Crossroads Dr Hollis Monroe specializes in short terms relationships typically eight months or less As an obstetrician dealing with high risk pregnancies she spends all her time and energy in caring for women

  • Title: Crossroads
  • Author: Radclyffe
  • ISBN: 9781602827561
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr Hollis Monroe specializes in short terms relationships, typically eight months or less As an obstetrician dealing with high risk pregnancies, she spends all her time and energy in caring for women at a nice, comfortable professional distance until she delivers their babies and can walk away They re happy, she s satisfied, and no one gets hurt The perfect relationshiDr Hollis Monroe specializes in short terms relationships, typically eight months or less As an obstetrician dealing with high risk pregnancies, she spends all her time and energy in caring for women at a nice, comfortable professional distance until she delivers their babies and can walk away They re happy, she s satisfied, and no one gets hurt The perfect relationship.Pregnant mother to be Annie Colfax is alone and barely making ends meet she didn t plan on starting a family by herself, but she s determined to succeed All she had to do is survive.Neither woman wants a relationship, but fate brings them together at a crossroads that will change their lives forever.

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    1. This is odder than I expected. First, I applaud Radclyffe for exploring a non-MD part of childbirth: mid-wives. But, the first 20% of the book annoyed me. I felt like I was expected to respect the World View of anti-vaccine folks as just another alternative yet valid form of modern medical care. Extreme pain in ER? Sureip modern medicines and just endure it. NOT! I felt like Radclyffe was experimenting with mind-altering drugs."what if the world is really whatever I want to imagine it to be?" It [...]

    2. Just received this book yesterday and already finished it. Radclyffe doesn't disappoint with another romance. I loved the recurring characters that are still as recognizable as when they were first introduced. What was even more compelling is the intimacy that Radclyffe built throughout the book between these two new characters. You can write good sex but when it is partnered with passion and family it makes the whole story so much more compelling. I have read every one of Radclyffe's books and [...]

    3. This is another classic Radclyffe novel. I loved the setting being in a hospital/home environment. The characters were well developed and had excellent dialog. I would read this book again so that says something about the readability of the novel. Job Well Done!

    4. Crossroads brought us two new characters intertwined in the lives of characters that have previously appeared in Radclyffe's medical stories. Hollis and Annie share a painful past that creates a challenge when they meet again after being assigned to work together to determine how their professions can collaborate. I always think it is fascinating how Radclyffe brings in her own medical exposure and knowledge to her stories- giving the readers the intense experience of being in an operating room, [...]

    5. I recently finished reading the book, "Crossroads," written by Radclyffe. It was one of those page-turners where you just can't put the book down. I first read one of Radclyffe's paranormal books, which she pens under the name L.L. Raand. I loved the way she wrote and how she really spent time developing her characters. My thinking was that writing a paranormal book was a little different than writing something that is more real-life. Since I really enjoyed her paranormal series (and can't wait [...]

    6. Bought this book a year ago and actually read it for the first time today. At first i didn't like it because it had so many side stories i didn't know what was going on. But after reading Fated Love and Night Call i finally took my time to understand it. Not only was i able to see a new relationship developed between Annie and Hollis and have a glimpse at Linda's and Robin's relationship but also see another part of Honor and Quinn's story after having their second child. I actually really enjoy [...]

    7. Loved it!I have read all of what I affectionately call the "PMC" series of novels by Radclyffe. Each story builds up to the next in a very effective manner. This story was equally as effective as the previous two. The story of Hollis and Annie is a compelling one which builds up to the final culmination of their story. Very well done. It would be nice to have another PMC story to find out how all the characters are doing these days, particularly Honor and Quinn. Perhaps a story about Linda and R [...]

    8. Another very good read.Well Radclyffe has done it again. Kept me hooked from the first to the last word. I think this is turning into another series like Honor and Justice series but medical. It's nice to read a new plot but the way Radclyffe involves previous characters makes it more complete. You feel you really know the characters and get an insight into their lives. It's like a continuing saga. The introduction of new characters being the focal point but also carrying on with previous charac [...]

    9. loved the recurring characters in the book. personally for a non medical person i shy away from most medical themed books. but this one did not scare you with the facts. the scene was one of facts, that was nice to learn. the main characters where real and ones who i would have slapped myself if i was not caught up in what was going on in their journey. these two were scared, interested and strong characters. thanks for a well written book. to help me escape the daily sludge of life.

