Never Con a Corgi

Never Con a Corgi Leigh s back In this first new addition to the Never Mystery Series in a decade hapless advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow who was last seen joyfully announcing to her politician husband that she w

  • Title: Never Con a Corgi
  • Author: Edie Claire
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Leigh s back In this first new addition to the Never Mystery Series in a decade, hapless advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow, who was last seen joyfully announcing to her politician husband that she was pregnant, is now a middle aged mom who is than happy to leave the macabre pandemonium of her thirties behind Unfortunately, Leigh s killer karma hasn t really deseLeigh s back In this first new addition to the Never Mystery Series in a decade, hapless advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow, who was last seen joyfully announcing to her politician husband that she was pregnant, is now a middle aged mom who is than happy to leave the macabre pandemonium of her thirties behind Unfortunately, Leigh s killer karma hasn t really deserted her it s only been biding its time When an innocent walk in the woods with her dog turns up yet another corpse, Leigh begins to get worried It s bad enough that the victim is a client of her agency It s even worse that he is the same unscrupulous real estate developer who s been conniving to bulldoze her Aunt Bess s homestead And it would be a whole lot better for everyone in Leigh s family if her cousin Cara s husband hadn t brawled with the man in front of a churchful of witnesses an hour before the murder But fate is what it is, and as Leigh s beleaguered friend, Detective Maura Polanski, sets out once again to save the Koslow clan from self destruction, the women face their toughest battle yet Because not only has Leigh failed to grow out of her inborn talent for trouble, she s bestowed it on the next generation Praise for the Leigh Koslow Mystery Series NEVER BURIED A funny, fast paced, clever, and unusual mystery that will have readers clamoring for Edie Claire writes with style and dash Sheer delight Carolyn Hart NEVER SORRY Edie Claire is a bright new addition to the mystery world Along with appealing characters and a blessedly lucid writing style, she delivers a solid plot that keeps the pages turning Margaret Maron NEVER TEASE A SIAMESE The fifth installment in this excellent series, and perhaps Ms Claire s best yet The characters and relationships are superior, written with heartfelt compassion and wry wit Romantic Times

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    1. Listening at work while doing brainless things -- typing, filing, etc. If you don't know this about me, I have a corgi named Buttercup. The corgi that introduced me to corgis was a five-year-old stray my kids dragged home and named Chewy over a decade ago. The corgi in this story is named Chewy. I'm hoping for a bit of corgi fluff to help pass the time. Update 8/5: This narrator is so freaking irritating! Also, not enough corgi time. But mainly, I can't stand the narrator. I got about 1/4 in bef [...]

    2. This was the first book I listened to by the author. I enjoyed the mystery. However, there were so many sighs by the characters, throaty growls by characters, and very motile eyebrows by the characters that I found myself almost counting those distractions.

    3. I was very excited to find out that after a 10 year hiatus, Edie Claire had written a new Leigh Koslow mystery. This series began with Never Buried in 1999, and I have read and enjoyed all the books. This new one begins with Leigh and the others in her circle all aged as if the series had been going on in real time since the last of the five previous books was published (about 10 years ago). So now we have Leigh middle aged and happily married with two great kids and a successful part time caree [...]

    4. After a to year break in storyline, Leigh Koslow and crew are back, with children! I was a bit concerned that the storyline would suffer after such a long hiatus, but Ms Claire seems to have been able to keep the plot fresh and the storyline intact. Each of the children has their own distinct personality that is well developed and lends well to the storyline. The issues that the adult characters face are in line with adults of their age, and work well with the cast of characters from the origina [...]

    5. Very Enjoyable ReadHad a hard time getting into this book because it' the sixth in the series. I really like to start with#1. But that being said this book has all of the stuff that's needed to make awesome story. The intrigue, mystery, love affairs, family values and of course the "who done it". The author has made the characters "real" and this reader got really attached to them. I would recommend this book to everyone of every age. I also will be reading the rest of this series, starting with [...]

