Cromartie High School, Vol. 1

Cromartie High School Vol Japan s runaway hit comedy has finally arrived Takashi Kamiyama is an average high school student who wouldn t hurt a fly But as fate would have it he s ended up at the notorious reform school Croma

  • Title: Cromartie High School, Vol. 1
  • Author: Eiji Nonaka Brendan Frayne
  • ISBN: 9781413902570
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
  • Japan s runaway hit comedy has finally arrived Takashi Kamiyama is an average high school student who wouldn t hurt a fly But as fate would have it, he s ended up at the notorious reform school, Cromartie High After becoming friends with a motley crew of thugs, a gorilla, and a trashcan shaped robot, Takashi won t just learn his ABCs he ll learn everything there is toJapan s runaway hit comedy has finally arrived Takashi Kamiyama is an average high school student who wouldn t hurt a fly But as fate would have it, he s ended up at the notorious reform school, Cromartie High After becoming friends with a motley crew of thugs, a gorilla, and a trashcan shaped robot, Takashi won t just learn his ABCs he ll learn everything there is to know about being a juvenile delinquent And so will you

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    1. This was such a weird manga. It was really all B.S. and crack situations without any substance to it at all. It's not a manga that I can take with any seriousness because there's perhaps one moment where that seriousness can be applied at the beginning of the volume, and then after that measly eight pages, we see it pop up maybe on one other page throughout the entire volume.The entire read is a series of normal situations that are made ridiculous by a constant run of the same bad--and eventuall [...]

    2. OK, so this manga -does- grow on you. At first, I felt that the erratic and disjointed style was distracting. I couldn't get into the story or the characters. There was no flow. No development. No chapter continued the story from the previous chapter, but instead was built upon several episodes that occur. Then, as I continued to read it, I began to understand. Eiji Nonaka, the author, is developing his characters as he goes along, and we are learning about them through the adventures and misadv [...]

    3. Straight up hilarious. It's stupid humor, yeah, but it's so over-the-top that it works really well. The concept of a school filled with nothing but thick-headed tough guys didn't strike me as a recipe for hilarity, but it's that very intensity that makes things funny. I'll definitely read more if I can get my hands on it.

    4. This was hilarious! I love that the characters never smile and there are no chibis, yet they get themselves into the most ridiculous situations, very tongue-in-cheek. This manga was great from the get-go which I really appreciate and the humor has been translated well.

    5. i haven't laughed that much in a while. Gorilla, Freddie, and Mechasawa aren't even the strangest things about this series

    6. Cromartie Koukou is a high-school in Tokyo with loose entrance requirements. How loose? A gorilla (an actual simian primate) and a middle aged man (that resembles a certain deceased rock-star) are students there. Not even the worst students mind you; Cromartie has a collection of the dumbest and most hardcore delinquents in all of Tokyo. A good premise for a gag manga, but where is the straight guy? Enter Kamiyama, a painfully mainstream character that makes the dubious choice to attend Cromarti [...]

    7. Overall Rating: Manga - B? / Anime - A-Synopsis: Cromartie High School by Eiji Nonaka, is a comedy manga centered around High School first year Kamiyama who begins attending Cromartie High to stay with his delinquent friend after junior high. Unfortunately, his friend isn't even able to make it into Cromartie, despite frequent references to how easy it is to get in. The school is populated almost entirely with delinquents, including a robot named Mechazawa (though most students treat him like he [...]

    8. Cromartie High School turns normal school stories inside out. It takes place at Japan's most thuggish high school, which the author makes clear couldn't possibly have been named for former baseball player Warren Cromartie, who sued over the name of the series. But I digress.The central character, Takashi Kamiyama, is not a thug. He only applied to this high school to be with a childhood friend, to keep him from being lonely. Unfortunately, his friend was too stupid to even get into this school, [...]

    9. Kamiyama decides that he is going to go to the most badass high school around because his best friend may be able to get in there. The school is named “Cromartie” and it’s filled with a bunch of tough degenerates – including the normal thugs, as well as a guy named “Freddie” who hasn’t ever been observed to speak, a Gorilla (no name), and a robot dude who no one seems to notice isn’t human. Kamiyama is just an ordinary guy, but the Cromartie students seem to think he must be REAL [...]

