L'ombra della verità

L ombra della verit Quando l agente Michael Ormewood del dipartimento di polizia di Atlanta viene chiamato in un quartiere popolare di Grady Homes si trova di fronte a uno degli omicidi pi brutali cui abbia mai assist

  • Title: L'ombra della verità
  • Author: Karin Slaughter Raffaella De Dominicis
  • ISBN: 9788866880004
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Quando l agente Michael Ormewood, del dipartimento di polizia di Atlanta, viene chiamato in un quartiere popolare di Grady Homes, si trova di fronte a uno degli omicidi pi brutali cui abbia mai assistito nel corso della sua carriera Aleesha Monroe giace in un lago di sangue, il corpo orribilmente mutilato Ora dopo ora, appare evidente che l assassinio della donna non Quando l agente Michael Ormewood, del dipartimento di polizia di Atlanta, viene chiamato in un quartiere popolare di Grady Homes, si trova di fronte a uno degli omicidi pi brutali cui abbia mai assistito nel corso della sua carriera Aleesha Monroe giace in un lago di sangue, il corpo orribilmente mutilato Ora dopo ora, appare evidente che l assassinio della donna non tuttavia destinato a rimanere isolato poco dopo, il cadavere della vicina di casa di Michael, Cynthia Barrett, viene trovato nel cortile posteriore della sua villetta, e anche questo omicidio sembra avere parecchie somiglianze con altridue crimini verificatisi nello Stato Viene chiamato ad affiancare Ormewood nell indagine Will Trent, agente del Georgia Bureau of Investigation Eppure, qualcosa non torna tra i diversi casi ci sono delle incongruenze, dei dettagli che aprono la strada a ipotesi investigative diverse Forse non si in presenza di un unico serial killer, forse il mistero celato dietro la morte delle due donne inestricabilmente legato a un passato che rifiuta di essere sepoltoLa regina del thriller americano torna con un romanzo che tiene con il fiato sospeso, intrecciando le fila di una trama piena di colpi di scena e svolte sorprendenti che conducono il lettore, una pagina dopo l altra, verso un finale sconvolgente.

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    2. 3.5 StarsThe beginning of this book was absolutely brilliant. It's hard to explain without ruining it for someone who hasn't read it yet, but the way Slaughter set the tone and your beliefs regarding certain characters and then turned them on their heads was seriously awesome. I have never read a book where the author managed that in quite that way. This was my first Karin Slaughter book. It was excellently written and the story very layered. It stalled a little bit for me toward the middle mark [...]

    3. This was another first for me. It was my first crime thriller and my first book by Karin Slaughter. Is Triptych a book I would have picked out for myself? Probably not but that is the beauty of . For the last few weeks I have been following by sweet friend Mo’s status updates and review’s for this series and kept toying with the thought of picking this one up and jumping into the series. I worried that it would be too shocking and hideous, a story that wouldn’t appeal to me. There were mom [...]

    4. Wow!!!! I only wish I could give this book "Triptych" 6 stars as in my opinion this is one hell of a story and definitely my type of book! This is a no holes barred book that is gritty, gruesome, highly addictive and an absolute page turner that I totally devoured in a couple of days. If you are particularly offended by vicious violence or the world of seedy prostitution then this book may not be for you but I thought Karin captured it all perfectly, especially John's time in prison which I was [...]

    5. EDIT: Reread as of December 1, 2015Sometimes, if I'm in a good mood, I believe in second chances. That's why we have rehab because some people need to have another shot. I decided to give Triptych another chance becauseHridya said that Michael (the fucktard who I thought was the lead) is not the hero of this book but Will Trent. I should have known this obvious fact because Will Trent's name is the also the name for this series. Sometimes my stupidity astounds me.Anyway, so there I was, rereadin [...]

    6. If anything ever called for a Space Jam gif it's this review.Ummmm, so yeah I liked this. Like, a lot. I'm not drooling all over myself like I did for Pretty Girls (the first Karin Slaughter novel I'd ever read, excuse me, I'm so sorry) but I'm definitely feeling like a Serbian who just won a gold medal for water polo at the summer Olympics. And I know how this might feel because that's exactly what I'm watching while I type this. And let me tell you, they are definitely excited men in a pool. S [...]

