The Progress of Sherlock Holmes

The Progress of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock FanficSherlock is head over heels for John but you wouldn t know it by looking at him First person present tense series of short scenes from Sherlock s point of view borrowing heavily from

  • Title: The Progress of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: Ivy Blossom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 454
  • Format: ebook
  • Sherlock FanficSherlock is head over heels for John, but you wouldn t know it by looking at him First person present tense series of short scenes from Sherlock s point of view, borrowing heavily from Arthur Conan Doyle s stories.Words 62,006 complete

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    1. Sherlock's thought process is what won me. So sharp like flashes of input constantly running and evaluating--analyzing. It felt so comfortable and immediately understandable, it's how I think albeit with less medical biology as the filter. I can see how it might not appeal to some, but for me, it was like reading shorthand. Everything important revealed, bare-naked without the artifice of inconsequentials. It was the hyper-close first person point of view that made it work. Literally, inside She [...]

    2. Well, that was bloody fantastic. I have serious reservations about reading fan fiction of anything I really love because there's more chance of it pissing me off than me actually enjoying it. But that was so not the case here. This is a delicious glimpse into Sherlock's labyrinthine mind as he struggles with his attraction to Watson. There's no central plot other than the two of them trying to untangle the gordian knot that is their relationship; Sherlock's crime-solving happens in the backgroun [...]

    3. Odd one out speaking here.I absolutely love the way Sherlock's voice was rendered. The stream of consciousness in incredibly immediate and true-to-life, but never heavy or boring in any way. His thought processes are portrayed wonderfully - he thinks clever thoughts in this fic, and he's constantly analysing and dissecting things. This is what makes this SH believable.The storyline is frustrating (in the good way) and sort of twisted when it comes to the trio of Sherlock, John and Mary. Nothing [...]

    4. My first Sherlock fanfic, I had to start somewhere and this was a great place to start. Very cleverly done and enjoyable.

    5. "I love that he doesn't care what I think about it; he comes in because he needs to, because he wants to. Wants to see that I'm all right, cares whether I'm all right. John: he's like the sunshine pouring in. He feels like warmth sneaking into a cold place."A very enjoyable read, loved the ending. ♥

    6. I'm 5-starring this for the excellent style. I felt like I had an open window into BBC's Sherlock's mind, complete with tiny notes and additions and details filed for clarification. Deductions, murders, instant analysis, compulsive research tendency, people believing him emotionless - this was brilliant.The murder settings were quite well done, even if they were secondary to the plot. (I felt like saying, "a great eye for detail", but I'm not even sure whether I'd mean it about the author or abo [...]

    7. A surprisingly decent first venture with johnlock.- Sherlock's portrayed personality is rather overly emotional, like a lovesick adolescent, which sharply contradicts his supposedly apathetic attitude, and slightly (strongly) appalls me. His incessant, flowery thoughts of John ends up grating my insides a bit. As the fic is told from his first person perspective, the writer manages to salvage the situation by creating a surprisingly believable voice, one that retains Sherlock's lightning sharp w [...]

    8. I am a big fan of the BBC series "Sherlock" and I just loved this slash fiction piece. The voice of Sherlock felt very much like his character from the TV series and I found the slow burn between Sherlock and Holmes very gratifying. It also had some dry humor and some sensuality. The crime plots were only touched very briefly, but I enjoyed the strewn in deductions.What made this so great for me, was mainly the unique voice of Sherlock.

    9. Wow, this was so many things. There were laugh-out-loud moments (see my status updates), sad-sweet angsty moments, and a lot of exhausting moments when you follow Sherlock's 'manic, frenetic and near staccato train of thought' (that's how Akansha aptly described it).I was awed not only by the obvious writing skills the author shows, but also by the ingenuity of it all. You weren't simply told that Sherlock has a brilliant mind and is highly educated, many little comments and details conveyed exa [...]

    10. Translated into five other languages. And it's not even published.Sherlock's POV:This kind of disjointed writing is really how Sherlock seems to think in the series, and holds terrifying attention to detail. And the details in the details, the deductions from the details -- this is why I watched Sherlock in the first place, god that's amazing.Love triangles are cruel to the reader and Mycroft is wondrous.Quotes (online fiction, I can be as ridiculous as I want):(view spoiler)[(view spoiler)[Deep [...]

    11. At first I wasn't convinced, but the longer it went on the more enamored I became. I'll be reading this again soon, and it will undoubtedly make it onto my "re-read as often as possible" list. It's a story that will will only improve with further study.

    12. I remember lamenting the fact that you can't rate fanfiction on because those Reading Challenges are totally unfair if I spend every waking moment of my life reading fanfiction and then reading actual printed literature at all other odd times. I'm just happy this one will count towards my goal. Disclaimer: this is my first serious Sherlock fanfic and I'm not even sure I ship Johnlock. They always seemed great to me as platonic BFFs but I also feel there is more to them as well (the chemistry or [...]

