The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man Do you just carry on talking when I m away Sherlock Holmes John Watson fanfiction Set post Reichenbach John deals with Sherlock s suicide Words complete

  • Title: The Quiet Man
  • Author: Ivy Blossom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • Do you just carry on talking when I m away Sherlock Holmes John Watson fanfiction Set post Reichenbach John deals with Sherlock s suicide Words 157369 complete

    One thought on “The Quiet Man”

    1. Ever wanted to live inside John Watson's head?You were the centre of my existence. You were everything good in my whole world. You’re the most important thing. What did you imagine I was going to do, shrug and move on?I love the intensity of this. Post-Reichenbach stories that handle that messy mix of guilt, anger, despair as John teeters on the edge of sanity pull me in; it's one of my favorite themes to read about in Johnlock. Here, it's a wild ride of of free association as John's mind drif [...]

    2. This one is not for everybody. Not for most people, actually. It's first person POV, present tense, stream of consciousness. And it's looooooong. That's a WHOLE lot of stream of consciousness, my friend. Also: you need to have watched both season 1 and 2 of the TV series. After contemplating DNF-ing around 20% in ('OMG! I'm only at 20%, how long is this thing?!?'), it got strangely compelling. Little weaker towards the end, as usual with fanfic, but not sorry I stuck this one out at all.

    3. I swear, I live for reading these things.I loved the writing style, smooth and poetic, the choice of words and the metaphors. Stream of consciousness was most welcomed. I love writings where nothing much happens, but it's even better when no plot alternates with yes plot and tons of inner monologue; this fic was the case. The psychological analysis was fascinating. John's dreams were the best dream scenes I've ever read, they probably were my favourite part of this. There were also occasional ph [...]

    4. Could use some editorial tightening but the language is good, feelings are right and the heart of the story is there.

    5. This Sherlock slash fiction was from Watson's POV. I liked it a little less than The Progress of Sherlock Holmes, which I found awesome.Here it is a very loooong time before Sherlock even re-appears (it starts post-Reichenbach) and the first 50% are kind of maudlin. But still a very good read and fully satisfying for everybody with a SH BBC series addiction like me :-)

    6. This one definitely deserves some words, but I'm not sure which ones.I wasn't going to read the whole thing. I'd read in the comments about it and knew myself well enough that I wouldn't get through 200 pages of John grieving in a drawn-out jumble of thoughts and senses before Sherlock even showed up. So I skimmed about 1/4 in and got sucked into the story despite myself.I thought that John's thoughts were just a bit too too drawn-out and all over the place for my tastes, and that I would've lik [...]

    7. Ah, here we go. This is the definition of angst. Geez, if prone to be depressed easily, you should avoid this.But that said, I really appreciate Ivy Blossom's writing. Every word in the story rings true and in character. This is from John's POV, so you'd think its easier to follow than Sherlock's, but the amount of pain infused to every sentence make it much harder to read than "The Progress of Sherlock Holmes".And this is long. Seriously, this took me ages to finish. But if you can stick until [...]

    8. As far as fan fiction goes, this is an A+. Taken out of that genre this story still holds up, in my opinion. I enjoy the creative use of imagery- particularly when the author describes a bony person in bed as "construction equipment". I've never read a story that was written in second-person stream of consciousness but the intimacy of that perspective was absolutely riveting. This was one of those that kept me up until well past two in the morning because I was incapable of putting it down. If y [...]

    9. I have been a fan of the Doyle stories since I was a child. I have always wondered, and spent many hours day dreaming about what happened to John Watson during the three years he was alone.This book is a study of that time period. Ivy Blossom makes excellent work of John Watson bringing to him a depth of character not often seen. The writing is thoughtful and thorough. It is easy to understand how John is feeling and commiserate with his situation.There are several beautiful, unforgettable scene [...]

    10. The first third of this book is a strange spacey trip through a greafstricken wasteland of wibbly wobbly timely wimey stuff, with angst and fluff. Then the story becomes somewhat more coherent, the plot thickens and you can finally trust most of the action to be happening outside of johns headI had a lot of fun reading this slippery poetic book. I gave it 3 stars initially and changed it to 4 when I enjoyed it even more on the second reading.

    11. I felt strangely compelled to finish it, and it without a doubt stayed true to the John Watson from the show. Kudos to Ivy Blossom, it's very hard to replicate the same feels from a TV show in a fanfic but you did it and you did it really well. But it was so long and not particularly interesting, the long-term angst and stream of consciousness couldn't hold my attention.

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