionate.This 10,000 word story will leave you thinking long into the night, and wondering about the definition of life.

    6. Yet another Billie Sue Mosiman book under my belt, yet another five star review. I won't give away any plot, but I suggest reading this (or any of her work). She's amazing!

    7. Let me preface this review with a short caveat: In terms of enjoyment, Mosiman's story scores an easy four- to five-stars. So why then did I give this novelette only three. The answer? Because of the way I'm defining the five-star system:*One Star: A crime against God and man.*Two Stars: Poor, or otherwise not ready for publication.*Three Stars: A solid work worth the money/read.*Four Stars: A superior, award-worthy achievement.*Five Stars: A standard setter, a work to stand the test of time, a [...]

    8. I have to begin by saying that I love the original Frankenstein. Being a fan of Billie Sue Mosiman I knew even before I began this book that I would be surprised by her words and once again I was not let down. This novelette captures you imagination from the first page and pulls you into one mans world as he hunts for Dr. Frankenstein's monster to find out once and for all if twenty years after the doctors death if his creation still lives.This becomes his obsession. Even though he may not live [...]

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