Gyo, Vol. 1

Gyo Vol Series Description Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water fish grow legs From the mind of acclaimed artist Junji Ito comes this diabolic cross between Resident Evil and The Underse

  • Title: Gyo, Vol. 1
  • Author: Junji Ito
  • ISBN: 9781569319956
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Series Description Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water, fish grow legs From the mind of acclaimed artist Junji Ito comes this diabolic cross between Resident Evil and The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau Yes, it s Gyo, where terror takes the name of horribly mutated fish and sea creatures that invade, en masse, a seaside town Sophisticated, atmoSeries Description Just when you thought it was safe to get out of the water, fish grow legs From the mind of acclaimed artist Junji Ito comes this diabolic cross between Resident Evil and The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau Yes, it s Gyo, where terror takes the name of horribly mutated fish and sea creatures that invade, en masse, a seaside town Sophisticated, atmospheric work by perhaps the finest horror comics working in the world today Young couple Tadashi and Kaori are vacationing in Okinawa, but instead of enjoying their time, they bicker endlessly about such important topics as Tadashi s bad breath But that stench may actually be something quite different When a strange walking fish appears, Tadashi and Kaori know something s amiss When a Great White Shark attacks walking they know they re in real trouble

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    1. [There may be some vague spoilage, but it's still perfectly edible. Edifying. Whatever.]Undoubtedly the smelliest comic ever published, especially for any readers with a touch of synaesthesia. But don't let that scare you off. Light some scented candles or some fucking incense, you'll be fine. So a young couple are attacked by a dead fish skittering around on an automated spider-like prosthesis. The stench is almost as horrifying as the sight of it, symptomatic of a deadly and highly communicabl [...]

    2. 4* STARS!Save the best for later. But I didn't find this is as his 'best'. I just love the bizarre element of surprise in Gyo. I watched the anime movie first then read the manga. There's a bit prologue also no sexual scene like in the anime.It begins with stinky smells invaded part of Okinawa, Japan. The couple, Tadashi and Kaori went on a research or holiday (I think?) when they discovered a weird fish with spider legs. Tadashi managed to kill it but somehow it didn't die. Then there's a big s [...]

    3. Tadashi y Kaori están de vacaciones en Okinawa, cuando son atacados por peces con patas que salen del mar. A estos peces les acompaña un hedor espantoso, algo a lo que es muy sensible Kaori.‘Gyo, Tomo 1’ (GYO 1, 2002), de Junji Ito, es un gran manga, emocionante e imaginativo. El dibujo es magnífico, y la idea muy original. Ahora a leer el segundo y último tomo.

    4. I was told about the premise of this story by a friend of mine who is a bit like the of comics (no exaggeration!). I dismissed the idea of reading Gyo outright till yesterday, because the premise was shocking, disgusting, and frankly, a little too outlandish for my taste. I did read Uzumaki and liked it, despite its equally quirky premise. So, I decided to give Gyo a chance and was immediately sucked in. After all, who doesn't want to read about a great white shark that lands up on shore with i [...]

    5. Estoy aprendiendo tanto de este maestro del horror, que no se como agradecerlo. Gyo es una historia perturbadora, grotesca, que los amantes del terror deben leer.¿Para qué leer gyo?1. Para descubrir a peces con patas, tiburones con patas, y toda clase de animales acuáticos que transpiran olor a muerte y salen del océano para crear caos. Una trama original, ¿a poco no?2. Pasada de seres extraños a situaciones científicas a un gas mortífero que sublime manera de aterrar.3. Los diálogos so [...]

    6. Absolutely ape-shit crazy. One of the strangest, most grotesque, most disgusting things I've ever come across. (this goes for both volumes, but the true shock comes from vol. 1) My tastes generally run towards the extreme, and it can be tough to find something that fits that description that isn't just pure gore or pure pornography. This is that. One of those things that make you wonder that there is something very different in the make-up of Japanese culture that only comes out in its creative [...]

    7. I enjoyed this and many drawings were awesomely gross, but this is nowhere near my favourite work by Mr Junji Ito - "Uzumaki" (Spiral) because its plot was just too Hollywood and not Japanese enough for me. I wish the plot development could have been more complicated and the characterisation could have been more impactful. Many scenes in this were hilarious (the tank chasing after the big fish HAHAHAHA, the secretary who despite being very stressed always had her hair tied up in a perfect bun HA [...]

    8. This was one very creepy read! And the graphics! I'm giving it 4 stars mainly for the art that was exceptional. Characters needed a little bit more of depth but it's okay.

    9. The basic premise of Gyo is ridiculous, which makes the amount of creepiness, suspense, and just plain effectiveness that Junji Ito manages to extract from it all the more impressive. While I would say this first volume is my least favorite of the things by Junji Ito that I've read so far, it's still a great story, and several of its moments (notably the first reveal of the monster, and the shark attack chapter) are as awesome as anything I've seen.

    10. Buena premisa, pero el desarrollo de Uzumaki me pareció más redondo y terrorífico. Kaori, la novia del protagonista, es inaguantable.

    11. A great horror manga . I wish the characters were more well-developed but the art was so fascinating it deserves 4 stars ory in short : Legged-fishes apocalypse

    12. The creatures in Junji Ito's Gyo aren't the kind one might expect in a horror story. For one thing, the creatures not only occur naturally in nature, they turn out to be actual fish!Of course, the fish in question have been enhanced somewhat. They are capable of locomotion on land, with the aid of prosthetic limbs most resembling the back legs of camel crickets (genus Tachycines asynamorous), and seem to have sentient abilities, displaying the capability to discern its prey from other mobile obj [...]

