Crying through Plastic Eyes

Crying through Plastic Eyes What do you get when you add a messy divorce a room filled with creepy dolls and a six year old You get two days of living in hell

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  • Title: Crying through Plastic Eyes
  • Author: Regina Puckett
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What do you get when you add a messy divorce, a room filled with creepy dolls and a six year old You get two days of living in hell.

    One thought on “Crying through Plastic Eyes”

    1. Destiny is doing her best for her young daughter Krissy after a painful and messy divorce. When Krissy is visiting her father for the weekend the house is much too quiet and Destiny fills her time by sorting out her mom’s possessions. Amongst them are some rather disturbing china dolls. She determines to throw them out but is foiled when Krissy comes home and demands to keep them. One of the dolls is particularly spooky. It seems to have got into Krissy’s bedroom by itself. And Krissy’s lo [...]

    2. There are certain things I look for in a book. Above all, I want it to change or enhance my perceptions of life, the genre, etc. Crying Through Plastic Eyes did a bit of both. The turmoil of the relationship as well as the horror elements made for compelling, believable characters. It made me think the lengths people will go to for revenge. And, though at first I was skeptical of the inclusion of dolls, the author gave the idea a new life. If you want a story with real characters that will surpr [...]

    3. Wow. It just totally blows me away that this author can take the most common place every day item and make it as creepy as all get out! Most children love dolls They seem so harmless. But who hasn't had the feeling of being watched by a doll at some point or other? We all know it's our imagination, right? The story has just the right amount of normal and weird to strike a chord, and keep striking it. The tension never eases and the ending is just really creepy and surprising. I loved this little [...]

    4. Destiny is going through a messy divorce, and while unpacking in her new home she discovers a collection of dolls that she received after her mother passed away. She is more than a little creeped out by a clown doll in the collection, but she is distracted by her daughter's arrival and she doesn't discard the doll. What happens from there is a night of strange events followed by a morning of terror. If you love horror stories you should check out author Regina Puckett.

    5. This is a short story about a woman who unpacks some old dolls of her mother's while her six-year old daughter is staying with her recently divorced husband for the weekend. When her daughter, Krissy, returns home, she is immediately attracted to one of the dolls and takes it to bed with her. What happens next is way beyond every mother's worst nightmare!This is a great story that gets scarier and creepier right up to the very last sentence!

    6. I could hardly put this one down. On a scale of 1 to 10, dolls have a creep factor of 13 for me.This story is worth the read for any horror fans out there, give it a try! You will not be sorry Unless the nightmares bother you that is

    7. Destiny is a mother of six-year old Krissy. She is divorced from her husband, Tony, who one evening returns Krissy home to her mom from a visit, while a gal friend hangs onto his arm. Tony is coarse and demeaning of Destiny. After a short confrontation, Destiny locks the door when they leave. She has been busy going through boxes of belongings of her mother who has recently died. On her table are several dolls that her mother had collected. Sassy, a small terrier is devoted to Krissy but becomes [...]


    9. Like many, I’ve always found stories having to do with dolls disturbing. And when their plastic evil invades the world of the living, things never turn out for the better. This is that kind of story. Trust me, things don’t turn out well. For anyone.

    10. I really enjoyed this short fiction. It kept me wanting to turn the page. The author's imagination does not fail. Anything with dolls and/or clowns are generally creepy in a highly entertaining way. I highly recommend.

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