Zemsta What Drives Good People to Do Something Bad As terrible revelations come to light four people join together to commit an unspeakable act When a member of the privileged upper class frames a Polish im

  • Title: Zemsta
  • Author: VictoriaBrown
  • ISBN: 9780985439118
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback
  • What Drives Good People to Do Something Bad As terrible revelations come to light, four people join together to commit an unspeakable act When a member of the privileged upper class frames a Polish immigrant for a socialite s murder in 1920s Akron, the heart pounding events that follow lead to a stunning and unexpected conclusion This gripping tale of bigotry and class dWhat Drives Good People to Do Something Bad As terrible revelations come to light, four people join together to commit an unspeakable act When a member of the privileged upper class frames a Polish immigrant for a socialite s murder in 1920s Akron, the heart pounding events that follow lead to a stunning and unexpected conclusion This gripping tale of bigotry and class distinctions includes political corruption, greed, injustice, murder, and betrayal While Albo Jablonski endures the atrocious conditions of the state penitentiary, his son Nickels, daughter Antonia, and their friends Kurt and Charlie are tormented by the knowledge that he is innocent Zemsta is a powerful, character driven story of three boyhood friends during the tumultuous days of Prohibition that explores the meaning of friendship, family, love, and loyalty Brown s debut novel recounts how a young woman s murder affects the lives of childhood friends But it is the portrayal of real world history the height of Prohibition, the early days of cinema that makes the book such a gem A nostalgic, authentic novel that charms with its vintage hue Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Author Zemsta makes an excellent choice for book clubs If you are interested in having the author join your book club discussion by Skype, just send a note by e mail located in the back of the book to set it up.

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    1. This would be a great movie….Three immediate impressions: the plot is very clever, the 1920s background and setting really come alive, and I think this would make a great movie! I can just see the scenes, settings, characters and action on the screen with all their contrast, movement and intrigue. This is an entertaining book, a fast read, but I really learned a few things about the place and time (Akron, OH in the 20s and 30s) that I didn’t know before, and I always like to learn something, [...]

    2. from Kirkus Reviews:Brown’s debut novel recounts how a young woman’s murder affects the lives of childhood friends.In the early-20th century, three adolescent boys—Nickels, Kurt and Charlie—are the most loyal of chums. They each face their share of hardships, but none so difficult as Nickels’ father’s imprisonment for a murder he didn’t commit. The man was a father to all three boys; Charlie’s dad is a hapless drunk, and Kurt lost his father at a young age to pneumonia. Life goes [...]

    3. Zemsta” by Victoria Brown is a refreshingly original story about three boyhood friends in Prohibition era Akron, Ohio whose childhood abruptly ends when the father of one is wrongfully imprisoned for murder. Albo Jablonski is a Polish immigrant, hardworking, loving and protective. Father to his son Nickels and his daughter Antonia he serves as a surrogate father to his son’s friends, Kurt and Charlie. Kurt’s father died when he was very young, forcing his mother to work long and exhausting [...]

    4. This was an amazing read. I thoroughly enjoyed the suspense/drama. The Story of a gentle family mad wrongly accused and imprisoned for a murder he did not commit and the 10 years it took for the truth could be discovered. A dedication of four friends in an era where corruption/lawlessness/greed, etc ran rampant. This, based on a true event, novel will make you smile, bring tears to your eyes, and make you very angry and during the reading of just a few pages. I recommend it to all of my friends, [...]

    5. good story and liked that it was set in my hometown. loved the history. the writing was VERY rudimentary too much for me to get past.would only reccomend to Akron natives or fans of historical rustbelt fiction

    6. Three twelve-year-old boys in 1914 Akron, Ohio, swear eternal friendship. They call themselves "The Tribe," and devise secret rituals, as twelve-year-old boys have done throughout human history. Kurt is from a poor Lutheran family that runs a boarding house. Charlie O'Brien is Irish. Albert "Nickels" Jablonski is from Polish immigrants. This is the setup for Zemsta, a first novel by Victoria Brown, a marketing executive and ad copywriter transplanted from Pennsylvania to Florida.The title is the [...]

