Lost and Found

Lost and Found A woman hunting for her past and a dangerous man hunting her

  • Title: Lost and Found
  • Author: Clair M. Poulson
  • ISBN: 9781591560920
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Paperback
  • A woman hunting for her past, and a dangerous man hunting her

    One thought on “Lost and Found”

    1. A man on a 4-wheeler is chasing a girl on horseback through a sage-brush desert and the horse stumbles. The girl tries to to kick free of the saddle but her foot gets caught in the stirrup and she hits her head on a rock. She lives but loses her memory-who she is, where she's from, what's she has done and why she was riding a horse thru the desert. She ends up traveling around from job to job because she has no social security number, no driver's license, and no way to find out who she really is [...]

    2. What would you do to be able to get back all your memories and life from the past?After a dangerous chase a young girl wakes up in the hospital not knowing who she is or remembering anything from her past life.She goes on a quest to create a new one.

    3. A mystery about a girl who has suffered from amnesia, new beginnings, suspense, horses, and little romance.A Mormon romance written by a male author? That gives it a different perspective than what I'm used to.

    4. In Lost and Found, a mysterious girl came to town who's name she went by was Coleen. She didn't know anything from her past. Luke Osborne tried to find out who she was. When they did, it wasn't what he had expected. It needs to be in Duchesne because some of the problems are western and on farms. Those things couldn't happen in the city. They also used cellphones, which in some time periods, others didn't have. Luke Osborne is a protagonist and really likes Coleen. Coleen Whitman, or Carly Crock [...]

    5. Coleen Whitman has amnesia caused by a head injury. Since being released from the hospital she has been drifting from place to place, unable to hold a job due to the lack of ID and SS#. When she shows up in Duchesne, UT, Deputy Luke Osborn helps her find a job and a temporary place to stay. There is something about her that makes him want to help her find her identity. As they start inquiring, she meets his 5 year old son and begins to learn about his faith (LDS). However, the inquiries bring a [...]

    6. This story is about a girl who loses her memory, after being chased by someone, she tries to pick herself back up, but with no Social Security and only the name she gave herself, life is really hard for her, she meets a Detective that shows an interest and really wants to help her, but he has problems of his own. This story is another great read, the depth in which the characters have is truly amazing, the author gives you an insight into what it would be like to lose your memory and to not have [...]

    7. I have read all of Clair Poulson's books, except his books for youth (the Samuel series). This was the first one I read, and is probably still my favorite. It's about a woman who has lost her memory, and moves from town to town working as a waitress under an assumed name. She stays in one place only until her employers find she has no social security number, and they let her go. She ends up in rural Utah, and starts to fall for a widowed sheriff's deputy. Her lost memory catches up with her abou [...]

    8. The love story was pretty cheesy and repetitive. The plot was also predictable - but I knew that going in. My mom buys all these types of books and they are all the same. I still wonder how she can continue to read them over and over. Of course I enjoy a book I can read in one day that is clean and has a happy ending. I am reading the books that my little sister picked out for me and I have several more to finish in the next two weeks. I will let you know how they go.

    9. Once again, he is a good LDS author. I do tire of the characters, in the middle of a tense moment, stopping to think about how much they want to be loved or held by the other person. I think if I was in a tense moment I would be thinking "run, get away, how do I get out of this?" not, "Oh, I am being chased, but I want to be loved and married to samantha." Other then that, his story line is interesting. Not his best book but not bad.

    10. Lost and Found is a great book filled with adventure, romance and mystery. This book was a great insight to the life of a young woman who lost her memory and is being hunted for something she does not remember. Meanwhile she meets a young detective who will stop at nothing to put his deceased wife's killer behind bars. This is definitely a good book to read full of excitement and many unexpected twists, even a little romance jealousy.

    11. My husband, daughter and I listened to this on CD. The story was fine and we were certainly interested in hearing the end. I like the "amnesia" story line--having the girl's identity unfold for her as it does for the reader/listener. Hearing the romantic side of the story out loud made it seem a little bit sappy.

    12. LDS references but not overly cheesy as some LDS media can be. I could, however, totally relate to the attitude of the catty Utah women.I really enjoyed the pace of the book, the story, and the characters seemed like real people. I think it could've been a little longer, in fact.

    13. I forgot to write about this book right when I finished. :( I remember I loved the story line -- girl loses memory, finds guy who wants to help her. I didn't like the ending as much as I thought I would; not as dramatic and exciting as it could have been. Good book, though!

    14. First book I read by Poulson, and it was a delight! I read it in an evening. A familiar story line, but with a wonderful knew aspect to it that I can't quite put my finger on. Wonderful for an evening at home if you're in for good read!

    15. Another good listening book. This was especially well done, and the plot a little less predictable. Mystery, romance, horses, cops, and rural Utah setting. Checked out of the Blanding library. They have lots of good choices.

    16. The adventure in the book was good for the genre, but I really didn't end up liking the end. I thought the plot twist with the father was unnecessary and didn't make much sense either. It's still an OK read, but I prefer some of his other books much more.

    17. Clair always writes good books that keep you guessing and books you just can't put down till you finish this was one of those make sure you have time to read because you won't want to put it down till you finish.

    18. after losing her memory and falling in love she soon finds out her past isnt a peaceful one and her boyfriends comes after her

    19. This is a story about a detective living in Utah who comes across a young woman that has no memory of who she is. They journey along together to discover who she really is and complications arise.

    20. Good book. It kind of dragged a little in the middle and the ending wasn't quite as dramatic as I had hopedbut it was a good book.

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