Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead

Spirits of New Orleans Voodoo Curses Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead The city of New Orleans is formed into the shape of a crescent which is believed by many people to form a sacred chalice which holds and stores energy making it one of the most unique areas in the wo

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  • Title: Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead
  • Author: Kala Ambrose
  • ISBN: 9781578605095
  • Page: 296
  • Format: Paperback
  • The city of New Orleans is formed into the shape of a crescent, which is believed by many people to form a sacred chalice which holds and stores energy making it one of the most unique areas in the world in which to perform magic and to see it magnify due to the energy in the land and from the flowing waters of the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico.Since childhood, Kala AmbroThe city of New Orleans is formed into the shape of a crescent, which is believed by many people to form a sacred chalice which holds and stores energy making it one of the most unique areas in the world in which to perform magic and to see it magnify due to the energy in the land and from the flowing waters of the Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico.Since childhood, Kala Ambrose has seen and felt ghosts and restless spirits During this journey as your travel guide, Kala explores the history of the city and those who decided to make it their eternal home.Explore New Orleans with Kala Ambrose and prepare to embark on a unique and enticing journey into the haunted history and magical ceremonies of New Orleans Prepare to be introduced to supernatural rituals and practices in order to fully understand and embrace the cultural significance of the variety of beliefs, superstitions, legends and lore.

    One thought on “Spirits of New Orleans: Voodoo Curses, Vampire Legends and Cities of the Dead”

    1. Disclaimer first - I received this book free as part of a giveaway.Over all, I found this to be a well written, easy to read, interesting book. I felt very much like I was tagging along being shown the sights of a place I've never been before. I had some mixed feelings about her input when talking about the sightings from her personal standpoint, but got over that quickly. It is what she does, so in reality, getting her personal take on a haunting fits. There wasn't a single place she mentioned [...]

    2. I would have rated this book more highly if the production values were better. The book is printed on cheap paper and the black and white photographs are so muddy as to be almost impossible to see. That said, the book itself is a surprisingly good guide to New Orleans, with special benefits for mediums and ghost hunters, but solid information for others as well.Read this guide book to New Orleans, when you’re in a Halloween mood. In Spirits of New Orleans, your guide to all things spooky and u [...]

    3. Kala, thank you for such an fun and entertaining book! If I ever make it to New Orleans (as I have planned in my life sometime, I want to look you up and have you be my real life tour guide. As a paranormal investigator, I found this book to be a great guide in and around the dark sides of New Orleans. This book is filled with so much; ghosts, death, and voodoo. it was a great road map of solid information for someone who's into taking dark tours or investigates the unknown. The book is well wri [...]

    4. This kind of reading is my favorite! The stories were great, I'm thinking of planning a trip to visit New Orleans using the book to map out where to stay and where to visit. I can say how much I loved it!

    5. Weaving historical facts about New Orleans, stories from others about their ghostly experiences, along with her own personal experiences, Spirits of New Orleans is a fascinating book that will go a long way to enriching my next visit to this famously spiritual city.

    6. This is by far the best researched and most interesting book I have read on haunted New Orleans! Kala does a great job of blending the local legends with actual historical research, as well as sharing stories of her own personal encounters with ghosts and vampires in different parts of the city. I particularly enjoyed the chapters on the LaLaurie house, Congo Square, and the Ursuline Convent vampires, all of which contained information that I had not read elsewhere. Kala also includes her own tr [...]

    7. As a fan of true paranormal accounts, and a fan of any stories, fiction or non-fiction, that take place in New Orleans, I simply had to read this book. I am so glad that I did! Even if the writer was not a sensitive and able to see spirits, this would still have been a fascinating account of the hauntings in New Orleans. However, her own personal insight from a sensitive's perspective adds to the book immensely. This is not yet another repetition of the hundreds of other books out there about ha [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this book! I've always wanted to but have never been to New Orleans and this just made me want to go even more. To see the places Kala Ambrose wrote of in person would be wonderful as she did such great job describing everything including the things in the past that made New Orleans what it is today. She was really able to make her stories come alive for me. I feel like she was trying to fit a little piece of each part of New Orleans into each page and she did it. I tried to t [...]

    9. I discovered this book at a book fair, where the author was attending. The book was on display but not being sold at the event. It was well-worth the effort of tracking down and purchasing!This is much more than simply a collection of ghost stories about one of the most haunted cities in the U.S. It is also combination love-letter from a person who was raised in the city, and a wonderfully detailed and organized trip planner for anyone wishing to visit New Orleans with a "ghost-hunting" focus.No [...]

    10. New Orleans & Ghosts - A lively, informed, fresh perspective! Although I first thought, "Ah, more re-hash of the same ol' stuff." I was very happily surprised that Kala gives us a first-hand, personal tour with her spot on intuitive insights. Having some intuitive capabilities, I can confirm some of Kala's impressions. The kids ARE having fun in the Monteleone! Even more worthwhile, Kala's done her research and brings to light the real monster at the DeLaurie house, as well as weaving the cu [...]

    11. I purchased this book during a recent trip to New Orleans, thinking it would be an entertaining adjunct to a tour I took as well as to my own research.I was right on both counts.Author and medium Kala Ambrose writes in friendly, entertaining voice. Her research on the sites and legends she discusses is impeccable, relying not only on first-person experience but also on primary source research (there is a bibliography at the end of the book). As a result, Ambrose's look at a city she clearly lov [...]

    12. Loved this book it's an awesome read. I read it fairly fast but it did combine my favorite things the south I was a resident of Texas and would drive to Louisiana many times awesome States! Also spirits. The author informs you of places to visit and how to show the respect that is due to those that passed.

    13. New Orleans is high on my bucket list and this book can be used as a travel guide. It also tells some really interesting stories of the haunted places throughout the city. I learned things I had never known about how slaves were treated differently there than in the rest of the USA. Except for the author's encounter with a vampire (really?) I found the book lots of fun.

    14. Enjoyable romp through a great cityI love NOLA and this book really helped me pull up memories of some of my times there. Ms. Ambrose does a fine job of introducing us to a wide variety of locales that may be haunted but you really need to go and experience the Crescent City in person.

    15. I downloaded this right before my fourth trip to New Orleans and had a great time reading it during and after my return. Kala Ambrose takes the reader on a journey through NOLA, exploring historical facts, legends, paranormal stories and current sights. She writes in a fun, light hearted tone, and I love her sense of humor.

    16. Very interesting information in this text and certainly a few things I'd love to research further. The author takes great care to give details about the history as well as discussing the paranormal aspects of a location. I felt those details made it a well rounded text.

    17. Can't wait to return to New Orleans and visit more of the haunted locations she talks about in this book.

    18. Loved reading about all the different haunted places in New Orleans and enjoyed all the tips provided by the author at the end of each chapter.

    19. This is good as a travel guide, but not as a ghost book. I wanted to hear more ghost stories and less about the author's personal thoughts.

    20. Really makes me want to find a reason to visit the city. I think it would have been even better if I could have been there myself. Nonetheless and great read.

    21. Quite interesting, not exactly what I expected. Very entertaining but could benefit from being better edited.

    22. I really liked the stories and history behind those places in New Orleans. It makes me look forward to my next trip to Louisiana.

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