One thought on “What Does It Mean to Be Green”

  1. I love Little Pickle books. They try to teach valuable lessons to young readers and from what I can tell, their business practices tend to follow the suggestions they give in their books!In this book, readers (and those reading to them) are given several very easy (though now widely known) tips for "being green". A book like this might seem obvious to people who have been trying to live sustainably for years, but it's a good entrance point for youngsters who might not have grown up with Captain [...]

  2. In Diorio's book, a girl is trying to explain to her younger sister what it exactly means to be green. The little sister thinks that being green is being good with plants, feeling sick in the car, and looking like a pickle but the older sister explains that it is something completely different. The older sister explains that being green means that you want to help out the earth by making good choices for the environment. If you use both sides of the paper when you are drawing then you are being [...]

  3. What a great way to introduce children to important concepts and vocabulary connected to the important topic of recycling and "being green." The simple illustrations are whimsical and the style invites children to feel confident in creating their own posters or drawings around the topic. Most importantly, this book empowers young citizens by showing them simple things they can do (and remind their grown-ups to do), that can help to support a healthy planet. Complete with fun facts that promote c [...]

  4. This book combines Rana DiOrio's simple and engaging text with Chris Blair's fun illustrations and comes out a winner with my children. Like the other books in this excellent and award winning series, it begins with simple questions that kids love to answer. What does it mean to be green? "Does it mean feeling sick in the car?" and "Does it mean looking like a frog, or a pickle, or an alien?" The answer, of course is no. DiOrio takes the buzzword "green" for environmentally conscious and explain [...]

  5. What does it mean to be green? is an educational picturebook aimed at children of primary to intermediate ages 4-10. What does it mean to be green? is a picture book that shows kids how to be environmentally friendly in their daily lives. The book is colorful with illustrations of a “stick figure” family that covers a subject that may spark interest in children giving them something to share with parents and friends. The book doesn’t have characters so, it sort of allows you to use imagina [...]

  6. Genre:Copyright: 2010I loved how this very short book used a question answer format to help little ones learn what it means to be green. It presented simple ways that children can make a difference. Cute illustrations.

  7. Cute little kids book about the meaning of living green and statistics that should make kids and adults start caring more about this planet we call home.

  8. I really like all the books in this series from Little Pickle Press. My 2 1/2 year old cousin loved the wagon on the front cover and looking for the frog on every page.

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