An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J B Priestley first performed in in the Soviet Union and in the UK It is considered to be one of Priestley s best known works for t

  • Title: An Inspector Calls
  • Author: J.B. Priestley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J B Priestley, first performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and 1946 in the UK It is considered to be one of Priestley s best known works for the stage and one of the classics of mid 20th century English theatre The play is a three act drama, which takes place on a single night in 1912, focusing on the prospero An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J B Priestley, first performed in 1945 in the Soviet Union and 1946 in the UK It is considered to be one of Priestley s best known works for the stage and one of the classics of mid 20th century English theatre The play is a three act drama, which takes place on a single night in 1912, focusing on the prosperous middle class Birling family, who live in a comfortable home in Brumley, an industrial city in the north Midlands The family is visited by a man calling himself Inspector Goole, who questions the family about the suicide of a young working class woman Eva Smith Long considered part of the repertory of classic drawing room theatre, the play has also been hailed as a scathing critique of the hypocrisies of Victorian Edwardian English society and as an expression of Priestley s Socialist political principles

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    1. An Inspector Calls is a memorable play from the mid-1940s, written by the popular English dramatist J.B. Priestley. Partly both philosophical and psychological, partly a moral fable, it is one of Priestley's best known works for the stage. It deals with issues of exploitation, abandonment and social ruin, within the framework of a detective mystery. And just to add a little more spice, it also has hints of the supernatural. However it is firmly rooted in the English society life of the time, and [...]

    2. Re-read this last week and then realized I have never added it to my books. This is one of the most satisfyingly riveting plays i have ever read, seen in the theatre (three times), watched in film (Alastair Sims, goodness only knows how many times) listened to on the radio and now I have an audiobook version. Thus i can now luxuriate, whenever I feel the need to experience the wonderful schadenfreude of the gradual implosion of the horrendous edifice of arrogance which is the middle class Birlin [...]

    3. The proscenium stage has a romance of its own. You, the spectator, is actually a Peeping Tom, staring into the lives of total strangers through the invisible fourth wall. And what lives! For on the stage, time and space are usually compressed or telescoped according to the whims and fancies of the playwright. Passions are exaggerated on purpose, and action proceeds at an unbelievable pace; all the while retaining the semblance of normality (this is not essential for an arena stage, where the unr [...]

    4. "An Inspector Calls" has themes of responsibility, class structure, and social duty. Set in 1912, Arthur Birling, a wealthy factory owner, is celebrating his daughter's engagement to the son of another industrialist. The celebration is interrupted by Inspector Goole who is conducting an investigation of the suicide of a working class woman. As the Inspector questions the family members in the dining room, it becomes obvious that each person had a connection to the young woman and had treated her [...]

    5. نمرة ترجمة خوانین شیرازی و حروفچینی و صفحه بندی نشر افکار منفی پنجاه بود، ولی خود متن پریستلی انقدر خوبه که می تونم توصیه کنم دل قوی دارید و با ارادة آهنین از دست اندازهای متن فارسی عبور کنید و نمایشنامه ای لذت بخش و تأمل برانگیز بخونید. نشر افکار را یارای سایه انداختن بر نبوغ [...]

    6. With its tightly wound and didactic plot 'An Inspector Calls' is among the finer examples of the play world. While not as fanciful or elaborate as some of the greatest works by masters such as Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde in his style Priestly manages to pull off what he must. It is in fact the simplicity of his work that creates such an appeal, because it touches more at the heart of humanity and society.The narrative of the play delves around a mysterious Inspector who interrupts the celebratio [...]

    7. If it were an Agatha Christie, it'd sort of be Orient Express crossed with Roger Ackroyd. Perhaps she bet Priestley that those two plots couldn't be combined? (view spoiler)[Yesterday, I was looking at a review of Princess, a book that claims to expose what life is like for women in Saudi Arabia, and read that it had been "debunked". Apparently its heroine is now believed to be a composite.That did rather remind me of Priestley's play. At the beginning of the story, a prosperous family is visite [...]

    8. مسرحية بريطانية مثيرة للاهتمام. تعرضت لها خلال اطلاعي على منهج الدراسة الإعدادية/الثانوية البريطاني وانبهرت بكمية الفائدة في فهم التاريخ وتطور المجتمع البريطاني خلال القرن الأخير من خلال هذه المسرحية. المسرحية تحكي قصة زيارة المفتش "قول" لعائلة بيرلنق الأرستقراطية ليلة اح [...]