    13. I stumbled across Gyo at my favorite used bookstore in Salt Lake City, Ken Sanders Rare Books. It is always especially great finding weird graphic novels at used bookstores because it feels like more of a real discovery. I especially felt that way this time, because I really dig horror manga, but it can actually be pretty rare to find it most of the time. I was a big fan of the Uzumaki series also and Gyo definitely does not disappoint by comparison. I don't know if I've ever read another comic [...]

    14. Gyo is a horror manga put out by the genius that is Junji Ito (Tomie, Uzumaki). It surrounds a young boy & his very picky girlfriend while they are vacationing at the beach. All goes well (aside from some pickiness & whining from his girl) until they discover an unusual creature that has crawled out of the sea. It has the body of a fish, but with strange legs and tubes sticking into it. Little do the young lovers know that this was the beginning of the end for not only the world, but for [...]

    15. Quite disturbing but alot of fun as well. The plot is like one of those bizarre sci-fi channel b-movie ones except it's carried out exceptionally well and keeps you guessing to the very end. The conflict structure of this series is similar to Uzumaki in that a overbearing force of nature has increasingly negative effects on the environment and society until all out apocalypse, but the tone is more action-oreinted and focuses on surface horror rather than psychological. If you loved Uzumaki, you' [...]

    16. In the imaginary world, it wouldn't be so bad. But in real life, oh boy. I would be glad I don't live in Japan while there's fish with legs running around. This was a pretty good book. The art style was good and the idea to make dead fish walk around with creepy legs. Who wouldn't like that? Kaori, Tadashi's girl friend, really annoyed me. She complained to much and acted like a brat. Over all, it was pretty good.

    17. I've read other works by Junji Ito, and although the premise and pseudoscience of these volumes is weaker, it doesn't make the story any less horrifying. I love how beautifully he draws characters (until they meet their doom), and am supremely repulsed by the grotesque caricatures of the human form. His use of hatching and dramatic lighting is peerless, and the emotions of his characters are powerfully portrayed. Brilliant!

    18. La cantidad de seres desconocidos y conocidos que hay en el mar, sí a estos les saldrían patas como los cangrejos posiblemente invadirían nuestra tierra. Esto es lo que sucede aquí. Además de esta idea terrorífica, nos sumerge en un olor a podredumbre que nos hace aborrecer el pescado.

    19. Uzumaki no se va de la cabeza. Como el bebé de Alien, como eso que ves una vez y ya que lo has visto se queda grabado. He seguido con Gyo, igual de enfermo, sólo un punto por debajo de Uzumaki. Fan.

    20. Η ιστορία δεν είναι αυτή που φαίνεται. Ο Ito καταφέρνει να πάρει μια σχετικά χαζή ιδέα και να την μεταφέρει ολοκληρωμένα στο χαρτί. Δεν ήταν τόσο ο τρόμος που μου δημιούργησε, αλλά η αίσθηση απελπισίας και απομόνωσης. Το σχέδιο κυμαίνεται σε πολύ υψηλά επίπεδα, μιας και ο Ito έχ [...]

    21. ME ENCANTAN LOS DIBUJOS. El nivel de detalle que tienen es increíble, y son tan bizarros que me fascinan. En cuanto a la historia me gusta pero para ser el primer libro que leo de él esperaba más. Los personajes por ahora me parecen insufribles, Tadashi es insoportable y demasiado materialista. A Kaori la entiendo un poco más por todo lo que está pasando pero me parece un poco exagerada en ciertos momentos, el pánico la invade y no hace nada, eso me molesto bastante. Pero vamos a leer la s [...]

    22. Langsung buat vol 2 deh. Ehem saya cukup ngeri bayangin adegan hiu masuk rumah itu. Apalagi yg kabel masuk lubang2 tubuh. Soal penjelasan di balik besi2 berjalan itu yah namanya juga horor ya manggut aja deh. Tp makin ke ending makin kurang seram dan aneh. Kenapa ya, misalnya, si dokter itu, nyulik ibu2 yg gw lupa namanya pdhl dia kan di bawah kontrol? Eh saya juga nonton animenya dan lebih suka versi manga, walau lebih setuju kalo mcnya cewek didampingi cowok kayak di anime.

    23. All the marine creatures have gotten robot legs and are walking around on land smelling like human corpses and killing anything that gets in their way. Tadashi and Kaori are the first to encounter the creatures and Kaori's sensitive nose keeps her from ever finding peace. No matter where she goes the stench of corpses follows. Tadashi tries to help her, but there is no much he can do. As the fish are infecting all of Japan no solution has been found.

    24. Better as a oneshotThis was an interesting story, the invasion of land walking sharks and other fish, the root cause of it all, the two leads trying to survive. However although it ended on a cliffhanger, I don't feel compelled to hunt down the other volumes and am happy to leave it as a one shot. Sharks on land is a fun idea but I don't need to read an entire series on it.

    25. I really love Junji Ito's drawing and story telling style. More than the master of horror I would say he's the master of body-horror, the story isn't really scary but the whole thing is so gross it gives you major creeps.You probably shouldn't eat while reading this.

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