    10. Cromartie High School - which I came into because of the anime - is one of those series that you either love because of its absurdity and lack of coherent plot or hate because of its absurdity and lack of coherent plot. I haven't read past this volume in the manga (don't own any others), but the anime (made up of 12 minute or so "episodes") doesn't ever settle down to a plotline like say Excel Saga, Vol. 1 does so I doubt this ever develops a serious plot line.Which you know sometimes is a good [...]

    11. I think this series definitely has its fans, and this book is simply not my type. Some of the humor is pretty good, but often I could tell there was a joke and I just didn't find it funny. I'm not a huge fan of the drawing style either, but I think boys would probably get a kick out of it.The series follows Kamiyama, a normal school kid who ends up enrolled at Cromartie, a school notorious for being full of bullies and large, tough dimwits. Because he is small and normal, the tough guys assume h [...]

    12. Mumpung lagi kepingin baca delinquent-manga, akhirnya baca ini juga.Tapi dibanding manga lain yang isinya berantem, manga ini malah full gag-manga. Nggak ada adegan berantemnya sama sekali (kalaupun ceritanya ada, di-skip sama mangaka-nya, para pelakunya tahu-tahu sudah kena skorsing). Malah, boleh dibilang, kebanyakan isinya percakapan.Dan tentu saja, absurd pol.Nggak cukup ada anak-anak nakal yang kurang meyakinkan bad-assnya dibandingkan sekolah anak nakal lainnya seperti Suzuran atau Hanasak [...]

    13. Silly. Just silly. This is the only manga series I've ever read, and it was a little strange at first reading it backwards. But this was definitely one of the funniest series I've ever read. It's the sort of comedy that's just random. I can see if people thought it tried too hard but for me, I loved it. :) I feel the same way about all three books so I'm copy and pasting my review. It's one of those rare series where all three are great.

    14. Cromartie High School is a great comedy show.I started reading the manga after rewatching the anime, which was, by the way, extremely well done. Although I liked the anime more, the manga is not far behind.The only thing that bothered me is how the mangaka disrespects the fourth wall and immersion by talking to the reader on every few pages.If you are into absurd, surreal humor, you should give this a try.

    15. The first volume of this series took me a bit to get into, given how unusual manga-ka's Eji Nonaka's pacing and sense of humor is, but about half way through, when I had attuned myself to the style (and/or when Nonaka really gets cooking), his high school comedy about the toughest all-boy's school in Japan really gets cooking. Each of the first five volumes has been better than the last.

    16. An absurdist comedy about a "normal" (and I'm using this word liberally!) high school boy entering a public school filled with hard-core juvenile deliquents (and a robot, a gorilla and a virtually mute pro-wrestler look alike dubbed "Freddie". . . . ). Fans of School Rumble and the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya may appreciate this series.

    17. it's totally stupid. funny, but sometimes feels like a waste of time. self-reflexive in a really great waye characters are pretty one-dimensional, but the book/series seems to be aware of and interested in touching upon the construction of masculinity and gender dynamics. at times it is totally absurd, which is quite appropriate.

    18. I just finished this book this morning and can't wait to begin volume 2. The characters are funny and unexpected, lots of references, many of which I didn't catch until I read the translator notes at the end of the book but a number of which I did catch and thought were clever, and lots of snickering fun.

    19. I had trouble with the artwork at first, not being familiar with the school-punk genre of stories, but it was well worth the effort. This might be among the funniest things I ever laid eyes on. The pure absurdity of the stories, the characters. It's just weird.

    20. Cromartie High School is a very bad school with a lot of delinquent students, everything they talk about is fights and bad things they have done. Now they all want to see who is the strongest of them all.

    21. A challenging book related to risk taking for a cause greater than ones self. This book will help in feeling the freedom to fail while regarding the "failure" as a great success in living the life God has designed us to live!

    22. Just couldn't get into this series. But that's okay, seeing as how I'm definitely not the target audience. Just wanted to give it a try. I think it's probably pretty popular among young teen boys.

    23. Love this series. Extreme Puns, Slapstick and Bizarre Situations. But because it is so "joke" heavy, I wouldn't recommend trying to read it all in one sitting.

    24. Truly bizarre, but really funny. Not sure if the series can keep it up for 16 more volumes, but I'm willing to find out!

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