    7. Triptych by Karin Slaughter is a 2006 Delacorte Press publication.I have read other books by this author, but somehow, I never got around to the Will Trent series. With a new installment slated for release this month, I decided to try playing catch up, which shouldn’t be too hard with only seven more to read after this one. So, first up is Triptych, originally published in 2006. This story introduces us to Will Trent, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation specialist, who arrives in Atlanta after a [...]

    8. 4.5 stars.A bit gruesome at times but a solid read. Will Trent is a very intriguing character. Look forward to reading more about him.In the city of Atlanta, women are dying—at the hands of a killer who signs his work with a single, chilling act of mutilation. Leaving behind enough evidence to fuel a frenzied police hunt, this cunning madman is bringing together dozens of lives, crossing the boundaries of wealth and race. And the people who are chasing him must cross those boundaries too. Amon [...]

    9. Things moved a bit slowly in the first few chapters that I almost lost my interest in them several times. Fortunately, after the 20% mark, the pace picked up and around halfway through the story, I found myself drawn into this murder investigation in such a way that I had a hard time putting it down. But sadly, there was something I didn't like in the latter part of the book which sort of ruined my enjoyment from the previous chapters.I must admit I had high hopes for this series as I've heard m [...]

    10. This is the first in Karin Slaughter's Will Trent series and the first book I've read of hers. We are introduced to Will Trent, a Special Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, called in to help local police with difficult crimes. Will is a loner and a damaged man, having been abused as a child, his 6'4" body covered in scars. He met his best friend and sometime lover Angie in a State orphanage and she is the only person he lets get close to him. Angie is tough as nails, currently an undercover [...]

    11. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/Holy poop I’m really far behind on reviewing. And you know what’s awesome? All the library books I read while on Christmas vacay are now disappearing from my Kindle making my notes go “poof” . . . . . (Hey , why don’t you figure out how to make your super not awesome feature of Kindle note sharing work for library books instead of just shit I had to buy on . Kthanks!)Anyway, like I said I’m really far behind, I read this nearly two weeks ago a [...]

    12. Book 2 : Fractured ★★★1/2Book 3 : Genesis/Undone ★I've said it before, but the whodunits and what not aren't what compel me to read thrillers, but rather the unflinching look they take at the most gruesome and disgusting parts of our human world. I've guessed who the killer was in Darkness, Take My Hand halfway through it, and it remains one of my favorite thriller, because sometimes, the characterization, the Hows and Whens and Whys are just so much more important and interesting than t [...]

    13. This book is so Addicting!! I just could not put it down. It was amazing. I am so happy it is the first book in the series. That's why I love reading series, because it takes awhile for it to end. I don't know why it took me so long to actually open up this book. I now am going to the library and I am going to get the second and third book, and I already have the fourth book. This book was so suspenseful, I love a good thriller and its a good mystery also. I really want more of Will Trent,Nobody [...]

    14. This, Triptych, is as close to man-fiction as a book written by a woman can get. But gosh, was it good?!!I cried, I laughed, I gasped in surprise countless times. The story was totally engrossing. Karin Slaughter definitely knows what she's doing. But don't read it if graphic violence makes you cringe. Don't read it if you want to believe all inmates are the scum of the earth. Don't read it if you have manly bits and are particularly sensitive, I can't guarantee there won't be trauma. And if you [...]

    15. Will Trent, an agent for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, is teamed with Atlanta detective Michael Ormewood to investigate a series of brutal crimes in which someone is killing women and cutting out their tongues. Everyone in the book is damaged in some way. Oremwood has a troubled marriage and a child who is mentally challenged. Trent, who is severely dyslexic, had a very troubled childhood. His best friend, Angie Polaski, is a vice cop with a troubled past of her own. Added to the mix is J [...]

    16. This book was recommended to me on by Bips sometime ago and for whatever reasons I have continually put it to one side while I read another book. Well this week I am trying to catch up on my recommendations and it is proving to be very successful. This book is the 1st in the Will Trent series by Karin Slaughter and is an excellent read. I started it yesterday morning and just had to finish last night when really I should have been asleep. The book starts strongly and with the fast pace and stro [...]