    9. One of the best crime detective story ever written, period.The story crafting in this play has got to be one of best ever, it had such an intense effect on me. The thrill and ominous tension had me on the edge of the seat even though I've already seen the 2015 TV movie adaptation. It speaks volumes about the play itself. I love books and movies set in confined space and where there is a lot of dialogue between characters. This play is set in a single room, a family is celebrating an engagement a [...]

    10. Searching desperately for a fall play to direct, I was handed this brilliant bit of writing, and fell hard and fast.It's like when you first see a television show that immediatly hooks you. Taut, concise writing that holds you in the moment and a twisting plot line that leaves you guessing until the very end.It's shocking that this book is largely ignored by Americans (witness the fact that only a few more than 50 people have reviewed it here on ""). Perhaps the setting and tone lend it to commo [...]

    11. Includes spoilers.This is such an awful play. I'm going to try and make something coherent out of this rant, and I'm sorry if it's long-winded, but I guarantee you that it will be more interesting than the entirety of all three acts. Ok, so let's start.The play opens up in an upper class English household in 1912. Just in case you couldn't tell, Priestly drops hints about it for the entire scene, including references to the titanic - which, incidentally, hasn't sunk yet - of course, Birling stil [...]

    12. I first read this play when I was 14. I didn't understand all the socio-economic and political issues until I was 19. It was during this period that I became a confirmed socialist (or rather left leaning in my politics).When I first read the play - I remember a few classmates being confused that one family encountered the same girl, which went beyond coincidence - far too contrived. This is NOT the case - that's just a twist - if you had assumed that than you'll not be able to sympathise with Ev [...]

    13. I had to read this for English class and it was actually much better than I expected. For starters, although it was set in 1912, a period that I obviously wasn't around in, the dialogue used wasn't particularly hard to understand and it seemed to be quite suited to modern day english. I've never particularly liked reading plays, especially for school so I wasn't keen on reading it but I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, I was reading it because I had nothing better to do in a cold, boring engli [...]

    14. An Inspector Calls is great! As an IGCSE English teacher the text has excellent bits for analysis while maintaining a story that is accessible and interesting for G9 and G10 students. The students absolutely loved the play and many listed it as a favorite part of the course. At the ending the students were shouting out loud (I'm not joking) at the plot twists. Highly recommended as a text for study.The other plays didn't move me as much and are the reason for the four star review. When ordering [...]

    15. I remember reading this when I was 10.(during my Sherlock Holmes phase.)I already knew the ending but it was still a fun trip down memory lane.

    16. 4.5/5 starsI enjoyed this play very much.It's well-written, easy and quick to read, the characters and the story are relatable and the morale (just as morales are supposed to be) makes you think. I just overall loved this story.

    17. "I suppose we're all nice people now." Fraught with (dramatic) irony, this play is fast-paced and full of suspense, creating such an intense atmosphere. The parents have such a huge inferiority complex that they feel the compulsion to assert their superiority over others; one feels he is about to receive knighthood, while the other believes she was just doing her duty. They live in denial over Eric's alcoholism, over the secrets they attempt so desperately to hide, and over the truth that glares [...]

    18. 11/3/16: Although I kind of saw the ending coming, I really enjoyed this play and am not only looking forward to studying it this year, but reading more plays in the future. They're so easy to read and pretty insightful, usually.15/4/16: was 5 stars, but i tweaked it bc i was thinking about it and i realized how bad the ending was. it's basically making the inspector seem like a totally implausible character, and therefore making the whole idea of socialism seem implausible because the inspector [...]

    19. I just found out that the BBC are adapting this for a TV show and I'm so excited! I studied this for GCSE English last year and I absolutely loved it. There's a post on my blog where I've written about it and chose my dream cast for this play which you can view hereWhen an ex-employee of hard-headed businessman Mr. Birling's kills herself, an Inspector by the name of Goole shows up and starts asking questions. It seems that everyone in the Birling family had some part in Eva Smith's suicide.It's [...]

    20. It does its job. The play starts off with a plan that the audience can immediately see the outcome of; switching between the different family members until the story of Eva Smith is slowly pieced together. Where the play does its best is where the dramatic irony kicks in strongly, and there's definitely a lot of conflict that the audience can tap into. However, where it falls short is at the point where it becomes too 'preachy' on the subject of socialism. There are a lot of repeated beats, and [...]

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