    6. The Leigh Koslow Mystery series was: Never Buried, Never Sorry, Never Preach Past Noon, Never Kissed Goodnight, and Never Tease a Siamese. These are my favorite mystery books. I collectively give them five stars. I wrote a book (unpublished) wherein, as a compliment, I make reference to her books.Because of that, I have trouble giving this book an average rating. There could be many reasons, but they'd all be guesses--I just can't pinpoint what is wrong. I guess it just didn't work for me on man [...]

    7. Having never read one of Koslow's books, I really didn't know what to expect. I gathered that the main characters are serialized in her novels. Being an avid dog lover, the appeal for reading this light fiction piece was just that--it involved dogs. I found that to be only vaguely true, as the dogs were only there. The main characters are hastily drawn and fairly stereotypical. Still, it was a quick and diversionary read.

    8. After the first three novels in the series, Claire took a ten-year hiatus from this series before writing three more. A very unique accomplishment, I would say, as I haven't read any series like that. This book does not disappoint. The characters are ten-years older, and the plot line is just as intriguing and suspenseful as the previous books. In fact, I think Claire has developed even more as a writer, and her character development is more more precise. Great book!

    9. Kind of slow, then not slow and great end.The beginning was very good. But thought the story a little slow, but then it picked up. Great ending. I would have tranquilized Cara character. I've read two books in this series, liked them both. I will be reading the rest. Kind of fun series.

    10. Great cover! That is Chewy, who helps solve the murder of a man who wants to put in a development where the local people enjoy nature and walking dogs. The main character is Leigh Koslow who has Chewy the Corgi, and a twin boy and girl who help with detecting. The victim wanted to develop the land where people enjoy walking their dogs and communing with nature. Did he deserve it!

    11. Never Con a Corgi is a book I'd classify as a fun and relaxing to read . The interactions bet the characters kept the story moving at a good pace and kept me very interested. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good mystery with a murder. But withoutbloodshed and gruesome murders everywhere a reader turns. This is a cozy mystery read

    12. In this Leigh Koslow mystery she finds a dead body by a pond near the local animal shelter. The first thing her mother wants to know is if she has an alibi! Yes she does and the death of the developer is quite a mystery as he had managed to anger his investors, clients and the residents he was trying r to get to sell. Add is a scorned woman and things get interesting.

    13. Cute little cozy that was quick and fun to read. Would have given it all five stars if the corgi had a bigger role since that is what attracted me to the book in the first place. While some corgi traits were accurately portrayed, all corgi lovers know their attitudes are bigger than a great dane and if this were a real-life story, the corgi would be the undisputed star! ;)

    14. A fun, fast-paced mystery. I can never stop reading mysteries featuring a smart, funny lady. Leigh is mom to twins and lives next-door to her best friend and cousin, who also has two kids. It's been years since Leigh has been mixed up with a murder, but here she goes again! I couldn't figure out who did it, can you?

    15. This was my first time to read this series. I found it to be quite enjoyable and easy reading. There's a murder and a Corgi! The characters in the story are believable and enjoyable. As you're reading the story you think you know who the murderer is, but.e ending will surprise you.

    16. This was fun and quirky. A simple mystery as Leigh once again stumbles across a body. She's always in the thick of it. This time she's more worried about things as her 10 year old twins are sticking their noses in and she's trying not to become her motherbut she's becoming her mother.

    17. It is obvious the author is familiar with corgis: her dog has so many characteristics I've loved in corgis I've known. Leigh has matured, and has children who can now take a part in her sleuthing, along with all of the characters we've loved in the earlier books.

    18. 2014-06-26. Good but not great. I enjoyed bits of it. Leigh's overwhelming need to be overprotective was a bit annoying. It seemed like a lot of the characters over-reacted quite a bit. I loved Allison though. I will say there were some really good twists to the plot though. Not bad.

    19. Nice addition to the series. The recent jump in time was upsetting though, I wish the author had written more about the years in between. Leigh's daughter Alison is an annoying character.

    20. Cute. This is the first of this author that I have read. Might be curious enough to go back to previous books.

    21. Quick readEnjoyable read. If you want a nice cosy mystery with comical family and pet antidotes this is the book for you. I recommend it.

    22. Great mystery!!Good read. Hard to put down! Will be looking for more of the Leigh koslow series. Will sure to look for all the other books

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