    7. Zemsta. Revenge. A quick read surrounding two of my favorite subjects--history and crime. This novel is told from the perspective of one of the main character's grandchildren who does an excellent job of staying invested in the story while speaking as an outsider observer. The grandchild clearly was not there for the events described, which contributes to the simple yet unique writing style. I felt that there was just enough detail to keep me engaged and for once an author did not go over the to [...]

    8. I received this novel as an ARC from First Reads giveaway.The novel is set the early 1900s in Ohio, detailing the lives of 4 kids from childhood who grow up together, dealing with the effects of a tragedy that befalls one of their family members and how they come together for Zemsta. I won't give away the meaning of the word and spoil the plot but it ties the novel together well. The novel is well-written, detailing the lifestyles typical of lower-middle class Americans of the time period, alon [...]

    9. Zemsta is, evidently, the Polish word for revenge. In this novel, the family and friends of a Polish immigrant wrongly convicted for murder set out to make things right.The plot is interesting enoughbut the characters truly drive the story. I was more interested in the setting and the time period than in the story itself. The story takes place in Akron, Ohio--a boom town in the 1920s because Henry Ford needed tires for all those automobiles, and Akron was THE rubber capital of the world. Tire fa [...]

    10. I received this book as a giveaway and before I start my review I want to thank the publisher.I lived in Akron, Ohio while I went to the university there and found the history and descriptions of the city and the people in it during the 1920s to be fascinating. Victoria Brown did a great job at her research and that definitely comes across on the page. This novel is about the murder of a young lady at a country club that is covered up - resulting in an innocent man being sent to jail. In time th [...]

    11. Always the grudge-holder; bitter and unforgiving, Nickels is the Polish son of the man who was falsely accused of murder. Kurt – Forever interested in furthering his career and making money, he wounds those he loves and who love him.Charlie seems like the lesser of the three personalities. We learn, however, that his views of certain groups of people change.I enjoyed reading about the caste system in the earlier years of immigration. Mistreatment of certain ethnic groups was as normal as it is [...]

    12. Strong characters, deep relationships and rich historical detail all together in a fast-paced and fascinating read. You will be pulled into the story and will care deeply about what transpires. The suspense builds as you live through the shocking events endured. And the ending - what a surprise!New author Victoria Brown has shown great skill in developing both plot and characters. The finely drawn relationships among the three friends, Kurt, Nichols and Charlie make us care as we follow them fro [...]

    13. I received a signed copy of Zemsta from First-Reads giveway. I loved this book.Zemsta is the book to go to when you want something different. If you loved The Bean Trees, Where Things Come Back, and/or The Girl that Fell From the Sky, this is a must-read for you.The story takes place during the prohibition era, yet some of the issues are still eerily present today (despite the 90-some year difference). This book has murder, infidelity, a sleezy politician, and, of course, revenge. Uniquely narr [...]

    14. I liked this story and the way the three friends stuck together through adversity and change over the years. It seemed well-researched and was a great way to show how people from different backgrounds can become and remain friends through life.I did, however, think the writing style was a bit elementary. While reading it, I often felt like I was reading a novice's novel. Sometimes it read somewhat choppy and the voice lacked depth. This did make for an easy read, though, which probably helped th [...]

    15. Zemsta is the Polish word for revenge.In this book, we follow the lives of three boys as they become men. Charlie, Nickels, and Kurt grow up in the 1920s and live through the Depression of the 30s. "The Tribe" as they call themselves, are faced with a serious ordeal when a person they all care very dearly for is framed for murder. As the years progress, no justice is served. Now men, Charlie, Nickels, and Kurt are faced with a serious, life-changing decision: should they take justice into their [...]

