Are You Sleeping Little One?

Are You Sleeping Little One Introduce young children to how baby animals sleep with this whimsical board book With lyrical bedtime rhymes it describes the sleeping habits of over a dozen animals including species both common a

  • Title: Are You Sleeping Little One?
  • Author: Hans-Christian Schmidt Cynthia Vance
  • ISBN: 9780789211231
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Board book
  • Introduce young children to how baby animals sleep with this whimsical board book With lyrical bedtime rhymes, it describes the sleeping habits of over a dozen animals, including species both common and rare, from ducklings to sloths, bats to giraffes Its gentle rhymes and sweet, soothing pictures are the perfect way for little ones to end the day.

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    1. This is a short little read. Perfect for little ones at bedtime. The pictures are cute and the story is sweet. My little boys really liked this one. It made my heart smile.**ARC graciously provided by Abbeville Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

    2. Are You Sleeping Little One? by Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance and Illustrated by Andrea Nemet is a children's book about different animals and how they sleep. From a giraffe to a sloth, this book is an enjoyable way to introduce young children to animals and their sleeping methods.While this book is educating the reader on different sleep patterns of animals and the names of some baby animals, it does not come across as an educational book with its colored words and definitions. Inste [...]

    3. Ah with a title like this book has I knew that I had to request it from *Netgalley. I'm always looking for bedtime specific books to read to my son so I was excited to give this one a go. This was also recommended to me by one of my friends on here!This simple rhyming book shows the sleeping habits of all different baby animals.This was a nice short simple book. It is perfect for very young readers, animal lovers, and for when your child wants just one more book and you are all read out. The il [...]

    4. Perfect for babies and toddlers , Are you Sleeping little One? takes us into the world of you and me and a whole lot of animals and their sleeping habits . This is a cute story and easy to read with approx 10-20 words per page, the book can also be read as an interactive tale with the children by asking them to make the sounds of the different animals or saying Goodnight to them as they all tuck into bed to go to sleep. Are you sleeping Little One has a great array of illustrations and the text [...]

    5. Are You Sleeping Little One? by Author: Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance Illustrated, very colorful children's book that shows a mother with her youung infant animal. There are the typical animals and thenot so typical making it a bit uniqure in that this is a book for children all around the world. Words are easy for the youngones who are just starting out to read. This is one of the better books i've read that shows the pairsN: 9780789211231

    6. My 3 year old loved it. We had to read it 5 times before he finally let me finish. It was cute and gave him views of lots of animals plus the babies names. It was so cute he corrected me a couple times because he did not know the baby animals name (example Joey not Kangaroo). Thank you net galley for the advance copy definitely will have to buy it.

    7. My thanks to the publishers, who were so kind to provide a copy via netgalley.I think it is a great good night story book for the little ones with beautiful pictures.

    8. My son loves this one. This is a translation from German, so there are some odd things: for example the line, "Are you sleeping, baby sloth/ grasping with paws and tail both?" is a bit odd because sloths do not have tails, or at least no ones that grasp. Was that something lost in translation or just an error?

    9. Bedtime stories are one of the best ways a parent can help get their baby settled in for the night and ready to drift off to sleep. Finding the right book, though, can be difficult. Some stories will end up sending little ones into the world of nightmares instead of sweet dreams, and others will do everything but help an active little body unwind for the night."Are You Sleeping Little One" by Hans-Christian Schmidt, Cynthia Vance, Andrea Nemet and translated by Laura Lindgren is a board book ide [...]

    10. Genre: Children's FictionThe book is a sweet, fun good night story for toddlers and preschool little ones. The book is written in lyrical rhyme with cute, brightly colored illustrations of baby animals being put to bed. The author educates small children with the sleeping habits of animals they are familiar with, such as puppies and ducklings. The book also includes several animals cuddling with their mothers that small children might not even be aware of such as moles, sloths and pink flamingos [...]

    11. Are You Sleeping Little One? by Hans-Christian Schmidt, Cynthia Vance, Andrea Nemet, and Laura Lindgren is set for publication on August 28 2012. The book shows young children how over a dozen baby animals go to sleep. It is a cute little book for bedtime with attractive, soothing pictures.Are You Sleeping Little One? does not display a new concept, showing young animals asleep. In fact it is used in a few bedtime favorites. However, some of the animals used here are ones I have not seen in this [...]

    12. Are You Sleeping Little One? by Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance and Illustrated by Andrea Nemet is a children's book about different animals and how they sleep. Perfect for babies and toddlers. "Are you Sleeping little One?" takes us into the world of you and me and a whole lot of animals and their sleeping habits . This is a cute story and easy to read. Are you sleeping Little One has cute illustrations and the text is presented in a lovely rhyming manner which can grasp the child's at [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.One of my favorite parts of being a mom is my daughter's bedtime routine where we read her a story every night. She has her favorites of course, but my husband and I are always looking for new stories to introduce. "Are You Sleeping Little One" is an adorable book about the sleeping habits of all kinds of animals. Truthfully, I didn't even know how some of the animals slept, and my daughter enjoys babbling bay-bay bay-bay bay-bay wh [...]

    14. I received a free kindle copy of Are You Sleeping Little One by Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance, published by Abbeville Kids from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.I loved this story & my favorite little boy requested it again & again. Because of that I gave it five stars. My favorite illustration was the one with caterpillars sleeping in pea pods. He seemed to like the sleeping sloth. This charming little story was beautifully illustrated with clear drawings & bright [...]

