One thought on “Alex Sanders Lectures”

  1. Bought this little nifty gem for three dollars at a place in North Hollywood called The Greenman.If you are ever in the North Hollywood area you might want to look them up. In any case here is there Website thegreenmanstore/ . The book itself was sold on consignment so I got lucky. Magical Childe Publication it seems might no longer be in business so I got luck.The first chapter discusses Wicca and the Horned Gods. Remember that most of what is written about the old religion was transcribed by C [...]

  2. I am dissappointed. I mean, the guy on the cover looks cool (Alex Saunders), and he is supposed to be one of the most influential witches in the modern wiccan development, having been the head of something like 300 covens, and starting his own tradition. First off, before getting to content, the editing is pathetic. There are lots of typos, bad grammar, mispelled words, and unintended words (even important ones. A few of the chapters are just sort of thrown in haphazardly that aren't by Saunders [...]

  3. Neat little book. Nothing earth shattering for 2015, but remember when it was published and first presented. In the late 60's & early 70's Wicca was still in its infancy so this was good material for newcomers. It is worth having for its historical value, if nothing else. With a somewhat limited print run from The Magickal Childe, copies tend to be overpriced when you can find one.

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