    16. I won this book on first-reads.This book was dramatic, clever, and I'm sad to say, a bit slow sometimes. The beginning was okay, but it took until about page 40 to really pull me in, fall in love with the characters and realize what the plot was, besides a history lesson. After a rough beginning, I really did fall in love with the characters especially Marta and Aunt Erna. One character I felt was a bit undeveloped even by the end was Charlie, I feel he was lovable in the beginning, but became f [...]

    17. One of the most enjoyable books I've ever had to read for school. The wording seemed a little simplistic at times, which annoyed me some. But overall the book was great. Also, most story villains, you know they are evil, but at the same time you can see where they are coming from. Why they have turned out to be the way they are. Not this guy. I was thinking that there would be at least some tiny redeeming quality about him, but there was none. None whatsoever! He was completely heartless. Even s [...]

    18. Very well written novel for first time author, Victoria Brown. The characters were believable, story easy to follow and a very unexpected ending. Once I started reading, I was drawn into the lives of the "Tribe", anxious to follow them throught their lives. This was one book that, once I started reading it, it was difficult to put down, Read the entire book in 2 days!! Have already passed it on to a neighbor to read, then will go to my sister and maybe others. Very done, Vicotia. Great accomplis [...]

    19. I enjoyed this story, but the author's conversations that take place between the characters are not very realistic. People don't really talk that way. She used conversation as a way to let the reader know what the character was thinking, and it did not come accross as normal conversation. Other than that, I enjoyed the story and was so curious to see how the villian in the story would "get what was coming to him"!

    20. I found Zemsta to be a great read. The history of prohibition and the power of friendship in the 1920s and30s Akron, Ohio are facinating. There is no doubt which characters are bad and which are good, but the story of what the good do to right a terrible wrong is like no other ending I've found. Kirkus Review called it a "gem." It certainly is

    21. I won this signed copy in a give away. It is a well written historical drama set in the 1920's-1930's. The writing is well done and the era well researched. The story however was a bit lacking. There was too much history of the characters and not enough action. It got interesting in the last few chapters but a bit boring waiting to get the to climax.

    22. This is a great story set during the 1920's - 1930's during prohibition. It features a lot of well researched period details of the time. It's a very well written book its also suspenseful and includes murders , social bigotry , loyalty and family sagas . It really held my interest all the way through right until the end. Great read.

    23. I liked the story but the writing was mediocre at best. Also there were plenty of times where the author would be talking about a character then jump to another character for 2 or 3 paragraphs and then start a new chapter. It really throws off the flow of the book. What should have been a quick read wasn't because I had to keep putting it down.

    24. Riveting historical fiction based on the author's family's experiences during the prohibition years. The novel has it all: family loyalty, life-long friendships, love stories, murder, and a satisfying finish.

    25. Very good Recovering from foot surgery, I am bored, bitchy and rather hard to please. This was just what I needed. It is fast paced, about the 20's (who doesn't love the 20's?) a great combo of romance, suspense, family saga Just right. Highly recommended and worth twice what I paid!

    26. Sorry. This book bugged me. Most of it was written like a children's book, with more mature sentences sprinkled in randomly. It was pretty much a drawn out account of the 20's that could have been written in a couple pages.

    27. I enjoyed this debut book by Victoria Brown. Based on facts, she tells the story of love, murder, corruption, and revenge. It kept me turning pages.Good job, Victoria. Hope you're working on book 2.Marlis Day

    28. I loved the story and the characters. I can't believe this is Victoria Brow's first book. Historic details of 1920s are accurate, the story is suspenseful, especially the three friends. I was curious what "Zemsta" meant and did not find out until chapter 36.

    29. I thoroughly enjoyed Zemsta. A fast read as the story intrigued me to read on. With great historical connections, characters you loved and loved to hate, and even an unforeseen ending. Zemsta was refreshingly full of substance!

    30. Wow! This book was awful. The dialogue was very flat, repetitive, and predictable. The plot was not imaginative, characters were introduced without substance or explanation. The writing was very amateur.

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