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  1. A Book Without Photographs carries a lesson, very simplistic, seen through the child's eyes at first, wisdom of an adult who grew up on the ruins of old reality and took part in building a new one. And that, takes some serious guts. Try keeping it together when the world you knew is being destroyed right in front of you - your safety net does not exist anymore, you need to develop a coping mechanism, you need to grow a thick skin and you are only a teen. What it takes to remain faithful to your [...]

  2. Born the son of a of a Russian Orthodox priest, Sergei Shargunov would grow up to become a political activist, a journalist and an award winner writer. A Book Without Photographs is his attempt to tell the story of his family life, his upbringing during the fall of the Soviet Union, his journalist pursuits in war-torn lands, and his aspirations to become a politician. All, as advertised, without the use of visual aids of any kind.The volume starts with the highly charged essay entitled My Soviet [...]

  3. Неровная книга. Где Шаргунов искренен — читается на одном дыхании. Где говорить не может — скукотень страшная. Мемуары мальчика из хорошей семьи, служившего алтарником в храме отца, оказываются интереснее мемуаров федерального политика. Похоже просто, что политику воспо [...]

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