Thrusts of Justice

Thrusts of Justice You re just an unemployed reporter until a cryptic warning and an explosion outside your favorite bar send you down the road to becoming one of three superpowered heroes or potentially villains we r

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  • Title: Thrusts of Justice
  • Author: Matt Youngmark
  • ISBN: 9780984067817
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • You re just an unemployed reporter until a cryptic warning and an explosion outside your favorite bar send you down the road to becoming one of three superpowered heroes or, potentially, villains we re not here to judge Dark vigilante Ard space cop Wisecracking mutant Whichever path you choose,you d better get busy, because a mysterious plot is afoot and liYou re just an unemployed reporter until a cryptic warning and an explosion outside your favorite bar send you down the road to becoming one of three superpowered heroes or, potentially, villains we re not here to judge Dark vigilante Ard space cop Wisecracking mutant Whichever path you choose, you d better get busy, because a mysterious plot is afoot and like it or not you re the only thing standing between the forces of evil and utter annihilation Thrusts of Justice is an action comedy reimagining of the choose your own path books you grew up with There are 90 possible endings 81 of which result in your humiliating death.

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    1. Thrusts of Justice by Matt Youngmark plugs deep into childhood nostalgia with this choose-your-own-adventure book written for adults. Set in a unique (and slightly tongue-in-cheek) superhero universe, this book gives a laid-off journalist from Cleveland the chance to step into the role of superhero just in time to save the world from certain doom. The journalist, of course, is “you.”The book opens with you and your fellow unemployed journalists drowning your sorrows while discussing the poss [...]

    2. I bought this book at The Oddmall in Tacoma and put it in the glove compartment to read on summer adventures. I recently had car trouble and was so glad I had it. I died three times waiting for AAA!! I especially love the story-line when you decide to be a villain. This book is so much fun and made me laugh. I'm going to check out Time Travel Dinosaur next!

    3. A choose-your-own adventure book for grown-ups, about superheros -- this Kindle book could easily have coasted on its high concept to suck people in, then served up a half-assed sloppy experience and called it a day. Instead, Thrusts of Justice was genuinely funny and clever, and the branching plot paths are really well thought out. I'm not a super-hero fan, and even so this was really fun to play with!We get our set up in the first segment -- we are a disgruntled unemployed journalist, commiser [...]

    4. “Thrusts of Justice” by Matt Youngmark is that rare breed of children’s literature successfully repurposed for adults; in this case, a choose-your-own-adventure novel that parodies traditional superhero conventions. I will specifically be reviewing the Kindle edition. Casting you as a laid-off reporter (which makes the journalist major in me giggle), you’re presented with three different choices, and each will lead to becoming a different sort of superhero. Or supervillain. The novel sa [...]

    5. Choose your own adventure on kindle works great :)Loved this book - you really should give it a try. I like the writing style. None of the pages are too short, which was my complaint with some of the original (TM) series when I was little.I, of course, read books like this in a very methodical way - I wouldn't want to miss any of the sections the author has lovingly written for my consumption. This means I choose the first available option each time, wait until I die, and then back up and choose [...]

    6. I've gone through one of the paths to what I think is the best ending and it was an awesome ride. The humor is fresh and doesn't detract from the plot. Much like Zombocalypse Now, you feel like you are moving and acting in a real world with events going on around you, not that the entire world is waiting for you to act. This is a good thing, as it makes the many, many deaths you will experience less of a tragedy; since each one will shed a little more light on what is going on; something I'm stu [...]

    7. I loved it! What an amazing adventure this book takes you on. It's especially awesome because you can have so many stories in one book! I never read the choose your adventure books before, but my husband had and he said they were great. He is so right! I think I died about a dozen or so times before I finally saved the world, but it was totally worth it. So I'm going to go read some more because there are a lot more endings I haven't read yet! I received this book for free through a First Reads [...]

    8. Like his first choose your own romp, Thrusts of Justice is just plain fun to read. My only problem with it is I am impatient and cheated once or twice in endings. It's a blast, and is perfect for that "I need a quick break frin reality" moment!

    9. Great book! Can't wait to read it again! Want to read more of my review? Click the link: nerdvanawebcast/2013/12/17

    10. It turns out the choose-your-own-adventure format works pretty well on Kindle. It had hyperlinks and everything.

    11. A freak accident, and suddenly three superhero identities are up for grabs! Will you be a gadget-based urban vigilante? A crime fighter enabled by an alien power suit? Or will a meteor give you the power to turn into purple goo? YOU decide! Will you stop an alien invasion? Maybe. Will you take up a life of crime? Perhaps. Will you die repeatedly? Almost certainly, yes. I thought Youngmark's first book, Zombacalypse Now, was pretty good, though it squeaked by on novelty as much as anything else. [...]

    12. Thrusts of Justice is the second book by author Matt Youngmark. It is an adult variant of the old solo adventure books "Choose your own adventure".How it works:This is a RPG in the loosest sense: You read the book by yourself (though I guess you could read it to others) and make your own choices within the book. You are given an introductory scene and then presented with a choice of options. Normally you chose between two options but this book gives you three for the opening scene and then two t [...]

    13. Last year I got my nostalgia on hardcore and found this gem when I was knee-deep in the throes of the internets. Actually, I found the author's other book, Zombocalypse Now first, and that was decent enough to lead me here, which was cool. Zombocalypse was a decent book, but this one was a damned good thrill ride that I'm still sometimes thinking about over a year later. A not-quite-as-serious-as-its-source-material tribute to spandex, high tech armor and glob suits (!?!), Thrusts of Justice has [...]

    14. I will never stop reading this book!Sure, I may someday run out of endings, but I will always keep it on my bedside table to read a quick superhero story before lights out. So far I've read roughly 40% of the 81 ways to die. Thrusts of Justice is incredibly entertaining and hilarious. Just as the write up declares, "Choose Your Own Adventure" for adults. Specifically, I would say sci-fi geeks will enjoy the crap out of this book. There are moments of pure hilarity. The narrative's voice is right [...]

    15. There is an interesting story embedded in this "Choose Your Own Adventure" type book. It might have been better as a straight forward narrative book. I say that mostly because there seems to be a specific path that must be taken to "succeed". Most paths seem to end way quicker than you would except and if you back track, you find that both choices lead to endings. Still, there's an interesting enough story to keep things entertaining and enjoyable.

    16. A choose your own adventure book where you are given the option to become a super hero! I actually survived this one haha. It was a funny and entertaining read and. I am looking forward to the next one.

    17. Choose your own adventure superhero story. Or you can be the super villain. Well written, and just a quick, fun read.

    18. Entertaining light parody of superhero comic books, in choose-your-own-adventure form. I found the supervillain paths the most engaging.

    19. Choose your own adventure for those of us who are semi-adults. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be a super hero.

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