    17. 3.5 StarsDon't click on spoilers unless you've read the story before because it will ruin the mystery. The spoilers are a few things that didn't make sense to me.I really liked the story, but I wish Will was in it more, especially in the beginning. I'm already rooting for this underdog-type detective. (view spoiler)[ I will say Ms. Slaughter did completely make me think Michael was a good guy at first, and even felt sorry for him! What a complete psycho! He didn't suffer nearly as much as I wish [...]

    18. Wow! Thanks friends for recommending this fine mystery. Will Trent is my new favorite. Sorry Jackson Brodie. A shout-out to PiirateSteve who wrote a very nice poem about the 3rd book in the series, which sent me on a quest for the first.

    19. Although to me at first it was a struggle with this book it built to a fast and exciting end, with the last third of the book really good.The struggle at first was following the 3-4 main characters through different years at the story went backward and forwards from 1985, 2005 then 2006.But the main characters were being built as this was the first introduction to Will Trent, Angie's character was good, Johnny Shelley was good.The villain of the book, was a very nasty person but you know quite e [...]

    20. 4.25 stars!! A very intense book, I had a constant feeling of angst the entire time. KS did a great job with this book. I will definitely be reading the next in this series. Will Trent pulled at my heartstrings.

    21. I wasn’t the hugest fan of the way things were revealed in this, but overall it didn’t bother me too much and I really liked it. This was eerie as hell.Also: this would have been 4 stars if not for the excessive use of some language/slurs that bugged me.

    22. I didn't think this book would do it for me. I'm addicted to the Grant county books. It was really good! Karin Slaughter is on her game!

    23. There are plenty of good examples of cross-gender writers but certainly Karin Slaughter would be Exhibit No. 1. (This is my first by Karin Slaughter, but hard to imagine many female writers better writing today from a man's point of view.) Here, she has multiple perspectives, both male and female, in this story involving murdered prostitutes, stolen identities, severed (bitten off) tongues, infidelity and personal entanglements.The overall flavor is raw, in case that’s not already apparent. Wi [...]

    24. Tríptico é um excelente policial. Está construído de uma forma original; sem o habitual segredo acerca do autor dos crimes e cujo desenvolvimento da narrativa é acompanhado sobre o ponto de vista de três personagens.O enredo é empolgante e as personagens estão muito bem construídas, principalmente John, cuja história me emocionou, muitas vezes, até às lágrimas, o que raramente me acontece neste género literário.Um livro que seria merecedor das cinco estrelas, não fora o final que [...]

    25. I have read most of the books in this series and reading this one clears up some questions about Will and his interaction with some of the other recurring characters. This was a good suspenseful story of two young boys who make some horrible choices that change their life's path forever. One goes to jail for 20 years and the other one eventually becomes a police detective. When a murder that fits an old serial killers MO happens, Will is put on the case. The current murder is of a prostitute and [...]

    26. 3.5 starsI took a deep breath, braced myself and read another Karin Slaughter.She creates worlds that immediately grabs attention with wonderfully flawed characters even if, towards the end, it had the signature over the top violence this author is famous for. I really enjoyed the suspense and the 3 stories that ran throughout. Firstly, that of John Shelley who went to jail at the age of 16 for raping and murdering a 15-year-old girl. I was a bit surprised that he was tried and convicted as a pa [...]

    27. Such a big Karin Slaughter fangirl over here. I'm stoked when I start reading her book, because I know I'll be hooked by the plot and the astonishing characters. I don't think I've ever given a book by Karin Slaughter less than a 3-rating. I've finished the Sara Linton series a while a go, and since I was way too shocked by it's ending, I needed time to recoverBut I'm starting this new series, and I'm very excited!A longer review can be found at Bite Into booksI expect Karin Slaughter to deliver [...]

    28. Odlično, na prvu smo se "kliknule" Slaughter i ja, šteta što nisam i ranije počela čitati, ali svakako uskoro slijedi čitanje i nastavaka ovog serijala

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