When You Wish upon a Rat

When You Wish upon a Rat With echoes of such classic wish gone wrong books as Freaky Friday Half Magic and Coraline this terrific novel has the potential to become a middle grade staple Eleven year old Ruth Craze is pretty

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  • Title: When You Wish upon a Rat
  • Author: Maureen McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9781419701610
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With echoes of such classic wish gone wrong books as Freaky Friday, Half Magic, and Coraline, this terrific novel has the potential to become a middle grade staple.Eleven year old Ruth Craze is pretty sure she s stuck in the wrong life With an absentminded inventor for a father and a flighty artist for a mother, it s always reliable Ruth who ends up doing the dishes, payiWith echoes of such classic wish gone wrong books as Freaky Friday, Half Magic, and Coraline, this terrific novel has the potential to become a middle grade staple.Eleven year old Ruth Craze is pretty sure she s stuck in the wrong life With an absentminded inventor for a father and a flighty artist for a mother, it s always reliable Ruth who ends up doing the dishes, paying the bills, and finding lost socks Her brothers are no help they re too busy teasing her , and her friends have just decided she s not cool enough to be a part of their group any So when Rodney the Rat a slightly sinister stuffed animal that was a gift from her favorite aunt suggests a way out, Ruth is ready to risk everything Three wishes Three chances to create her perfect life A million ways to get it wrong.Praise for When You Wish Upon a Rat Winning, original moments Kirkus Reviews An engaging look at friendship and family Booklist

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    1. Ruth's life stinks. Her parents are criminally disorganized, and Ruth bears the brunt of this, since she has to clean and try to keep her younger brothers in line. She had an ally in her aunt Mary Ellen, who gives her a rather creepy stuffed rat, Rodney. After Mary Ellen dies, one of Ruth's brothers throws the rat in the river. Things go from bad to worse, and one day Ruth plays hooky from a family activity and goes with her friend Howard (whose life is even worse-- his father beats him hard eno [...]

    2. When You Wish upon a Rat by Maureen McCarthy is a children's book for around age 10 and older. It is scheduled for release in the U.S. on September 2012, but was originally released in Australia as Careful What You Wish For in 2012. This is a 'wish-gone-wrong book with the expected themes of a crazy family not being as bad as you think, but it also deals with grief and abuse. Ruth Craze had it all; a great aunt, popular best friends, and a cool stuffed rat. One day when Ruth was eager to meet up [...]

    3. When You Wish Upon a Rat by Maureen McCarthy is the US edition of the book originally released in Australia as Careful What You Wish For. I'm going to refer to it as When You Wish Upon a Rat as I have a review copy from the US publisher ABRAMS. The US edition is due out September 1st while the original Australian edition was published in 2010 by Allen & Unwin.When You Wish Upon a Rat is a story about Ruth, a slightly self-centred eleven year old who isn't particularly fond of her family exce [...]

    4. Eleven-year-old Ruth Craze longs for a different life and a different family. She has always been sure she has more in common with her aunt Mary Ellen that her own mother and is ashamed of her family and where they live. After her aunt dies, Ruth loses Rodney, a stuffed rat, her aunt's gift. She and Howard, a classmate whose father punishes him severely for small mistakes, go back to the place where she lost Rodney. While Howard is sleeping, Rodney appears with the offer of three wishes to chang [...]

    5. Cute, but not quite cute enough. This is the story of a girl, Ruth, whose favorite aunt gives her a stuffed rat, saying that this was a special present. Ruth takes to Rodney, but her self-involved brother Marcus tosses it out the window one day and things then start to go wrong for the family. Her parents have no time for her, Marcus becomes even more insufferable, and younger brother Paul is not much better. There has to be a better lifeHer only friend, Howard (an abused child), suggests that t [...]

    6. Ruth Craze is not happy with her family or her friends. Her favorite aunt, the only person who really understands her, has given her a stuffed animal rat, and Ruth clings to Rodney Rat. Until her brother accidentally tosses him off a bridge. This mixture of fantasy, second chances, and grief is a fast, compelling read. Ruth's character is so quirky! I usually don't like really negative characters, but I loved Ruth. I did think she was stronger in the first third of the novel, and that she got a [...]

    7. This went from the idea of be careful what you wish for and was a good concept, but I don't feel that it was done well. It could be my personal issues with Australian authors (I have trouble getting into their works and sometimes understanding them) or it could just be the whole story did not do much for me, and remember, I read all ages and types of books,so it wasn't the age range that was bringing me down. With 3 wishes, Ruth has a chance at a new life with predictable results. There are part [...]

    8. I received an ARC of this book at BEA this year. It started a bit slow but picked up momentum after a while. I really enjoyed seeing Ruth grow up in her understanding of what a family is, what friendship is, and the truths of life. One thing that it took me about half of the book to figure out is that it is set in Australia! I was thinking it was British for a long time because of some of the slang used. Then I thought it was possibly Canadian. Finally understood it was Australian. :)I'd recomme [...]

    9. What do you do if you can't stand your brothers, your parents ignore you, your house is falling down, your friends have all deserted you, and the only person who understands you has died? That is 11-year-old Ruth Craze's situation in this novel from Australian YA author Maureen McCarthy. Right before her aunt gets sick, she gives Ruth a stuffed rat, but not just any stuffed rat. This one has magical properties, and the ability to give Ruth three wishes. When she uses the wishes, she realizes tha [...]

    10. 3.5 StarsRuth Craze is an eleven-year-old girl living in Australia with her eccentric family. Life seemed more bearable with her Aunt Mary Ellen to even things out, but since her death, Ruth feels frustrated and disgusted with her life. One of the last gifts that Mary Ellen gave Ruth was a magical rat and the warning not to “let him rule you.” Now that Mary Ellen is gone, Ruth has nothing to lose. She gets three wishes and she plans to make the most of them.For complete review, please visit: [...]

    11. Ruth's life was fabulous after her favorite Aunt passed down Rodney, the stuffed rat, to her. Rodney seemed so life-like that she included him in many of her adventures. Her life took a dramatic turn for the worse after her older brother tossed Rodney over a bridge. When a classmate offers to help her search for Rodney, things begin to look up. This book has a lot of the standard "Be careful what you wish for" messages, as well as "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."ARC [...]

    12. This is an enjoyable, light fantasy working off the old idea of wish fulfillment never being quite what you imagine it to be. A few things I particularly liked were the flashbacks to Ruth's relationship with her aunt, her friendship with Howard, and the way the rat is both a helpful character and an annoying one at the same time. While a lot of the wish fulfillment elements were predictable (perhaps less so to kids), the whole thing still managed to feel fresh.

    13. This cute and funny book is called " When you wish upon a rat ". It was written by Maureen McCarthy he is an amazing author with great imagination. This book is fiction , which i love fiction. This book is mostly about the girl and her rat. This rat is really spechal to her, because this rat was spechal to her aunt. when her aunt passes this rat doses some macical thing in her life. I rated this book a 5/5 becuse it deservs thouse five stars, this book gives you so much happiness.

    14. This book was a really good fantasy book that I really enjoyed! Ruth was given a rat from her Aunt. The rat gives her 3 tries to make a wish and a new life. When you go to that new life you half to find a red door and that takes you back to your normal life. Read the book to figure out her 3 wishes and how they turn out in the book.

    15. An AWESOME book! I liked that I could connect to Ruth. How she was turning twelve, how she was annoyed with her family and more. The plot was intriguing and I wanted to know what will happen next. This book definitely deserved 5 stars.

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