    10. 3.5 starsF/F romanceOne for the (queer) breedersFinishing one of Rad's books these days is like waking up with your damn ex and feeling all WTFFF why did I go there again?! The same ole played out formula is so tiresome. Why can't I stay away? lol. This isn't really Rad at her sexiest. This is breeder drama. Full of cutesy scenes with kids and lots of family time. BBQ's, picnics, coloring books, shopping for little @!!#% purple bicycles and the virtues of needing to wear shoes on the big bad str [...]

    11. As I packed for my upcoming move across country (LOL why do I do this to myself?) and lamented that most of my books are boxed up at this point, I decided that it'd be a good idea to listen to an audiobook while I packed. This was the one I picked, and I was pretty happy with the choice.Dr. Hollis Monroe is an obstetrician who is basically married to her career; she goes on some casual dates here and there, but after her girlfriend left her years ago and broke Hollis' heart, the only long-term i [...]

    12. Definitely one of Radclyffe's weaker offerings. It's still readable, but the central romance is not terribly convincing, progressing more or less by author fiat. Which is a shame, because I think the premise of a clash of cultures and burgeoning relationship between a surgeon and a midwife is an interesting one that deserved better service than it got here. Honestly, given the page count Radclyffe devotes to re-visiting old characters rather than developing the new pairing presented here, I wond [...]

    13. Much ado about nothing, that's what I think about this book. Manufactured problems - one in Annie's life and one in Hollis'. They haven't talked about these with anyone, though if you ask me the problems didn't seem like anything they couldn't talk about. Anyway, they tell each other their respective closely guarded secrets and promptly fall in love. They're single, lesbian and independent. So no issues there. But don't we have to move the story forward? So let's just find some ridiculously unco [...]

    14. Another of the author's signature formula novels, interchangeable with several other works set in the same hospital, neighborhood and several recurring characters. It even had the obligatory cook out at Linda and Robin's place.Wow, talk about just re-writing the same novel over and over with relatively minor variations to mask how obvious it is that it's not much more than a re-write of Fated Love.Heck, the main characters from Fated Love have large roles in this book.Still, it's what you expect [...]

    15. I know reviewers seemed disappointed with Crossroads and agree with some of those comments. It is a similar to some of Radclyffe's other stories with a twist. Annie's background is something that I haven't seen touched by authors of this genre. Although Radclyffe does not go deep into that background it does bring issues and barriers that Annie must deal with in order to pursue happiness. It did start out a little slower than I used to with Radclyffe. I love when we get to see other characters a [...]

    16. Eh This one is not for me.I wanted to try something new and expand my interests by reading this book, but I just could not get into the baby theme. I tried. The medical jargon left the story feeling a little emotionless. I’d prefer to learn about the characters then how to perform surgery in immaculate details. The author knows their stuff –and that is awesome- but they may have gotten a little too caught up sharing their expertise.

    17. With Radclyffe you will definitely get suspense and passion. I was a bit disappointed with this books though. The characters were a bit one dimensional. The romance was well constructed Until the end. I just don't like it when the characters speak their feelings for the first time and it turns into a promise of a lifetime of love. Just loses the realistic element for me. But I love Radclyffe and would read any and all of her books. As a doctor I particularly love the medical romances.

    18. I loved the characters, especially Monroe, however I felt like the love story was a little boring and it moved very very slow. Everytime Monroe answered her off duty call, I wanted some actions, something exciting to happen, but it never did. And then, they were saying I love you's at the end of the book without even a proper relationshio at first.

    19. A solid novel. Nice to visit the PMC crowd again.Remarkably low on sex for lesfic in general and Radclyffe in particular. The time not spent on sex in this book is spent wisely on character and plot development. It shows. Although still formula and predictable, this novel had life.

    20. Usually I enjoy reading books from this author but this book had an over used formular that is becoming tedious. It took far go long getting the two main characters together and read like a number of other books by Radclyffe.

    21. I barely finished the book, the storyline was good tho but the only thing "well written" it was the medical side. The rest is just a fill.

    22. Me encantó el libro, se me hizo demasiado tierno y un tanto diferente a lo que Radclyffe nos tiene acostumbradas. Es buena lectura para relajase un rato.

    23. This book was fabulously constructed and very well written. The author develops her characters well and writes a believable, yet very entertaining story. I truly enjoyed this book.

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