    13. I absolutely love BBC's Sherlock - and this one truly made it seem as If I were seeing his mind for myself. I'm pretty sure Sherlock's thought processes would be the same. At first I was a bit skeptical - it was confusing and a bit hard to get used to but the story soon took over and I couldn't care less. It was so completely Sherlock (if that makes any sense) and I loved every bit of it.*swoon* I truly loved reading this book and if anything I wish it was longer. The bromance on the show is pre [...]

    14. A blinding flashing (golden) FIVE (5) Stars!I don't doll out 5 stars that often for regular published works that have been edited and reviewed professionally, so for a fan fic to get 5 stars means this is grade A perfection. This perfection comes from how in character Sherlock is. I love the BBC show and this is is a wonderful portrayal. I don't think someone who has not seen the show will fully appreciate the story but that goes along with a lot of fanfics. also its GFY :) (but we don't get a l [...]

    15. The best fic from Sherlock's POV that I've ever read.I loved the stream of consciousness that was delightful, intricate without being intimidating. Most of his thoughts felt like poetry. I reread it today and still loved it as much. The clenching of my heart. Ah. And my baby Sherlock does have big heart that beats relentlessly for his John. Aww forever. :')

    16. 4.5 stars - This is a fantastic piece of fan-fiction. Really well written, and the inner voice of Sherlock was captured perfectly! Plenty of angst, but also a lot of love too. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes were clearly made for each other ;)

    17. The conflicted relationships, the angst, the murder scenes, the characters, and the texting, through the eyes of Sherlock, is fantastic.

    18. Sherlock & JohnWhoah. A truly original voice that stays in your mind. Powerful characters. Deep feelings. I really enjoyed this one!🎻🔫🖤❤️🖤🔫🎻

    19. Oh my god! I'm dying! Spoiler alert! Heheheh:***He lays an arm across my shoulders. Weak, loose. Exhales. "Jesus." Invoked many times tonight. "That was" Struggles to find words. "Where the hell did you learn?" Pause."Oh. God." What now? "Tell me you didn't stick your fingers into dead men's rectums to learn how to do that." Of course I did. How else could I find a small gland, without any experience, in a place where I cannot see it? How else could I efficiently and effectively locate the prope [...]

    20. So refreshing to read something and to like it! I can't seem to any of the books that I read these days :/The summary of the fiction looked extremely familiar. I figured out why as soon as I started reading it. Turned out I "read" this fiction once. Well, more like I skimmed through most of it and read the ending.This time I don't know what happened, but I really enjoyed the reading. I loved being inside of Sherlock's head. I like seeing how he thought, what he thought, why he thought that and s [...]

    21. A unique trip into the head of Sherlock Holmes. Wow, this book was not easy to read. It's hard to follow Sherlock's trains of thoughts(Well, obviously), but, hell, it was worth all the trouble!This is the ultimate Sherlock/John fanfic, so true to canon characters, never getting out of character for Sherlock, who is a really difficult character to handle.And the silent love inside Sherlock is so sweet and so realistic. I love the way it is evident, when Sherlock notices little things about John t [...]

    22. I wrote a fanfiction for a fanfiction. How meta.(I promise no mushy stuff! or kissy stuff!)Sherlock shows John something on the internet. An homage to the BBC show in the style of the original stories.

    23. Omg, at first I had a little bit of trouble reading it with the way Sherlock's mind works. But after a little while I was fully immersed in this and couldn't stop till the end. I love it, especially the characters, even the ones you don't like have a great depth

    24. This is my first fan fic that I have acknowledged on but this was such a great story, I had to post this in the 'Read' category. The introspection of Sherlock is a great character study and the confusing dynamics of abnormal relationships and I love it.

    25. Excellent interpretation of the Sherlock interior monologue and clever manipulation of character and plot elements. The angsty slow burn of the romantic relationship had me totally engrossed. Home run.

    26. This is probably the best fanfic with Sherlock's POV I have ever read. And the prose is simply admirable, Ivy Blossom is such a great writer and this story is one that becomes more than *just* a fanfic.

    27. Fanfic based on the BBC Sherlock Holmes series, featuring Sherlock and Watson as the main couple. Sherlock was well done, at least what I think his thought prossess is like on a daily basis dealing with day to day type things. Very enjoyable.

    28. After watching the 1st episode in the bbc series. I have upped my rating to a 5. I just kept thinking about this book!

    29. Download the podfic and listen to it with the speed increased until it's just a bit too fast for comfort for a total inside-Sherlock's-lightning-fast-thought-processes experience.

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