    15. I thought this book would serve as the perfect bedtime story. Not only was it wonderful to learn about the different habits of such a variety of animals and how they sleep but it can also serve as a great conversation about how we sleep.It could serve as a great dialog for the difference with little people and little animals sleeping and just be great when talking about going to bed. The illustrations were pretty typical but they were still nice and added to the story.Both rhythmical and educati [...]

    16. Are you Sleeping Little One by Hans-Christian Schmidt and Cynthia Vance* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*This was a sweet little bedtime story that is full of mommy and baby animals getting ready for bed. The animals are shown in their natural environment and include everything from a puppy to bees in a honeycomb. They are all cuddling with their moms getting ready for bed.The story has a great rhyming flow to it and the pages are beautifully illust [...]

    17. 3.5This book simultaneously gets a child ready for bed-time and teaches a child to recognise animals. Each page shows a different parent-and-child animal pair preparing to go to sleep, finishing with human mother and child about to go to sleep. There is no real story other than just seeing the animals going to sleep. The whole book is written in rhyme. The rhythm varies throughout (so it's not the same rhythmic sense as reading Dr Seuss) and as a "point for improvement", personally, I would have [...]

    18. This board book, that is set to be published in August of 2012, is meant to show children how different animals go to sleep. The illustrations, done by Andreas Nemet, are beautiful yet simple, which I think is important for a book you are reading to a child at bedtime. You don't want to overstimulate them with too many colors and too many details before tucking them in. Are You Sleeping Little One? shows common animals along with not so common animals like sloths and flamingos. This is a book I [...]

    19. This is a great book to introduce rhyming and animals to young children. The illustrations are beautifully done with bright and clear photos. The pairing of mother and youth in natural habitats as they are beginning their naps inspires your little one into slumber.Parents can read these rhymes softly as they drift off to slumber or older children beginning to read will enjoy them as well. FTC Disclaimer: “I received this book for free from “ NetGalley.Com ” for this review.”

    20. This children's board book is adorably illustrated with an animal mother and child on each page, showing where and how each goes to sleep. This is the perfect short little book to read to your little ones before bed. The variety of animals is sure to be a delight. My little one enjoyed pointing out and 'signing' most of the animals. My only problem with this book is that I can't seem to find anywhere to buy it! Not even has it listed! I received a free temporary digital copy of this picture boo [...]

    21. This is such a beautiful book and one i will be buying - thanks for allowing me to review it. THe pictures are beautiful, bold and bright and will appeal to children of all ages. The story is repetitivie which is perfect for younger children - my son is 11 months and loved it. The slightly older child could repeat the start of each line for themselves. this book is educational as it touches on the names of babies and also whereabouts they sleep so is great for 3, 4 year olds also. I wouldnt hesi [...]

    22. I'm rating this as "I liked it" and let me tell you why. This is a cute, somewhat rhyming, (see below), bedtime story about animals and how they may sleep. However, I'm not sure how "sloth" and "both" rhyme.And the phrasing of at least one sentence didn't flow as well. For instance, with the page that had the flamingo, I would have preferred the word "the" between "under" and "soft". But really, if you're thinking of it with a child's perspective, I think the book would be enjoyable. I was given [...]

    23. One by one each baby animal goes to sleep. You can pry how and where each of them sleeps. The baby giraffe stands still; baby fish sleeps swimming with its eyes open; the little bat hangs upside down; the flamingo balance on one leg. The text is rhymed and very sweet. The illustrations are cute and transmit a sense of calm. A perfect bedtime story.Age range: up to 5 years old I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Check out more children's book rev [...]

    24. A very clear and simple introduction into rhyme and animals habitats. It is mommy getting her babies ready for bed, covering a wide selection of animals. Each page is bright and colourful to capture the attention of the children. I feel that this would be a perfect story for nursery and reception children or just as a bed time story. The story is for a younger age than I expected however it would initiate discussion for older children. This was sent to me from the publishers for an honest review [...]

    25. Little ones will surely love this book for a snuggly, rhyming bedtime read! This book shows us a variety of animals in their homes, dozing off against their loved one. Toddlers will enjoy familiarizing themselves with each animal as well as pointing out different details (backgrounds, flowers, branch, moon, starts etc.) in each illustration. *I received an ARC via NetGalley& publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    26. Are You Sleeping Little One?A very very cute bedtime book that shows little ones the sleep patterns of several familiar animals (and some, that may be unfamiliar ones as well). Mom animals along with their babies fill the pages. Cute rhyming phrases, as well as pleasing colorful artwork, make this a perfect choice to read at bedtime to your little one. It's one that may become a new favorite with little ones at bedtime.

    27. I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.Story/concept- 5 stars- It is a very cute, rhyming story that would make a great bedtime story.Illustrations- 5 stars- vibrant, adorable picturesThere are a few issues- there is a repeated capitalization error, and a few words don't actually rhyme. Spelled with the same letters at the end, but they do not rhyme.

    28. This was a short little book that seemed perfect for bedtime reading with the littlest ones. Its rhyming couplets outlined the sleeping habits of many different animals (from moles under the ground to bats hanging to flamingos on one leg, etc). The cute illustrations that accompanied each animal were touching with a parent snuggled close to its baby.

    29. This sweet picture book is told in a gentle rhyming pattern. In the story, we get to meet different kinds of animals and learn about their sleeping habits. For example, the giraffe parent and child are standing, owls sleep during the day, bats sleep upside down, etc. The illustrations were in color and added a warm feeling to the story.

    30. First, I would like to thank Netgalley and the publishers for this book for an honest review. I sat down with my four year old grandson and read this book. It was a fun easy read which showed and told the different ways animals sleep. My grandson had fund pointing out the different animals and talking about how they sleep.

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